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Tips and Strategy for Infected on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ( COD MW3 )

Updated on June 11, 2012


Today I am writing a hub about tips and strategy for the game mode infected. Along with how it can benefit you statistically. This hub will mainly go through and give you generic tips to aid you when playing the game mode infected on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It will show you how you can go about effectively surviving, and getting a lot of kills.I am also writing this because infected has grown in such popularity, and many people are beginning to play this mode that I feel they should know the tips to playing this successfully to survive for a much longer time.

Also would like to add, that I play on the Xbox 360 console, and frequently play infected, and hardcore domination. My Xbox Live Name is Agent JohnR. If you see me on, feel free to give a shout out, ask questions. Thanks for reading.

Also a note.. I may be writing a WHOLE bunch of hubs looking at each individual map, starting with maps like Dome as they tend to be the most popular among players. I may look at certain weapons as well, talk about how it has developed.

Also feel free to look at some of my other hubs which I have published. I have many hubs that are posted about Modern Warfare 3, and continue writing them, and will be picking up with Black Ops 2 as soon as that comes out. I will also throw some links at the end that will include some of the 30+ modern warfare 3 hubs I have written. Please feel free to ask questions as well, or comment below, and I will write back to assist you as I can.


Okay so first off I'll explain infected for those of you who may not know what infected is. Infected is a game mode in which starts a room with a max of 18 players. 99% of the time these rooms are filled up. Basically it starts out, and everyone can run around and get into a position. Following this after a brief 10 second countdown, the game will automatically choose 1 person as infected. This person must try to kill every person, or also known as infecting them. Their first kill they can use a weapon that is the same as everyone else but following this they must only use a tactical knife, or a throwing knife. They also have a tactical insertion which is key to helping you infect everyone.

The people who are not currently infected must try to fend off as long as they can. Typically on almost every game, every person ends up getting infected. By every person getting infected you typically will win every game. So if you are trying to win then you should not worry about doing much, as usually everyone gets infected. The only time everyone will not get infected is on the rare occasion that someone will purposely trap their friend inside a house, and try to hide for the entire game to sabotage the game or get a MOAB. I will also below write a strategy to trying to get the person who is camping themselves within a house or building.

So there you have the basics of the game infected. It is a very fun game that includes an all around great way to level up. So now let me talk about the benefits of the game for a brief time before I get to strategies to being successful.

First off the most important feature about infected is the fact that you essentially win every game. This will bring up your win ratio significantly and allow you a much better win ratio overall. Now this is not necessarily important, but for those who really care about statistics this would be the perfect game for you to bring up that ratio.

Another key feature that makes infected great is the fact that you can rank up very quickly. You can get about 1-2k xp average per game, at 2-5 minutes per game. Each game is fairly quick, and you also get A LOT of extra XP while from ranking up weapons, and perk, as you go through the game. This makes the prestige process go by much much quicker.

The last and final fun thing will be the fact you can complete a LOT of trick throwing knife kills and get plenty of MOABS. You will be able to get lots of throwing knife kills like the video I post below of me getting a kill cam throwing knife kill, and you can get plenty of MOABS as I will show you down below with a strategy, and a video of me getting a MOAB.

So now for the strategy.


Okay. So to be effective at infected game mode you can do 1 of two things. 1 you can hide, survive a long time, and overall get a bunch of kills. Or you can do option 2 which involves you dying quick, getting infected, and trying to infect everyone to end the game quicker. If you care about your Kill to death ratio then I strongly suggest doing option 1, if you care about the wins, and overall getting a lot more points then I suggest doing option 2.

When you start the game, always be wary of the mini map in the top left corner. This will allow you to see the first person get infect by the green teammate arrow disappearing. The next thing you have to be wary of is if you become infected trying to take someone who is active out. Some will get the closest person to them, usually one not playing, but my problem with that method is now you no longer have a gun, and a second person who is not playing. So when I get infected first I ALWAYS make sure the person I shoot is someone attempting to shoot at me, or is in fact at the controller.

Another important note is that you should watch the people around you. This is because people will always try to get behind you in order to try to take you out first. Be wary of your surroundings, and don't be infected second because of someone getting an easy shot on you.

Next your camping spot. If you are hiding, try and go somewhere away from people. Somewhere that people will not easily guess where you are, and gives you an advantage over everyone else. Also be careful not to fire your gun as this will give your position away.

When you are choosing a spot that you will defend against the enemy from you should try to be in an area with a lot of people. I know you may think this may be a high target area, and it is, BUT with a lot of people, your odds of getting hit by a random throwing knife, or having a group coming after JUST you is very slim. Also it is similar to a school of fish in that if you hide together with everyone you will have much better odds of everyone else getting picked off before you.

When you are using your weapons, that should also make where your hiding spot is. IF you are using a sniper rifle, then you are going to want the enemy to come at you from a long distance away. IF you are using akimbo FMG9's then you may not need to be so far away, but instead you could be in a shallow distance away from the enemy, and don't need that long distance for them to travel. Either way, you always need to be wary of the random throwing knives, as they can be a deal breaker for you, and always can take you from random places.

If you are in an open area which i truly suggest doing, I suggest you keep moving side to side, this makes it VERY difficult to hit you with a throwing knife. This allows you to always take action, get your shots off, but not have to worry about someone steadily aiming and getting that throwing knife off. There is nothing easier for me then when someone is in prone, on top of a building, or in a corner to throw a knife, and hit them directly to take them out. So I think you should always stay moving unless you are specifically hiding from someone else.

Another topic I would like to get to is when the enemy is blocking someone in a house, and you are trying to kill them, but cannot seem to hit them with a throwing knife or get in. First off you need to try and see if the person block is active. If so, then you should jump up and down, and try to get them to do so. In this case quickly get in prone, and crawl underneath him.. Not only will he move, but you can slide under him and get in. Another option... Is if he is not moving. In this case typically he may be in prone. Then your goal needs to be to try and jump/crouch over and over until you can sneak by. Eventually if done right you should be able to get through the door, and attack the person inside. The final option is that perfectly placed throwing knife. While this is very tricky, usually there is always a ways to get someone out of a building if they are inside, and if done right you should have no problem getting them out.

So there is my strategy for you to be successful at Infected. Below I will talk about getting a MOAB, and how to achieve this.

Getting a MOAB

So now to talk about getting a MOAB. While you can get a MOAB by having a friend block you in a room, or by logging in another controller as a guest. I strongly want to suggest you not to do this, as the entire lobby will dislike you, and this is cheating/boosting. You should try to get a legit MOAB as I will show below in a video of me getting a MOAB.

So now a legit MOAB. You should look at the guns first. A better weapon to use would the type 95, or FMG9's... But you still can try with the striker or the Barrett .50 caliber. Also, remember to keep moving. By sitting in one spot you will allow random throwing knives, or someone who is accurate to pick you off fairly easily. But by constantly moving this makes it very difficult for them to hit you.

Also remember to reload as soon as possible. Keep as many bullets as possible, so that you can constantly kill, but any breaks should be used to reload.

So there you have it. Below is a video on me getting a MOAB, and this is on underground with a type 95. Also it is not necessarily hiding in a corner, or glitching, but simply out in the open, and it is possible. Also below I will include some links to my other MW3 hubs, feel free to read, comment, and thanks for reading this hub.


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      Josh 4 years ago

      That is very helpful, thanks for the tips


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