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Ultimate AION Guide: How To Make More Money in Aion [Part Three Of Three]

Updated on October 16, 2012

This is the final hub of my 3-part Aion Economy Guide.
If you haven't had the chance to read the previous parts, please go through them here:

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On this part, we will see in what ways a craft can earn you profit, which is better for low levels or higher levels, what can be earned when participating in instances and more.

Crafting window from alchemy; a wise choice as first craft, alchemy can keep a steady flow of income towards you.
Crafting window from alchemy; a wise choice as first craft, alchemy can keep a steady flow of income towards you.


Each craft can make you profit, but they do so in different pace. Starting a weaponmaker / armormaker / tailor, do not expect to make much money at once, and you will surely need some initial investment too, unless you gather the ingredients yourself. However, once you find out a weapon which is preferred by other players and find a cheap way to acquire the ingredients, you can keep making it and selling it in broker or through private store. Gradually you will make some money to invest on designs or advanced crafts, but from my experience, a weaponmaker or armormaker will not be rich fast unless very lucky in creating Noble (proc items) and not the simple craft results.

Handicrafting can make you some few profit even at lower levels, because you can make some quality accessories for low level players. They do sell, not sell high enough to make you rich, though. In later stages, crafting noble orange accessories will sell for millions, but the process till you reach to them is not easy.

Cooking and alchemy works well in every stage of game; you can create potions and scrolls through alchemy and sell them for low value, but in high numbers. If you gather the ingredients yourself, the profit will be good. Besides, you can also consume the potions and scrolls you make while grinding. In cooking, not all crafts can sell enough - but aether perer jelly, the 4k DP food, will sell always. You can produce huge numbers of it, then have it on sale in different bunches (say 5-10-20) from all your characters. Some other foods will also sell, but you need to keep an eye on what is used from players, so you do not produce something that will not be bought.

Having all crafts in a standard level and not too high can prove worthy, but it does cost; preferably make an alchemist so that you have a steady flow of cash to invest on levelling it and other crafts. My suggestion here is do not be greedy; money will eventually come and you need to be patient with it.

Moreover, if you have a craft which produces consumables (alchemy-cooking), you can contact high level players and offer them your production, similar to what is done in the mule technique, only now you will be the supplier. Bear in mind that they will buy from you if you are cheap,and depending to the circumstances maybe you would prefer to sell small bunches in broker for high values than sell large quantities to one player for low value. Time will work in your favour, don't forget this tip when brokering items.

When your craft is high enough, it is worthy to create heliotrope crystals; you can only make one of each kind per day and they are widely used in creating high level items, so they sell really high in broker. Even if you do not want to sell them, you can use them on your own high level crafts. Be aware, however, that sometimes it is more worthy to sell the heliotrope crystals, than the crafts you produce through them.

Enter Taloc Hollow's and fight your way to the final boss; drops, kinah and EXP awaits you ahead.
Enter Taloc Hollow's and fight your way to the final boss; drops, kinah and EXP awaits you ahead.

Instancing Opportunities

Participating in instance runs you can gain not only chances for excellent equipment drops for your characters, but also money. If there is a drop which ends up to you through Roll Dice, you can always extract stones from it as described earlier. Additionally, some drops will be able to be used as remodel items; many players are interested in acquiring them and could spend much money for a rare remodel. So before you attempt an extraction, check around to see if the particular drop is a needed remodel that could be sold for high value.

Aside the group instances, when you are of sufficient level to visit Inggison, you can opt to complete Taloc Hollow runs. Taloc is a one person instance, in which many quests can be completed, exp can be gained and much money can be made, too. If you decide to try it out (and you have no reason not to attempt it, since it is easy) make sure you enter it having only the essential items in your inventory. Reason is, in Taloc mobs are so many and tend to drop many different items, most of which have high value. You wouldn’t want to fill up and have no space for more. When you enter, my suggestion is kill every single mob inside and check all drops. Common drops include equipment, manastones and others, but also kinah. It is quite common, after a successful run of Taloc and the subsequent sale of drops (most are white, but still they sell well at vendor) for every player to make some 4-5 millions of kinah. Since completing the instance doesn’t take too much time (1-1.5hr typically) and is actually quite interesting thing to do, you could opt for it once per day.

Furthermore, since Taloc is located in the Taloc Forest where Magical Aether is in abundance, you can spend some time aethertapping before you make your entrance in the instance itself; magical aether sells well always.

Here it must be noted that you will gain more drops if you are near level 50 than if you are 55 or more; still, even at 55+ Taloc can make you some profit per run and is a welcoming change of scenery after usual grinding/questing.

Being an instance Ninja Looter will gain you bad popularity and might even blacklist your character in other players’ minds, making it hard in the future to find a group for instances. Rolling dice on an item which isn’t for your class and you should not roll on it is what is called Ninja Looting. If you choose this way prepare for hate messages in chat and elsewhere; quite frankly you deserve it. However, doing so you gain items of high quality which can be broken to enchantment stones.

Although grey manastones are generally useless, some of them can be upgraded and sold.
Although grey manastones are generally useless, some of them can be upgraded and sold.

A Small Little Final Tip - Manastones

Keep all manastones that have the yellow icon and not the greyish when you pick them up from mobs. Technically, only few of them will be sold at a decent price (mainly attack, critical strike and HP) but even the others have some chances to sell. Many people will buy the flight time increase stones for abyss PVP or aethertapping. But bear in mind that it is not worth to have them in broker in low numbers such as 1 or 2 pieces; sell them by 5’s or 10’s and they could give some good profit. Additionally, the critical strike and attack manastones are used much and thus it might even be worth it to convert grey of their kind into yellow through Alchemy. In that case, keep the grey ones, too

Thank you for scrolling through my 3-part Aion money guide. Please feel free to comment on it, or even contribute to this guide by adding possible missing suggestions.

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    • profile image

      Phera 4 years ago


      I'd like to add that contrary to what you said, keeping gray/white manastones is useful for only one thing: exchange them at the PNJ. I haven't tried the packs of 10 because I fear of not having good enough quality back, but the one on one usually gives back one to two yellow in 3-4 manastone exchange quests.

      Thanks for thie very useful guide nevertheless, I always thought Taloc was a group instance, but now I'll certainly try it as soon as I can !

    • CyberFreak profile image

      CyberFreak 4 years ago

      It doesn't copy from anyone my friend. It is just that when it comes to money collecting, there might be many ways and paths to follow, but they are still limited. That means that of course, some of what I have written has been mentioned before too, in other people guides.

      If it was a copy, it wouldn't be allowed in Hubpages, because the system here checks the text and will refuse to publish any copied material from other sources.

    • profile image

      DWLooney 4 years ago

      Epic guide, although copies from a few, still worth sharing, thanks!