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Will There Be A Lego Hobbit Video Game?

Updated on November 24, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at if there will be a Lego Hobbit video game. We will check out all the latest news and rumours surrounding Lego Hobbit video games and look at possible release dates and what exactly to expect from a video game based on Hobbit Lego. This page will also be updated whenever any new details come out.

In late 2011 it was announced that Lego had signed a massive deal with Warner Brothers to bring both Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit to life in Lego format. This news was greeted with great excitement and fans of Tolkien all over the world were suddenly in eager expectation of the forthcoming sets. Along with actual Lego there was also talk of video games. So what can we tell you about the possibility of a Lego Hobbit game? Is this something we are going to be seeing released in the future? Well let’s have a look and see.

Lego Hobbit Is Coming Soon

So the fact is that we have already heard news that we are going to be seeing Hobbit Lego sets coming either late in 2012 or possibly early in 2013. Along with these we have already seen the new Lord Of The Rings sets which are out as of June 2012. The latest big news is that there will indeed be a video game based on Lego Lord Of The Rings. Confirmation of this actually came in the new LOTR sets where we were given a sneak preview of the game. The release date for this is expected to be sometime in the fall, possible October.

So will we see a Hobbit game? Well when you look at video games that Lego have already brought out such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Batman then this tells us that they do tend to release a game to coincide with a new series of Lego sets. The Hobbit would be the perfect series to release a game from as there is a story line already in place and the game designers could base the game on this.

The company behind all the other Lego games is Traveller’s Tale. It would be logical that they would again take on this project and so we would see something similar to all the other Lego video games that are already out there. As for a possible release date we would expect a game to come out some time early in 2013.

More Rumours & News Of A Video Game

So we have scoured the internet in search of any news we can bring you regarding a Hobbit Lego game. Currently there is nothing that has actually been confirmed. Realistically we don’t expect to hear anything from Lego for a long time. They have kept the details of the Lord Of The Rings game very well hidden and the first time we new for sure there would be one was when we saw the new LOTR Lego sets. So if you are looking for confirmation you may have to wait a while.

There are lots of rumours out there regarding a Hobbit game however. People have been talking about this for a while and there is no doubt that fans want to see this one brought out. So we are expecting at some point that we will see this game hitting the shops.

The next few years do look like be really exciting times for Tolkien and Lego fans. With Peter Jackson’s epic set of films coming out and then of course Lego sets based on both LOTR and The Hobbit finally hitting the shops, there certainly is lots to be interested in. The new toys that we have already seen based on LOTR look really good and Lego will be keen to make this one of their best ever themes. As we get ever closer to the release of The Hobbit movie, rumours and news of a Lego Hobbit video game will no doubt become more and more widespread. As soon as we hear any concrete news we will update this page and let you know what exactly to expect.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It is coming out, I hacked into the lego database and it said that it is coming out sep.15 /2013

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      If they do I hope it would link closely to copies of LEGO Lord of The Rings so that you could swap characters etc between the games. Possibly the place for the transfer to happen would be Rivendell as that is an important centre of Lore (History) on both stories

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well they do add new features. I've been playing computer games for 30 years and the LEGO series since Star Wars has been the most fun I've had, especially when playing co-op. I thoroughly enjoy the series and look forward to every new release. You're welcome to an "ordinary" RPG if you want, but there's no reason why we can't have both. Don't deprive those of us who enjoy the LEGO games!

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      It's a nice idea but what will make it differen to previous Lego titles? For example, there's few distinct differences between Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and so fourth. The only reason why they'd need to change is because they need to add some kind of new feature which makes them different. I would much prefer an "ordinary " The Hobbit RPG, which I believe has already been done on PC.

      A nice idea, but how well could it be executed? Voted up, useful and interesting ^^


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