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Darksiders 2 Summon the Gilded Arena's Champion

Updated on September 8, 2012

Darksiders 2 Summon the Gilded Arena's Champion

In Darksiders 2, the hero is almost ready to summon the Gilded Arena's Champion. Death only has the third animus stone to reclaim and he will be ready to summon and then face the champion. However, the third animus stone cannot be reclaimed without some vicious fights. This will guide the hero on how to defeat the countless scores of monsters and overcome the obstacles to find the third and final animus stone within the Gilded Arena.

Defeat the Monsters to Find the Third Animus Stone

Again, to find the third animus stone, the hero must head towards the blazers which have been lit by inserting the second animus stone.Open the door and enter the long tunnel. Note that the hero should fast travel to get health and wrath potions.

Within the tunnel, the hero has to face numerous skeletons. In this fight, a new and more powerful version of skeletons is introduced. This skeletal lord has tons of hit points and cannot be defeated easily.

At the same time, the hero is surrounded by lots of other inferior skeletal warriors. The key here is to fight numbers with numbers, so launch the wrath moves Exhume and Murder. Murder is a relatively new wrath move that would have been obtained by the hero now. It allows a stream of crows to be summoned. The crows can be directed at the monsters to defeat them. At the same time, if the hero has leveled up enough, then the crows can return health points and accumulate wrath points for the hero when they strike their targets.

One particularly good wrath move to use is Harvest. Position the hero near the center of the skeleton mobs. They will close in on the hero. Then launch Harvest and the skeletons will be swiped away in one vile scythe attack by the hero.

Once the skeletons are defeated, proceed deeper into the dungeon.

Overcome the Obstacles to Find the Third Animus Stone

For the hero to find the third animus stone, obstacles need to be overcome, but they are not as challenging or numerous compared to those for the first and second stone. After defeating more skeletons and lords further down the corridor, the hero will arrive at a chamber with a throne, a slab knob and a panel. Step on the panel and a shadow bomb will appear. Go to the throne and get the shadow bomb with deathgrip. Throw the shadow bomb at the slab knob and the throne will rotate.

Darksiders 2 Find and Get the Third Animus Stone

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Dungeon Bug in the Gilded Arena to get the third animus stone.
Darksiders 2 Defeat the Dungeon Bug in the Gilded Arena to get the third animus stone.

Defeat the Dungeon Bug to Get the Third Animus Stone

Finally, the hero arrives at the familiar chamber that contains the stone with the third animus stone embedded in it. Before the hero can get the stone, the skeletal lord arises from the ground and commands his pet to slay the hero. This mini-boss monster can only be described as the dungeon bug, for it looks like a giant bug that lives deep underground in the dungeon beneath the Gilded Arena.

However, the dungeon bug is no small fry. It tries to impale the hero with its sharp spikes. It can also do a fly move and launch a swoop attack towards the hero. Of course, the hero has to counter these by rolling away.

To launch his offensives, the hero needs to distract the dungeon bug by summoning ghouls to help him. Whilst the dungeon bug is busy attacking the ghouls, the hero can use Redemption to shoot at the bug from afar. This will allow the hero to preserve health, and also restore some wrath. At some point, the dungeon bug will close its outer shell and little damage will be done on the bug. Stop shooting and wait for the dungeon bug to unsheathe its natural shield. When the dungeon bug resumes its attacks, launch a series of beautiful combo moves on the bug. In particular, try to equip the hero with offensive moves with the secondary weapon that deal lots of damage to the dungeon bug with one strike. The dungeon bug has lots of health and these moves will shorten the battle, and increase the possibility of the hero succeeding in this fight.

With a combination of defensive rolling, accurate shooting and offensive combos, the hero will perserve and defeat the dungeon bug.

It's time to plug in the third animus stone and summon the Gilded Arena's Champion.


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