How many people play the Roller Coaster Tycoon games?

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  1. brimancandy profile image73
    brimancandyposted 10 years ago

    I was just wondering how many people play the roller coaster tycoon games. I have the original roller coaster tycoon and Tycoon2 and 3. 3 has awesome graphics, but I like 2 better. 3 is good, but it seems the more stuff you build, the slower the game plays, and graphics start fading in and out.

    I also like tycoon2 better because it comes with better landscapes. Though some of the scenarios are kind of impossible to complete, because it seems the guests are programmed to no want to co-operate with your demands. I notice even in the free parks, where everything is free, guests will still complain, in exactly the same manner as they do in the other games.

    I also notice that having a trash barrel in your park is kind of pointless, because if you check, the handymen never empty them even if you assign them to do that job. If you click on a handy man it will tell you how much litter they have swept, or gardens watered, but for bins emptied it always says zero, no matter how many handy men you have.

    As for park growth. One of my Magic mountain parks has over 100 rides, including 37 coasters. I wish people could see my parks. They are quite cool.

    1. GameApathy profile image59
      GameApathyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I smiled when I saw this post. I used to play the original Roller Coaster Tycoon all the time. I haven't heard of or seen Tycoon 2 or 3.3 but now I want to check it out. Are there major differences from the original?

      1. brimancandy profile image73
        brimancandyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 has a lot more parks then the original game. It also has a few pre-designed Six Flags parks. Like Six Flags Magic Mountain, and a few other six flags parks. It also has a roller coaster designer, and a park designer, that the original did not have. There are also expansion packs, to make your parks even cooler.

        I think RT2 Loopy Landscapes has replicas of Black Pool Pleasure beach, and Alton Towers. There is another one called Time Twister, that is more about adding special scenery to you parks and things like that.

        RCT3 was designed by Atari, and is quite elaborate, with almost every ride you can think of. The graphics are almost 3-D quality, and there is a feature where you can ride almost every ride in the park. You also build and design your own roller coasters, but, it's not as easy as the original. If you don't build a coaster right, it won't work correctly, and you'll have to keep rebuilding until you get it right. If you haven't bought a tycoon3, go straight for the platinum it has three games in one. That is building your own water park and a zoo. I think there is even an expansion pack for that, where you can have your own Jurassic Park.

        But, building big in tycoon3 may lead to slow game play, and sometimes graphics fade in and out,  and you will see people walking through objects. But, for all the crazy rides, it's a visual treat.

        But, for game play. I like 2 better. You can build a lot more. The Magic Mountain park is huge! If you built on every piece of available land, you would have one large park. One of my magic mountain parks has over 7,500 guests in it, and profit in the white over $1,000,000.00

    2. anagham profile image64
      anaghamposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I used to play roller coaster tycoon when I was a kid.. I still have fond memories of playing the game,but now due to busy schedule I do not get the time to play...  Thank you so much and i'm glad that such forum was created..

  2. ViZoRr profile image56
    ViZoRrposted 9 years ago

    I just found this post! And man im not sure of how many people still plays this game but i do know that theres plenty of it that still plays it, mostly we play RCT3! and theres a community website where you can read tutorials upload rides, parks and other stuff. check that out! if you really love the game you will find people and be updated on what happens with all of the Roller Coaster Tycoon players wink !!!!!

  3. TNT Husky profile image62
    TNT Huskyposted 9 years ago

    I was talking to myself while reading this one, and accidentally called it "Roller Toaster Tycoon"

    But, on a more serious note, I remember playing Roller Coaster Tycoon on a netbook my dad once got me for my birthday. I'd pop it into my external CD drive, then plug that into my netbook's USB, then run the game, and kill everyone that walked into my park! (I'm a horrible park owner) At least, I'm fairly certain it was 3. it may have been 2.


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