What is our oldest outdoor game or sport?

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    Iznogoudposted 6 years ago

    What is our oldest outdoor game or sport?

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    Historiaposted 6 years ago

    Cricket is probably the oldest of our games, the history of its early forms being lost in antiquity.

    The earliest cricket score we possess, however, is that of a match played on the parade ground of the Honorable Artillery Company, City Road, London, in 1744: and this match probably marks the beginning of scientific cricket. Football is another ancient game, and its earlier forms were so brutal that more than once it suffered the disapproval of England's monarchs.

    It survived all attempts to suppress it, however, and when the nineteenth century brought an era of "muscular Christianity," football and other outdoor games and sports became well-organized with strict rules of play. Rugby football was developed from a game played at Rugby School, in which the ball might be carried by a player.

    Association football, commonly called "soccer," is a development of the older "foot" ball game.