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What's the poorest voice-acting you've heard in a video game?

  1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 5 years ago

    What's the poorest voice-acting you've heard in a video game?

    Personally I thought it was Two Worlds, but that was until I played Ultima Underworld and Ultima 8. Plus the general dialogue was terrible. So what's the worst voice acting you've heard in a video game, and why?

  2. Hakpenguin profile image77
    Hakpenguinposted 5 years ago

    any final fantasy, it's just horrendous.
    particularly FF X.

    1. David 470 profile image82
      David 470posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      What? Final Fantasy had pretty good voice acting, athough it had it's moments...

  3. leakeem profile image81
    leakeemposted 5 years ago

    There was a Mod of StarCraft. I forgot what it was called but i think it was the 2nd most popular to Fallen Angel. The voice was so bad I feel sleepy when listening to it. Fortunately there were subtitles so I got through the game awake.

  4. Daughter Of Maat profile image95
    Daughter Of Maatposted 5 years ago

    I'd have to say Elijah Wood in Spyro, or Christina Ricci, they were both pretty bad. They both really just read their lines. Their timing was just horrible, their inflections were just horrible. It almost ruined the game for both my husband and I.

    I don't know how many times I heard "Cynder Look out!" and there was absolutely no emotion behind it at all. It was like someone was just saying it. Truly horrible acting.

  5. Vledoc profile image60
    Vledocposted 5 years ago

    Duke Nukem! It was very cheesy as well, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. I do agree Two Worlds was pretty terrible as well. I think the BEST voice acting I have heard was in the Mass Effect series or the Witcher.

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I think Duke Nukem has terrible voice clarity in PS1 games but it's still funny nonetheless. As for the best, I can't say no to your choice of Mass Effect ^^

  6. Sarah Christina profile image83
    Sarah Christinaposted 5 years ago

    Resident Evil, I think code Veronica? I might be wrong on which one, but anyway, I was watching a friend play it and was laughing at the voice acting the whole time. It was like they were just reading words right off the page, and was terribly acted and cheesy.

  7. RetroBrothers profile image86
    RetroBrothersposted 5 years ago

    Star Wars chess on the PC - the voices in that were beyond bad. So bad they were almost good.

    I also remember some of the voice acting in Alien V Predator (PC) - when you played as the predator some of the human characters voices were atrocious.

  8. Dallas Matier profile image86
    Dallas Matierposted 5 years ago

    I'd probably say Two Worlds, as well. It got to the point that I ended up turning the sound down, and turning on subtitles, so that I didn't actually have to hear it anymore. That made things a bit better - though, I ended up quiting the game soon after that, anyway.

  9. Digitskyes profile image74
    Digitskyesposted 5 years ago

    Well there are some real crackers like some of the lines in the adventure game 'The Dig' which was classicaly wooden...but there's a big chance that was on purpose.

    So my vote goes for the more modern Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.
    Because they had so much more potential but totally let everyone down by pretty much just using one voice actor...(often it seems like for both genders) o.O through out the game.

    Elder Scrolls III was much better but still not the best, but with Oblivion they had no excuse for such poor choices and I found that hearing the same thinly veiled Californian accent woodenly delivering lines like they were reading them off a bit of paper totally ruined that entire game.

  10. M. T. Dremer profile image96
    M. T. Dremerposted 5 years ago

    Definitely the sonic games. Even if the dialogue wasn't cheesy and overly dramatic, it's impossible to hear over the blasting guitar riffs. I like that they attempted some decent stories in the sonic universe, but the execution was laughable.

    1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
      JohnGreasyGamerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Oh definitely. I think the Sonic: Free Riders theme made me as nauseous as it did Angry Joe. And yes, it was terrible. It wasn't Engrish but not exactly top notch, which is the worst thing! Even in the Shadow the Hedgehog game was it bad!