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Fun Inflatable Guitars - Blow Up Guitars To Rock Out With

Updated on August 30, 2011

Inflatable Guitars For Rocking Out

Are you ready to rock?! Why play air guitar when you could have an inflatable one. Strike those rock star poses with these show stopping inflatable guitars and unleash your inner rock god or goddess!

Going to a costume party as a guitar hero? You'll be needing a choice of inflatable guitars then! We have colors, metallics, flames, patriotic and flying v's below.

Great cheap novelty toys for kids, there's even a design your own, where marker pens can be used to decorate the guitars in any style desired. You can't get much more novelty than personalized inflatable guitars!

Go forth, purchase your inflatable guitars, blow them up and proceed to ROCK!

Inflatable Guitars For Fun And Silliness

Fun for both kids and adults, inflatable guitars are one of those silly toys that everyone gets a laugh out of.

If you're looking for cheap novelty items to have some fun with, inflatable guitars are a great buy. With a price range of $14.50 - $25.04 for a pack of 12 inflatable guitars, you're getting a fun but cheap toy that kids will love, and adults will no doubt be prancing around with after a few beers!

Great for costume parties and family get togethers, put a little rock n' roll into proceedings!

If you've got creative kids, why not go for the design your own inflatable guitar. Regular marker pens can be used to create designs of original guitar artwork straight onto the plastic. Once dried kids can have their own custom made guitar to rock out with.

For anyone with a bit of rock n' roll spirit, these inflatable guitars are cheap, fun, exceedingly silly and pretty certain to have people in fits of giggles when they end up in the wrong hands!

Inflatables generally bring out the silliness in people, but the more fun the better, so get strumming!


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