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Mass Effect 3 Special Weapons

Updated on April 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Special Weapons

In Mass Effect 3, there are certain missions where Shepard can get and use special weapons not available in other missions. There are also certain other weapons which are harder to come by in the mass effect 3 game, and will be illustrated here. This will explain the perceived roles of these special weapons in the mass effect 3 game, and will demonstrate how Shepard can use these special weapons in a daredevil, gung-ho style to wipe out and annihiliate all manners of beasts, reapers and enemies on the battlefield.

Mass Effect 3 Reaper Blackstar

Shepard can pick up this item initially in the clear the camp stage in the Priority: Palaven mission. Although it has only one shot, its one shot is devastating and can be used to rip apart a brute in this particular mission. Later on, Shepard becomes reacquainted with the Reaper Blackstar in the rescue the turian platoon force mission. Again, the reaper blackstar is reserved for the most deadly and largest of foes in that mission – the Harvester. Behold the power of the attack from the Reaper Blackstar as the Harvester is torn apart by its blasting prowess.

Mass Effect 3 M-451 Firestorm

The M-451 Firestorm was an outstanding heavy weapon in mass effect 2, where its close range incinerating fire power, together with the infiltrator's cloak means an unexpected fiery ending for all enemies that come too close. It would be nice for this special weapon to be used in the same fashion in mass effect 3. Unfortunately, it is confined to the rachni mission on Tuchanka. Here the M-451 Firestorm has been downgraded to a fire spray for spore and gestation pods and web burner for webbings. It would be nice to put the M-451 Firestorm to good use for the geth hunters and the phantoms who would cloak and then sneak up on Shepard, only to meet his inferno attacks at close range from the M-451 Firestorm.

Mass Effect 3 Arc Pistol

The Arc Pistol is picked up in the geth dreadnought mission. Tali explains that the arc pistol is a special weapon designed by of one of the admirals against the geth. The arc pistol possesses an initial regular pistol shooting stage and then on holding, produces a second pulsatile plasma laser phase that is apparently deadly for the geth. It could be tactically used for the geth hunter who runs too close to Shepard, although timing would have to be perfect here to prevent the sneak attack of the geth hunter to be successful, especially for the second phase of the arc pistol. Alternatively, the arc pistol can be used for the damaging geth rocket trooper, or the mighty and well-armored geth prime. Careful aiming and sharp shooting is needed though. The pistol scope combo addition to the arc pistol may help here to improve accuracy.

Mass Effect 3 Turret Guns

Do not underestimate the benefits and usefulness of the turret guns. The turret gun can be regarded as a special weapon because it cannot be carried by Shepard to various missions. It is permanently attached to the ground. It has a shield like physical barrier which prevents enemies from hitting and damaging Shepard when he is mounted behind the turret gun. The awesome power of the turret guns is in display when Shepard has to use these to defend his position and that of his teammates as they try to disable the AA gun controls at the rescue Admiral Koris mission on Rannoch. Watch as the turret guns rip apart the mghty geth primes, not once, twice but three or four times. Spray the ammunition of the turret guns across the battlefield, and watch the smaller and less armored geth be pulverized by the turret guns in a few shots. The only downside of the turret guns is that some of them cannot be turned a complete 360 degrees, and they have a cool down period where enemies can advance towards Shepard.

Mass Effect 3 Special Heavy Weapon Geth Spitfire

Mass Effect 3 Geth Spitfire - Using it is easy and wipes enemies away in one spit of firepower
Mass Effect 3 Geth Spitfire - Using it is easy and wipes enemies away in one spit of firepower

Mass Effect 3 Geth Spitfire

If the turret guns are the immobile special heavy weapons in Shepard's arsenal, then the geth spitfire is the mobile continuous special heavy weapon that one wants to carry from mission to mission. However, it is confined to the rescue Admiral Koris mission and the Priority: Rannoch mission. Here Shepard will find this really special weapon whilst disabling the first AA battery gun console in this mission. Shepard has to assign one of his companions to disable the AA gun, leaving only him and one other companion to defend his position without any turret guns. Enemies here include a geth prime (which will continuously hunt and flush Shepard out of hiding), and geth hunters. The solution is simple – pick up the geth spitfire and spray the geth continuously with firepower until they are destroyed, and the battlefield is empty. When all the geth spitfire ammunition is used up, Shepard will feel a sickening sense of addiction and the feeling of wanting to squeeze the trigger again and fire some more. Such is the power of the geth spitfire.

Mass Effect 3 Black Widow

Although the black widow can be taken from mission to mission, it is regarded as a special weapon because it illustrates how the sniper weapon can be used to fire three shots in one attack, and take down powerful enemies from afar before they can advance towards Shepard's position. The black widow can be purchased from Shepard's spectre office for 250000 credits, or it can be purchased from Normandy SR-2 shuttle area for 275000 credits. Use the weapons upgrade bench to increase the damage and stability of the black widow to increase damage and accuracy.

There are other special weapons in the mass effect 3 game. When the going gets really tough, look around for these weapons. There are usually at least one of these special weapons to help Shepard complete the most difficult part of a mission.


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