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Pure Fun Trampolines: Fun and Fitness for the Whole Family

Updated on December 13, 2014
Pure Fun Kids' Preschool Jumper at
Pure Fun Kids' Preschool Jumper at

The Pure Fun Trampoline

If you've finally given in to the pleas from your kids to buy a Pure Fun Trampoline this Christmas, then you may have noticed that there is more to the Pure Fun range than trampolines for kids.

While trampolines are a great way for a child to develop balance and coordination, they are also an excellent way of reaching and/or maintaining a steady level of fitness for adults.

Pure Fun Trampolines have been in existence for several years.

They're a popular brand that have managed to maintain a strong reputation for being providers of quality trampolines that not only give great bounce, but are built with safety in mind too.

Pure Fun offer a pretty wide selection of quality products from mini trampolines with handrails to 15 ft trampolines with full enclosure.

So whether you are looking for a trampoline to use indoors or out in the backyard, there will be something to suit your needs while being reasonably priced.

Pure Fun Trampolines for Tiny Tots

Pure Fun Kid's First Jumper Trampoline - Trampolines for kids

Pure Fun Kids First Jumper: 37" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3+
Pure Fun Kids First Jumper: 37" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3+

The Pure Fun Kid's First Jumper Trampoline is great for kids 3 years old and up.

It's a little different to regular trampolines in that instead of the usual spring system, it uses bungee cords to power the bouncing action. This is also a neat little safety feature as it prevents your child from getting their fingers caught in the metal springs.

The overall rating for this trampoline is positive, but there have been a few buyers who said that the cords on the trampoline broke after only a short time of use. However, there are instructions that state the correct way to assemble the trampoline and these need to be followed to the letter to avoid any breakages.

Some buyers also felt that it was a bit difficult to assemble the trampoline, while others didn't seem to struggle at all.

Ultimately, this is a good trampoline for little ones, so you could say that any time spent in putting it together is time well spent on investing in your child's health and happiness.

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Pure Fun Kids' Preschool Jumper - Kids trampolines for sale

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper: 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3 to 7
Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper: 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3 to 7

Suitable for children 3 years old and up, this trampoline provides a safe place for your child to get rid of their excess energy, jumping until his or her little heart is content.

This brightly colored trampoline is supported by a handrail that measures 36" x 36" x 33", for extra stability and to allow your child the confidence to jump as high as they dare.

Around the padded edge of the trampoline, you'll find different shapes and colors as well as 'ABC' letters.

This is a nice little touch that you can use to actively encourage your child to recite the alphabet or colors while they jump; turning their trampolining experience into a fun game.

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Pure Fun Kid's Jumper Trampoline - Most popular kids trampolines

Pure Fun Kids Jumper: 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3 to 7
Pure Fun Kids Jumper: 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3 to 7

This is a heavy duty trampoline, designed for 3 year olds and up that is good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Because the trampoline is pretty lightweight and compact, it's easy to move it from location to location without having to disassemble it each time. It also features the no spring bungee cord system, which aids safer bouncing.

Once again there were mixed reviews when it came to level of difficulty in assembling this trampoline. While some buyers were able to build the trampoline in under 30 minutes, others say it took considerably more time to put together.

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Pure Fun Kids Mini Trampoline - The best children's trampolines online

Pure Fun Kids 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3 to 8
Pure Fun Kids 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 3 to 8

The colorful design on this trampoline adds to the fun of the bouncing, as it helps keep your child visually stimulated while they play.

Like all the other children's trampoline's in the Pure Fun range, it features the no spring bungee cord system for additional safety.

The handrail provides that much needed extra support to help your child feel confident as they bounce.

Is it easy to put together? It seems as though a few people struggled with this trampoline too.

The main issue seems to revolve around the bungee cord. But if you are confident that you'll be able to assemble this trampoline without much fuss, then this will make a good purchase that will not only keep your kid entertained, but keep them fit and healthy too.

This is one bright, very bouncy trampoline that is not too taxing on the pocket.

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Mini Pure Fun Trampolines

Pure Fun Mini Trampolines

Perfect exercise trampolines

These trampolines are more suited to adults, although older children and use them too. These make great exercise trampolines. They are pretty compact, not taking up too much room and really easy to store when not in use.

Over 12 foot trampolines

Trampolines with Enclosures

Pure Fun Enclosure Trampoline Sets

Safest trampolines

If you're looking for an additional safety feature why not consider a trampoline with an enclosure. These types of trampolines tend to be pretty roomy and will accommodate several children at one time, depending on the size you go for. The netting is made out of a strong and durable fabric which will protect little ones from falling off the edge.

All the trampolines below feature enclosures which are detachable.

Pure Fun Trampolines on eBay - Cheap trampolines for sale on eBay

Pick up a bargain on the Pure Fun range at eBay - Sometimes you can find really cheap trampolines on eBay. Below is an up to date listing of of the latest eBay Pure Fun Trampolines. Do check back often as these offers are updated daily.

Pure Fun Trampolines Offer You

  1. Reinforced steel frames and legs made from galvanized iron that also happens to be rust resistant.
  2. Safety - all their trampolines are ASTM approved, TUV/GS Quality & Safety Certified and CE-EN-71 Certified.
  3. The manufacturers are so confident that Pure Fun Trampolines will last a long time, they offer a two year warranty on all their products.

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