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Risen 2 Learn Voodoo Magic

Updated on May 13, 2012

Risen 2 Learn Voodoo Magic

Risen 2 Learn Voodoo Magic
Risen 2 Learn Voodoo Magic

Risen 2 Learn Voodoo Magic

In Risen 2, the nameless hero must learn voodoo magic in order to proceed in the main quest of the game. To learn voodoo magic, the hero must get the blessing of the Shaganumbi's ancestors. The blessing of the ancestor is obtained at the temple of the ancestor. The nameless hero must follow Chani's plan to the letter to get the basics of voodoo magic. This will guide the hero in following Chani's plan to learn and master voodoo magic.

Risen 2 Enter the Temple of the Ancestor

To enter the temple of the ancestor, the hero must have obtained the Shaganumbi idol. Show Chani the Shaganumbi idol and Chani will reveal her extensive plans (well, one step at a time). Chani's plans include the following -

Follow Chani into the temple. Within the temple, the hero will be confronted by Samir. Samir is the guardian of the temple. Samir refuses to allow the hero to enter the temple. Either answer Samir's questions correctly to prove the hero's worth, or fight Samir.

Samir is a tough guardian to defeat. However, the tactics with fighting in a closed space involves cornering Samir into a corner. Then repeatedly hit Samir with a sabre until he succumbs and is defeated. Now speak to him and show him that the hero is worthy to venture further into the temple.

Within the main chamber of the temple, place the Shaganumbi idol on the pedestal. The spirit of Yizakil the ancestor of the Shaganumbi will appear and grant the hero three questions. The hero may answer in the following ways - “Will you give me your blessing?”, “Because Crow has the spear of the titans – the Shihoko-tiwa.” and “But I promised Chani”. That essentially uses up the three questions. It will not be until the hero mentions Mara that Yizakil blesses the hero to use voodoo magic in his fight against Mara.

The hero is now able to use voodoo magic.

Risen 2 Master Voodoo Magic - Learn from Kapua

Voodoo Magic in Risen 2 involves using dolls to control NPCs. In addition, voodoo magic allows the hero to create scepters which can be put to good use in combat. As the hero's skills in voodoo magic increases, he will begin to master voodoo magic, becoming versed in cursing enemies and in using black magic. At the Shaganumbi village, speak to Kapua to learn skills in voodoo magic. These skills include -

  • make a voodoo scepter (1000 gold, voodoo 2). Scepters schematics available from Kapua include Scepter of Fear (requires skull as one of the ingredients) and Scepter of Power (requires sapphire as one of the ingredients)
  • make a talisman (1000 gold, voodoo 6)
  • cast powerful curses (1000 gold, voodoo 8)
  • learn black magic (500 gold, voodoo 3)
  • improve black magic (1000 gold, voodoo 6, black magic 1)


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