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SWTOR Into the Pit Quest

Updated on January 1, 2012

SWTOR Into the Pit Quest

SWTOR Into the Pit Quest
SWTOR Into the Pit Quest

SWTOR Into the Pit Quest

In SWTOR, the Into the Pit quest is the final part of the sith inquisitor main quest on Balmorra. The Into the Pit quest pits the sith inquisitor against the mutated colicoid broodmaster, a formidable foe indeed. Before reaching the Into the pit quest quest, the sith inquisitor must beat Major Bessiker and his sith son Hiran (in the path to power quest) to acquire the colicoid serum which allows the sith inquisitor to descend into the pit's toxic environment. This will guide the sith inquisitor on how to beat the mutated colicoid broodmaster and how to defeat Major Bessiker and Hiran to complete the sith inquisitor main quest on Balmorra, and acquire the Tulak Hord artifact.

SWTOR How to Defeat the Mutated Colicoid Broodmaster

In SWTOR into the pit quest, the mutated colicoid broodmaster is the elite boss at the end of the quest. The sith inquisitor must descend into the pit and down a series of ramps to reach the bottom of the pit and face the mutated colicod broodmaster. The pit is located somewhere to the north of the Balmorra Arms Factory exit (use the map to guide the sith inquisitor).

To beat the mutated colicoid broodmaster, the sith inquisitor must understand the tactics of the mutated colicoid broodmaster. The mutated colicoid broodmaster will attack the sith inquisitor solo at first, and when its health starts decreasing, it will disappear and summon lots of small colicoid minions to surround and attack the sith inquisitor and its companion. So a lot of DPS on the mutated colicoid broodmaster is required before it starts to summon the small colicoid minions.

In SWTOR into the pit quest, to defeat the mutated colicoid broodmaster solo, the sith inquisitor must be at least level 20. Even so, the sith inquisitor must proceed with caution. As the sith assassin, the key here is to use the companion (likely Khem Val) to tank the sith assassin, and then stay behind and maul the mutated colicoid broodmaster repeatedly. When the little colicoid drones appear, use overload and discharge (with dark energy set on) to eliminate them in area effect attacks. Remember to use healing from medpacs to heal the sith inquisitor.

To defeat the mutated colicoid broodmaster without soloing, either send out a message to group with someone or just hang around the pit entrance (or med center) to group with someone. With two level 19 characters, the mutated colicoid broodmaster should be no match for the sith inquisitor and his friend.

SWTOR How to Beat Major Bessiker

In SWTOR, the sith assassin will find that he cannot beat Major Bessiker without first reaching at least level 18. With level 18 comes the ability to Jolt. Jolt will interrupt the NPC's special attack ability. In this way, allow Khem Val to tank the sith assassin and then keep jolting Major Bessiker. In between the jolt, use Maul to backstab Major Bessiker, and he will be defeated.

In SWTOR Path to Power quest, the reason why Major Bessiker is so mad is because the sith inquisitor has put down his son, the sith Hiran. Hiran is on the quest to get an ancient weapon - no doubt the sith inquisitor class ancient weapon of choice. By journeying to Hiran's prison, releasing Hiran and then beating Hiran, the sith inquisitor can get the first part of this ancient weapon on Balmorra.

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Balmorra Main Quest

In SWTOR, once Major Bessiker and the mutated colicoid broodmaster are defeated, it's finishing time for the sith inquisitor main quest on Balmorra. It's time to return to the Fury Class Interceptor to use the holoterminal to contact Darth Zash. Darth Zash instructs the sith inquisitor to head to Nar Shaddaa to acquire the third Tulak Hord artifact.


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