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Tomb Raider Upgrade Weapons

Updated on March 22, 2013

Tomb Raider Upgrade Weapons

Upgrade Lara Croft's signature weapon for this generation of tomb raiders - the makeshift bow.
Upgrade Lara Croft's signature weapon for this generation of tomb raiders - the makeshift bow.

Tomb Raider Upgrade Weapons

In Tomb Raider, Lara must upgrade her weapons as her journey in the mysterious island continues. These upgraded weapons are needed to deal with more enemies and superior enemies. Superior enemies include the polearm enemies and the shielded enemies. This will provide a list of the weapons upgrades available and guide the heroine on how to get some of the weapons part needed to upgrade the weapons.

Tomb Raider Upgrade Bow

Lara will upgrade the bow early on in the game. Bow parts are needed to upgrade the bow. Lara will get the first few bow parts early on in the game. Salvage will allow the heroine to purchase the following on the simple makeshift bow initially -

  • reinforced limbs - allows stronger pull for increased damage.
  • wrapped ring trigger - enables a faster firing rate.
  • key ring trigger - increases firing rate.

The bow will do more damage and will shoot faster with each upgrade. As more parts are collected and each set of parts completed (for example, bow parts 3/3 collected), Lara can upgrade the bow from a makeshift bow to the recurve bow. In the latter stages of the game, Lara will be given the compound bow.

Later, Lara will get also the rope gear and the fire lighter, enabling her to use fire arrows.

Tomb Raider Upgrade Shotgun

Lara picks up the trench shotgun at the temple of the guardian. Lara can upgrade the shotgun through the following –

  • Full choke - adds an alternate firing mode which concentrates the cone of pellets and allows for longer ranger. This part is particularly useful for the polearm enemy.
  • Barrel shroud – improves gun handling for increased damage.
  • Polished bolt – allows fast faster cycle rate to increase firing rate.
  • Padded grip – reduces weapon kick.

The above can be bought with salvage. As Lara raids tombs and unlocks treasure chests, parts will be collected and the trench shotgun can be upgraded to the next tier and this will unlock more modifications which can be purchased with salvage.

Tomb Raider Upgrade Rifle

Lara picks up the submachine gun at the bunker that contains the communication console. With enough parts collected, Lara will upgrade the submachine gun into the assault rifle. With salvage, Lara can complete the following modifications on the assault rifle.

  • High capacity mag – increases the amount of rounds in the magazine.
  • Barrel shroud – improves gun handling to increase damage.
  • Padded stock – helps increase the steadiness of the weapon.
  • Muzzle brake – reduces recoil by dispelling gas from bullet firing.
  • Taped double mag – tapes 2 magazines together to increase reload speed.
  • Polished ejector – increases firing rate.

As the assault rifle is upgraded to the commado rifle with more parts, more modifications like the enhanced scope or zoom and the silencer can be unlocked and purchased with salvage.

Tomb Raider Upgrade Handgun

Although the handgun may appear to be rather irrelevant in view of the above weapons, the handgun could be Lara’s salvation when she runs out of ammunition for the above weapons. The handgun is fast and creates enemy recoil, and this can be used to create headshots after headshots.

Salvage can be used to purchase the following for the handgun –

  • extended mag – longer magazine holds 10 rounds.
  • burst fire mod – allows for alternate firing mode using the middle mouse button (for pc).
  • port vented slide – compensates for recoil, improving accuracy for increased damage.
  • muzzle brake – delivers rounds for more damage.
  • rapid fire mod – hair trigger modification increases rate of fire.

The way to upgrade the weapons is to look around for as much salvage and parts as possible. Also, raid as many tombs as possible and get to as many treasures as possible. As an example, here is the Chamber of Judgment tomb, where Lara can pick up one rifle part as she walks into the Chamber, and then get another handgun part inside the treasure chest.


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