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Tips on How to Reduce and Lose Weight

Updated on August 29, 2014

Motivation to Lose Weight - Behavioral Change

Asserting your Right to Live A Healthy Life

There are many factors why people are overweight. Being a socio-psychologist myself, I can say that at the onset they are a factor of choices -- what food to eat, whether you will smoke or not, sleeping patterns, and a whole lot of risky behaviors which compromise your health. Obesity and its health consequences cant be denied anymore.

Statistics about the number of overweights is increasing increasing and we don’t need researches to prove the numbers and all you need to do is to walk outside your home and anywhere, chances are 3 out of ten people you see are overweight. Can we blame them, not for some -- because they have medical problems associated with weight loss -- but in general weight loss problem is a function of your choices in life. It is in fact a choice we do have -- choice of a healthier life and we know that one as well. The road to change of a lifestyle is never easy -- it is a challenging endeavor -- but the consequences of a poor health because of weight problem outweighs the other.

Weight Problem is a factor of behavioral problem -- Lifestyle

To say it once more ---- the most important reason people have weight problems is because of their behaviors. In short it is the lifestyle choices that we make which contribute to a healthy life. Behaviors are a factor of society, upbringing, family, school government, economy you belong. Huge isn’t it? But let me also tell you that you are born with choices -- you are free to choose whatever you like to eat -- plus you are also responsible for your health and for your children's health if you are a parent.

avoid stress
avoid stress
Keep Tab of your weight -- be health conscious
Keep Tab of your weight -- be health conscious

Brief discusssion of factors that affect behavior

Home and Upbringing

  • The caretakers or parents role in the healthy lifestyle choices of the family is a thing to consider. The main person who cooks food and decide on what food to cook should learn the basic of good food versus bad food and other health factors. They should also have a firm grip on healthy living and healthy food choices, and rest assured that children will eat what they are given to. This is very important as children develops habit and eating certain kinds of food is habit forming. Family should consider healthy practices in general.

School and Educational System

  • Have you heard of the US recently covered in the CNN news that cafeteria are provided with vegan diets for school children to choose from. I daresay that it is important for school to do this. It is also important to incorporate the healthy foods lifestyle in Health economics among children and a constant effort between parents and school to have meetings about this to be included in school curriculum. School is the second institution important to children’s well being. They spend most of their time in school and they follow what school authorities tell them. An educated well balanced education about the benefits of healthy living should be well placed in school.


  • The role of government in maintaining the health of its people is that it regulates food labeling, laws, regulations on what foods should be sold to people. Regulatory bodies should not favor big companies with lots of junk foods to sell. And labeling of food is very important. Labels and nutrients should be visible and consumers should be informed of the risk of every food that is being sold. They should be large enough to be read properly by consumers. The government is a big factor in shaping the health of the nation. A careful planning by the government and health agenda like "Health Care Reform Law" which remains controversial in the US should well be in placed.

Economic institution

  • Other researches conducted attested to the fact that the prevailing economic system of capitalism and profit venturing system of economy puts a lot of pressure to those companies who sell good and quality foods but are not earning enough. It is either lesser number of people will buy them because the products does not satisfy their tastes of delicious foods -- nutritious foods are bland because all the fats and sugars are removed from it. Fastfoods which sells healthy foods can't compete with other fastfoods which sells the so called "delicious foods". Capitalism and its mode of production gives leeway for people to choose a wide variety of food products. The law of supply and demand specifies that if people doesn't buy a product it will fail to exist anymore, so it helps if we don't cater to the products -- bad products for our health -- in the market so that they will no longer prosper. A case in point is the fastfood industry. Economic condition is also a big factor in food choices, mostly cheaper foods are the bad ones for your health. It is double jeopardy for the poor sector of society -- being poor means you have lesser choices in what food to buy, that is why government regulation is important as well


  • Perhaps you know that some churches encourage vegan diets because of their belief system. Religious belief is one factor for behavior of people. peole behave according to the morals they have, example of this is the "church teachings". Perhaps religion and churches incorporate healthy living practices specifically healthy dieting among its members so that people will develop healthy living practices.


  • The environment or climate affects peoples choices of food. To keep you warmer, in a cold environment -- the microwaveable food is just ready in the corner. You just heat food and bingo it is ready to eat. In warmer time of the year, people prefer cold sweetened beverages. People are used to drinking sweetened colas because it is more palatable and it taste good. Who would want a bottle of water against a bottle of Mountain Dew? Environment is also a big factor in availability of food -- the more available the food is due to environmental factors -- the more cheaper they are.


  • Itis the way people behave due to various factors like environment, influences - media -- morality -- religious influences, upheld values, and as well as structures -- family, government, school and society.

Set a goal and achieve it

Setting a goal really helps
Setting a goal really helps

7 Simple Behavioral Tips To Reduce Weight

The most important aspect of minding weight loss problem is the PERSON himself/herself. YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE. Behavioral changes that goes with healthy lifestyle choices are the most difficult thing to do. They are rooted in ones culture and the entire whole being of a person. Change it and say "I CAN DO IT".

So what do you mean when you say lifestyle?

"The aggregation of decisions by individuals which affect their health, and over which they more or less have control. ... Personal decisions and habits that are bad, from a health point of view, create self-imposed risks. When those risks result in illness or death, the victim's lifestyle can be said to have contributed to, or caused, his own illness or death." (definition is form an article by Dr Lyons article about healthy lifestyle -- see the reference below).

So how can you change your lifestyle and your choices with behavioral change using these seven necessary attributes to have:


  1. Be motivated -- it takes courage will and determination to change a whole lifestyle. In fact those who are trying to eradicate their smoking habit faced difficulty. No matter how many books and how informed you are regarding the negative consequences of smoking if you are not determined to change, it is nothing. The market is filled with lots of advices about living a healthy life with g=food choices, smoking, drinking -- in the end it is only you who can change everything.
  2. Be educated about nutrients intake and about calories. There are many sources of knowledge about proper healthy diets, all you need to do is find a way to get this knowledge through Internet, books, government health centers etc.
  3. Be perfectly honest with yourself and know the reasons why you are overweight and don’t be shamed to ask an experts advice if you must, we may never know, the result of your problem is not at all because of lifestyle but because of medical condition and proper advice is necessary.
  4. Determination and goal setting will help you achieve goals. The determination will come from you and the goal setting is a goal that is realistic for you, say five pounds every two months is good enough for you, that is according to experts.
  5. Be prepared to try all the alternative ways of losing weight.Find ways to help yourself lose weight -- because in the end it is you who can help yourself. Explain to other family members so that you can get support as well. There are thousands of available weight lose regimen and all you need to do is to know what will work for you -- if you don't know, then you can ask a help from an expert -- medical, fitness or nutritionist.
  6. Be health conscious. Buy a weighing scale and monitor your weight.
  7. Avoid stress and have positive outlook in life. This is very important for your overall health in general.

Most of all, make all the seven tips work for you and you will achieve a healthier you!


  1. Behavioral pattern determines healthy life choices -- it is you who can change your behavior for a healthy lifestyle. The structures like government, family, school, economic condition et. al. are other factors contributing to a persons choice of a lifestyle -- but the single most powerful factor is the change of behavior that will come from you. I hope the seven simple behavioral tips enumerated in this hub will help you determine a "healthy lifestyle".
  2. Healthy lifestyle choices and your behavior towards it is a habit forming behavior. It is recommended that you choose a healthy lifestyle at an early stage to have a better life.
  3. The importance of the community -- government, school, family, religious institutions in shaping behavior of people towards a healthy lifestyle cant be ignored. A comprehensive approach to help individual achieve their healthy lifestyle choices should be at hand. They shape your lifestyle to some extent but still you are the boss of yourself.



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