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Anti Oxidants Against Ageing

Updated on March 14, 2011

For more than the past forty years, gerontologists and biochemists have been trying to recognize the processes of ageing and deterioration in the body and have been working with natural substances in a challenge to find behaviors and patterns of slowing down both.

They have discovered that on a cellular level, age degeneration appears to be largely the result of damage caused by extremely reactive molecules called free radicals. A free radical is a species of atom which is electro chemically unstable.

Free radicals can easily merge with other atoms or molecules in the cells, the genetic material and bodily tissue, to cause destruction with their prearranged functions.

Comparing a free radical to a drive around salesman away from his unloved wife it’s like a highly reactive chemical agent that will unite with anything that is about.

Free radicals are created in the body in many ways. Some are the natural result of normal bodily processes. Others appear as a result of radiation damage for example by sitting in the sun and having too much sun exposure penetrating the skin. Also this will happen with pollution and chemical exposure.

Others happen during a process called oxidation where lipids or oils have reacted in the body to form chemical compounds recognized as peroxides.

All these processes can cause severe damage to the cells and cell parts, diminishing cell vitality, causing cellular contamination and interfere with the healthy metabolic functions which make health and life possible.

Most scientists now agree that if you can guard your body from free radical and oxidation damage, you will radically slow down the pace at which you grow old.

The bulk of our chronic degenerative diseases come into view to be directly related in their development to free radical damage, this finding has a deep suggestion in that it also provides a united vision of how we may be able to fruitfully combat long term degenerative illnesses from heart disease and arthritis to diabetes and hypertension which are usually associated with ageing.


Anti-oxidants are substances which appear to protect living bodily systems from oxidation and free-radical damage.

Using the anti-oxidants, researchers have been able to drastically extend the life of animals, prevent or delay degenerative illnesses, and slow down ageing, for these substances are able to bond and neutralize free radicals before they can do harm to cell membranes, cells, tissues and genetic matter.

Anti-oxidants come in two forms natural and synthetic. Nutritionists are usually concerned only with the natural anti-oxidants.

These are easy nutritional elements which are found in the foods we eat. Only, for the purposes of age retardation they are used in very high quantities.

Vitamins A, E, some of the B-Complex, Beta Carotene, as well as zinc, selenium and some of the free form amino acids. Each anti-oxidant has specific action on the body, the water soluble ones like Vitamin C will be inclined to protect the body’s water soluble parts while the oil based membranes and so forth will get better defense from an oil-soluble anti-oxidant such as Vitamin E.

Anti-oxidants work better together. It is never the single action of a specific nutrient or supplement but quite their multiple interactions which make them in nature capable in detoxifying your body and protecting it from degeneration.

A synergistically well balanced anti-oxidant/anti-ageing formula should be provided in additive-free hard gelatin capsules each containing at least of the following;

Vitamin A 500i.u.

Beta Carotene 75mg

Vitamin B-1 5mg

Vitamin B-2 5mg

Vitamin B-6 5mg

Vitamin B-12 7mg

Vitamin C 15mg

Molybdenum 16mcg

Ascorbyl Palmitate 50mg

Selenium 14mcg

Vitamin D3 10i.u.

Vitamin E 25i.u.

Biotin 12mcg

Calcium 50mg

Choline 50mg

Bioflavonoids 30mg

Folic Acid 80mcg

Nicotinamide 50mg

Inositol 50mg

PABA 12mg

Calcium 35mg

Chromium 3mcg

Iron (as Fumarate) 0.5mg

Magnesium (as Oxide) 17mg

Manganese (as Gluconate) 0.4mg

Potassium (as Gluconate) 5mg

Zinc 1mg

Pangamic Acid 4mg

Kelp 20mg

L-Cysteine 27mg

L-Glutamic Acid 2.5mg

Glycine 3mg

Methionine 25mg

Tryptophan 5mg


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    • nelson soares profile imageAUTHOR

      nelson soares 

      8 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Thank you thevoice.

      Go for red askjanbrass! red fruits and vegetables have higher anti-oxidant content.

    • askjanbrass profile image


      8 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Yes, I try to eat foods that are high in anti-oxidants (many fruits and vegetables are great sources). Blueberries in particular are very good for this!

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      well gathered work


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