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Best Ways to Become Fit and Healthy

Updated on July 31, 2012


For those of you who have seen comedian, Kevin Hart's "Laugh At My Pain" stand up show, he says something extremely wise. "Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in." Since we aren't becoming famous in this article, I will amend his statement to such, "Everybody wants to be healthy and strong, but nobody wants to get off their butt and workout." Now maybe this amendment comes off as harsh, but the first step in looking "fit" starts with this mindset and acceptance of knowing that it won't be easy, but well worth it. For those who are still serious about transforming yourself and your lifestyle, continue reading this article where I will help you become the person you want to see in the mirror.

First Things First...

As previously mentioned, remember that this won't come easy nor fast. It DOES take lots of work and DISCIPLINE. But if you really want this, I have no doubts you can do it. Okay, now lets get down to the nitty gritty...


For most, this is going to be one of the toughest parts of the process. Your body is probably used to eating more than what is recommended and chances are, its not always the best stuff for you. In this diet you will not experience horrible hunger as other diets may bring to you. Instead, you're simply "swapping" what you eat and for some of you, when you eat. Now most people eat three BIG meals a day with a plethora of unhealthy snacks in between. This is a "no-no." Now that you're changing yourself, let's add some fruits, veggies, and PLENTY of water into your diet. Go ahead and still enjoy your red meats and carbs, but perhaps, not as much as you used to as they tend to lead to unnecessary "chub." Instead of eating your normal meals a day AND those unhealthy snacks, try eating about six meals a day with small portions. Try to drink a glass or two of water with each meal and have at least a few veggies or fruit with meals. At first, it will feel awkward not eating as much as you used to at one time, but you will be okay because we have now increased your amount of meals. Whoever said you can't indulge once in a while when on a diet is full of well... CRAP! Go ahead, have a little chocolate. Now do not mix this up with going crazy and entering yourself into a chocolate/sugar coma!! But the occasional dessert is perfectly fine! Just be prepared to work a little harder the next day to burn off those few extra calories. Eating something sweet definitely keeps your sanity in check.


This word seems to always scare people who have never actually worked out before or tend to see themselves as well, EXTREMELY lazy. The point in doing cardio exercises is to get your heart rate up and in turn, let the fat melt away. It sounds all nice now, but when you start doing exercises, there will come a time when you want to cut yourself short, essentially cheating yourself. Remember why you are here and that you understood that it won't be the easiest thing in the world. This is where discipline comes in to play. I promise that when you finish your cardio exercises that you will feel refreshed and ready for more. Of course, it is hard at first, but don't give up and achieve the best results possible!

  • SWIM! I love swimming for cardio because you don't break a sweat and it feels great! Try some laps in the pool and gradually increase as you progress through your workouts.
  • RUN! Running definitely is not for everybody, but if you can run and enjoy it, go ahead! Set an amount of time you want to run and finish that time! Similar to swimming, gradually increase your time running (or distance).
  • JUMPING JACKS! Believe it or not, this simple exercise will get your heart rate up pretty quickly and gives you that extra something to start shredding fat.

Now of course, there are plenty more exercises you can do to get a good cardio exercise, but these are some good examples that when combined with a normal workout will give you exactly what you're looking for.

Let's Begin!!

Now you're probably wondering what the heck you should do to start building muscle or toning down! I won't get too detailed because exercising is different for everybody. But here are some helpful tips on what you should do depending on what exactly you want from your new body.


For the women, it usually isn't about getting big and ripped, but becoming more toned and losing fat in problem areas.

  • Weights: If you do decide to workout with weights, try using lighter weights and MANY reps. This will give you that toned look that you have been searching for. Keep it simple and don't over exert yourself. Remember, you want to be toned, not big and muscular.
  • DANCE!! It's easy, fun, and results are amazing! Put on some music and make up a routine for yourself. For those who would rather not, just attend a dance class such as Zumba.
  • Crunches: Simple crunches should do the trick ladies. If you want to feel more of a burn, put a medicine ball in your hands and try them like that.


Constructing a man's body can be slightly more difficult since most of you are looking for that big body with ripped muscles. BUT it is perfectly doable!

  • Weights: Find the heaviest weight that you can comfortably curl. Now, go about ten pounds less than that and do about 20 or so curls. When doing a new set, add five pounds to the weight and subtract around 5 curls to that rep. Repeat one last time until you reach your heaviest weight.
  • Keep it even! Imagine this..Somebody with a huge upper body with bulging muscles, and scrawny chicken legs. It's just NOT a pretty sight. When you work out, focus on one, maybe two muscle groups a day, then the next day, change to a new set of muscles! Benefits? Your muscles need time to restore themselves and become stronger and you build your body evenly!
  • CARDIO! I know I have already stated this before, but men, you must keep up on your cardio workouts so that you can lose the fat and build muscle quicker. Include a fifteen minute cardio workout on top of everything that you do for the day.


Good form is a must. For everybody! Don't waste your time doing an exercise with poor form. You will know if you're doing it correctly when you feel the correct muscles under a sense of fatigue. Remember to stay true to a good diet plan. Go ahead and throw a "cheat day" in truly helps! Lastly, do NOT give up on yourself. It's just a matter of mind over body. STAY STRONG and HEALTHY!!!

  • Keep a lookout for future posts concerning what exercises I have found that work best for both men and women! I will also be posting recipes to my very own protein/recover smoothies!


P90X gives you the muscle that you've always wanted!

The Insanity workout take you through multiple exercises. This really gives you the cardio that you need to shed the extra weight.


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      Awesome, no-nonsense advice. Anything worth having is worth working for. Loved it!