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How Does Clenbuterol Work for Weight Loss

Updated on October 1, 2010

Having an appearance like an asthma victim probably isn't something that you ever thought about before. But, as it turns out, there is a drug that is used by asthma sufferers which is being touted as an excellent tool for weight loss. Yep, you can believe it. Clenbuterol, a drug originally designed as a combination bronchodilator and decongestant, has recently been reported to work for weight loss when taken by people who aren't necessarily suffering from asthma. It should be noted that Clenbuterol is an asthma drug only in other countries, not the U.S. (although it is used for respiratory problems in horses here). In the U.S., it is used only as a weight loss drug.

The reason that Clenbuterol works for weight loss is that it is a drug which is designed to rapidly increase bodily functions. Taking the drug speeds up aerobic capacity, blood pressure, oxygen motion in the body, fat burning and protein burning. People who are interested in the use of Clenbuterol are primarily seeking to lose a large bit of weight rather quickly. Clenbuterol is shown to be effective for rapid weight loss (although it should be noted that there are always health concerns to think about when you lose weight quickly through any means). Because of the way that Clenbuterol works, it has side effects which include increased blood pressure and body temperature as well as uncontrollable shaking of the body.

In 2006, Clenbuterol gained attention in the media as a weight loss drug used by celebrities. Much of this media attention was negative attention about the thinness in the industry and the risks of rapid weight loss from such drugs as Clenbuterol. See this CBS News article for one story in which the tragic death of an overly thin model was used to negatively portray Clenbuterol in the media.

But you're reading this article in part because you want to know whether or not Clebuterol works for weight loss. If it does, you might be willing to take some risks with it, since people will pay some hefty prices for a thin body. So, does it work? Clenbuterol is reported to work for short periods of time amongst people who are looking to lose weight rapidly. Usually, weight loss is best achieved by starting with a moderate dose and increasing it steadily each day over a period of three to four weeks. This will allow you to lose a significant amount of weight and be noticeably thinner for a short period of time.

If you are looking to lose weight for a special occasion - such as a honeymoon vacation - then Clenbuterol might work for you. Of course, you'll want to think about the possible consequences. If the worst case scenario happens and you get sick from its use, your vacation will be a lot worse than if you didn't fit in the smaller size bathing suit you wanted to wear on the trip. And if you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, Clenbuterol is not your answer. The truth is that dieting isn't easy and there's no pill, including Clenbuterol, that is going to help you lose weight without some work. But, does it work for awhile? Yes, it does.


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  • profile image

    Stupid 3 years ago

    This is stupid. Basically just a copy and paste from every website. It would help you a great amount if you educate the public on how you actually lose the fat from Clenbuterol, instead of "fat burning." And you can't use clen for more than 2 weeks because of your beta receptors. You need keto in order to go longer than 2 weeks...

  • profile image

    lol 4 years ago

    I like how the author happened to play down the possibles side effects to being sick on your honeymoon. Mycardial myocite necrosis is a bit more than the common cold...

  • profile image

    BLUESKI777 5 years ago

    nice info. hey Werner I'm interested to know how to used it, would like some info from you to see if clen is the way to go for me.... it would really help, thanks.

  • profile image

    werner 6 years ago

    HI, I have the world of respect for Clenbuterol, I have used the pills and I was ripped with a six pack, I used it 3 days on and 2 days off, remember you need to give your beta 2 receptors time to open up before you can hit it in your system.

    You need to train and eat clean, this is with any diet.

    Nothing gets me ripped like Clen. I have been out for 4 months and packed some weight on so I want to start my clen course next week but I got the GEL, I want to see how this works.

    PS: remember you did not get fat over night it was a process so you won’t get ripped over night you need to put in some work and it is also a procedure.

  • profile image

    00729 6 years ago

    I second the fitness industry , everyone is juicing from EQ - sustonon 350 every thing works in moderation and is safe if not abused. Buy truly keeping the weight off is hard work and it is worth it!!!!

  • profile image

    BDC 6 years ago

    Add Taurine to your diet (Monster, Red Bull) and it will help with the headaches and some of the other side effects.

  • profile image

    WhiteSites 6 years ago

    The entire fitness industry is on juice. This goes for both men and women. Clen works yes, but if you want better results you have to stack it with other drugs and still hit the gym every day, and watch what you eat. There is no such thing as a drug ( legal or not ) that will make you look like Arnold in his prime, while you sit on a couch eating chips. Everything is safe in moderation.

  • profile image

    walli 6 years ago

    yeah guys it realy works..

  • profile image

    clenbuterol 6 years ago

    nice write-up on clenbuterol. Good that you mention also the bad things about it, most forget about that..

  • profile image

    Jonathan 7 years ago

    Im on it right now and cannot stop shaking. Headaches are a problem also. Been on it one week so far as well as dieting and going to the gym. Lost a little bit of weight. Iv been on this stuff before, its no miracle. I would say 20 minutes of cardio per day is much more effective at getting weight off you than opting for clembuterol. Im only taking it because it suppresses protein degradation, which means i wont lose muscle mass as i strip all the fat from my body. After this cycle, i will never take clembuterol again. BY NICE TO YOUR HEART !

  • hobsdv profile image

    hobsdv 7 years ago from Bolton, Uk

    Many thanks for posting an excellent educational hub, i genuinely enjoyed reading through it.

  • profile image

    eroids 7 years ago

    Nice writeup. Here's a nice chart on how to use clenbuterol:

  • alfasentari profile image

    alfasentari 8 years ago

    Interesting Hub. I've never heard of this drug before. I guess when all else fails, try Clenbuterol.

  • First Eagle profile image

    First Eagle 9 years ago

    Great hub

    Use the Natural way to loose weight.

    First Eagle, Thor Einar