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Natural Treatments For Asthma

Updated on October 30, 2012

Natural Treatments for Asthma

I have been dealing with having asthma all throughout my life and I think that I have probably tried almost every type of medication that you can possibly have for it. I have used the albuterol inhaler and the steroid inhaler together and separately. I have used a nebulizer. I have taken prednisone during times when I was sick and the asthma got worse. And I have tried numerous different natural cures for asthma. All of these things have had varying results during different time periods in my life.

Is there a cure for asthma? There doesn't seem to be. Although I am no medical expert, my own experience has taught me that the best way to reduce problems with asthma is to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, use some of the natural cures and have an inhaler on hand "just in case". This won't cure the problems but it does seem to help reduce the impact that they have on my own life which is worth a shot since asthma can be so debilitating if left to its own devices.

Healthy Diet

The most important thing that I have found for reducing the amount of trouble that I have with my breathing is a healthy diet. I think it's important to take the time to figure out if you have any food allergies since these exacerbate asthma. It is also important to take a look at the foods that people say are bad for asthma and to see if this seems true for you. For example, dairy is a mucus-building food that can make asthma worse for a lot of people. If you regularly have more trouble with breathing when you eat a diet that is high in milk, cheese, butter and creams then you may want to reduce your intake of these foods. Keeping a food diary can really help because you'll be able to more clearly see which foods you are eating when you have the most trouble breathing.


Another thing that reduces breathing problems is to get enough exercise. This isn't always easy because the last thing that you want to do when you have trouble with asthma is to get out there and get your cardio. However, the longer you go without good exercise, the harder it is to get going - and the worse it's going to feel in your lungs. Start slowly but keep it going steadily. Do a lot of walking. Get the blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body. The healthier that you are overall, the fewer problems you are going to have with asthma.

Natural Treatments

There are a lot of different natural treatments that are recommended for asthma. How well these work seems to depend on the individual but they aren't things that can harm you so it's worth a try to see which combination of them works best for you. Here are some of the things that you might consider trying:

  • Teas. There are several different teas that are recommended for asthma. These are not teas that come in tea bags but rather medicinal teas that you would actually make in a tea pot. Your best bet for finding the right teas for reducing your asthma problems is to take the time to see a Chinese herbalist who can recommend the teas that are best for your problem.
  • Chamomile. Chamomile is one specific ingredient, usually found in tea form, that many people say assists them with their breathing. It is believed that chamomile has the power to reduce the impact of allergies on the body which can therefore decrease the problems that you are having with breathing that are caused by allergies.
  • Anise. Taking a little bit of anise should open up the breathing passages and reduce the problems with wheezing that you experience when you are beginning to have an asthma attack.
  • Ginger. This is another natural product that has the same effect as anise; it opens up the airway passages and allows for better breathing to happen naturally.
  • Peppermint. People who find that anise and ginger are not working as well for them as they would like may find that they can get the same benefits that these are supposed to have by taking peppermint. Peppermint teas are also good for this same purpose.
  • Motherwort. This is a natural ingredient that serves the purpose of opening up the airways but it also serves to reduce panic and anxiety. When you get anxious about your breathing, you are more likely to worsen the symptoms of asthma. Taking something that reduces that anxiety can decrease the likelihood that you'll cave in to that panic and can therefore help to reduce problems with asthma.
  • Passionflower. This is another ingredient that serves the same purpose as motherwort. In some areas, this may be easier to find than the other but either one should work for most people.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Many people have reported that they have significantly improved breathing when they take an omega3 fatty acid supplement on a daily basis. The most common of them that you'll find is fish oil capsules but there are other options on the shelves as well.


It is important to remember to keep your Western medicine on hand in case of an emergency asthma attack. These natural treatments should reduce the amount of problems that you have with breathing but they don't actually cure asthma. There is still the chance that you will suffer from problems with asthma and you don't want to be caught without your inhaler if you're already used to using one.

In Summary

Asthma is a tricky disease that is confusing to world of medicine. We aren't quite sure how to treat or cure it. However, there are some things that we can do to reduce the impact that asthma has on our lives. Reduce the number of things in your life that are causing allergy-related asthma. In addition to food allergies, make sure to keep your home free of dust and smoke since these trigger asthma problems. Exercise regularly; do cardio as well as deep breathing exercises. And try out the different herbal options for reducing asthma problems to see if any of them work for you.


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  • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

    Lita C. Malicdem 

    8 years ago from Philippines

    My eldest daughter has asthma. I'm interested to know about natural medicine you cited here and I likewise take notes from our fellow hubers' advice.

    She carries inhaler in her bag as regularly as she does her lipstick, "just in case". She also has her nebulizer at home although her doctor gives the right dosage.

    The newly-painted room in their office gave her the attack just yesterday. It's really hard to prevent especially when she less expects it.

  • profile image

    David Kirk 

    9 years ago

    Don't forget about licorice and Basil (Tulsi). They are apparently very good for asthmatics. I just saw that my local supermarket is now carrying Tulsi tea, cool!

    PS: I have been taking omega-3 fish oil capsules for the last month. I'll be posting my findings on my website soon. Unless I get lazy again. LOL

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 

    10 years ago from New Brunswick

    Ver sound advice this:

    "there are some things that we can do to reduce the impact that asthma has on our lives. Reduce the number of things in your life that are causing allergy-related asthma. In addition to food allergies, make sure to keep your home free of dust and smoke since these trigger asthma problems. Exercise regularly; do cardio as well as deep breathing exercises"

  • Nicole Winter profile image

    Nicole A. Winter 

    10 years ago from Chicago, IL

    Kathryn: First off, if you have any kind of allergy to the ragweed family, (most asthma sufferers do,) you probably will be intolerant to chamomille. I just wanted to let you know, because I am allergic to it, it's not a pretty sight! Thank-you so much for the wonderful article, I think exercize is so much more important than most asthma sufferers make it out to be, (especially those with exercize induced asthma,) because it stretches your lung capacity.

  • Trsmd profile image


    10 years ago from India

    very good treatment...


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