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Health Benefits of Sapota.

Updated on July 2, 2015
Chiku or sapota as it is called
Chiku or sapota as it is called

Sapota or Chiku as it is called in India is a small round fruit. Its outer covering is brown in colour and is very sweet to taste. It is one of the very popular fruit in this part of world. It is native of India and it spread from India to rest of the world. Sapota when ripe is full of glucose and gives instant energy. The sapota is used as fruit and is used to make fruit chaat, ice creams and in other recipes. In central American countries like Mexico it is used for making Chewing gums. In few countries it is also used as medicine as sapota has many health benefits. In India it is one of the cheapest fruits and in season it is available in abundance. It grows on trees and the tree can attain height of more than 20 feet. Usually the tree start bearing fruits when it is three years old.

Health Benifits of Sapota

1. Sapota is rich source of Vitamin A . Since Vitamin A is supposed to be very good for eyes especially to prevent night blindness so it helps in vision.

2. Sapota is rich in Vitamin C. So it can fight scurvy, gingivitis and maintain connective tissue health. Sapota thus keeps the skin glowing and healthy. Vitamin C improved immunity and thus help body fight infections.

3. Sapota is rich source of Tannin. Tannin is supposed to be a powerful anti viral, anti bacterial and has anti parasitic effect. Tannin also acts against diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

4. Sapota is rich source of dietry fiber. We all know how fiber is essential for digestion and how dietary fiber help us fight constipation. Also the foods rich in dietary fiber help reduce weight. Also fiber is good for the mucous membrane of the colon and help fight colon cancers.

5. Sapota is also a rich source of many minerals like copper, iron and niacin. These are very essential for the body growth and maintenance of the body. They also help in many metabolic process of the body.

6. Sapota also fight acidity.

7. Sapota help fight against erosion of the gastric mucosa.

8. Sapota have anti inflammatory properties so helps fight inflammation in many conditions.

9. Since Sapota is rich source of glucose so they are instant source of energy too.

10. Sapota since is rich source of niacin so it helps in healing of ulcers in the mouth.

Chiku or Sapota Milk shake
Chiku or Sapota Milk shake

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Disclaimer: I am not a certified doctor or dietician.. So please check with your doctor about its medicinal use and side effects . I have only written what can be benefit of this humble food if included in diet. Thanks

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