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Hot Yoga Clothes & Bikram Yoga Clothing

Updated on December 30, 2010

People who are searching for "hot yoga clothes" may be searching for two different things. Most people are probably searching for clothes that work best for hot yoga, a different style of yoga. Some people though, are looking for yoga clothes that look hot. No matter what the case is, you have come to the right hub, and I will tell you more about both kinds of hot yoga clothing.

If none of the hot yoga outfits or hot yoga gear that is listed below seems to suit you, I would definitely recommend that you click through to Amazon and browse around there. They have a lot larger selection of yoga clothes than I am able to list here, and most of their items offer free shipping. Just click any of the products below, and see what other users bought when viewing that item, and other lists from Amazon for hot yoga clothing.

What is Hot Yoga?

Some people who are searching for hot yoga clothes may not know what hot yoga is. For those who are looking for clothes for hot yoga, bear with me or scroll down to the clothes, because I am going to introduce hot yoga to people who do not know what it is.

Hot yoga, otherwise known as Bikram yoga, is a style of yoga that was made popular by Bikram Choudhury. It is a mixture of different yoga postures (26 exercises as well as 2 breathing exercises). This combination of postures mixed in with the proper breathing exercises, gives people a lot more focus.

So, what makes it hot? The fact that the temperature in the room when you are doing hot yoga is 105°F (40.5°C) with a humidity of 40%. Now, that is hot! this gives a sauna type atmosphere that helps you to sweat out a lot of impurities as well as other physical benefits.

People have also noticed that they get less injuries and strains when they are doing hot yoga because the muscles are a lot more loose. People are able to stretch deeper than in regular yoga, as well as release a lot more stress and any tension that has built up.

Obviously, you should talk to your doctor before starting hot yoga in case the heat and humidity may aggravate any issues, but it can definitely have some great health benefits.

Here is some information on Bikram yoga clothes:

Yoga Shorts

While often times women prefer capris or other types of pants, I would definitely recommend that you get some hot yoga shorts. Because they are less fabric, it allows your skin to breath better which is important for any type of Bikram clothing. Do not be embarrassed, because if you are going to hot yoga, pretty much every single person who is there will be wearing yoga shorts too, so don't worry.

They are usually made out of a very breathable material, whether 1005 cotton, or new synthetic fibers that breath easily.

Hot Yoga Shirts

Obviously, getting the right type of short or other top for your hot yoga wear is important because if it does not breath easily, you'll be doing worse because of the increased heat and humidity in the room. Hot yoga isn't about being miserable, but instead it is about pushing the limits that can help you to stretch better, and be more relaxed and get a good workout. That is why it is important to get specially made clothing for hot yoga.

Here are some hot yoga shirts:

Hot Yoga Clothes

For those women who are not too interested in the practice of hot yoga, but would rather look hot while doing yoga, then you have still come to the right place.  Hopefully, if you have read through this article, you'll have a better appreciate for what hot yoga is and would definitely consider trying it if they offer it in your area.

Regardless, here are some hot looking yoga clothes for you to check out.  Remember, if nothing here suits your fancy, click one of the products through to Amazon and you'll be able to see what other people bought and browse around Amazon's great selection of yoga clothes, most of which offer free shipping.

Hot Yoga Video

Hot Yoga Clothing

Now you can see why a certain style of clothing will work best for hot yoga. With the temperatures being significantly higher than at a normal yoga class, you'll want to have specific clothes for hot yoga, like Bikram yoga apparel, that breath well, and allow your body to release those impurities inside your body from sweating them out. Here are a few different types of Bikram yoga clothing (hot yoga clothing) that are pretty popular:


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    • profile image

      Gabby Chase 5 years ago

      also add Yogi Bags to your yoga wardrobe They are soooooo so cute...and even better, Yogi Bags are MADE IN USA. I have the most adorable one with a diamond print and my husband has the olive green. Luving made in USA products. Kimberly, I totally agree with you and hope we find more apparel like that thank you!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Great hub on helping people select yoga clothes. Good research.

    • profile image

      Tanya 7 years ago

      Have anyone tried mika yoga wear?

    • profile image

      Kimberly  7 years ago

      It is also important to wear hygienic clothing that will have and quick drying properties. Much of the cotton based spandex can hold water and leave a mildew scent forming bacteria. Enjoy practicing and wear the appropriate clothing to keep your practice simplistic and hygienic. If you are interested check out some of our product that go back to basics with the original "leotard trend" used for competitions and everyday practitioners. Blessings everyone!

    • profile image

      yoga business 7 years ago

      Thanks for this interesting page on yoga clothes.