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Yoga Pillow - Yoga Pillows

Updated on December 6, 2010

Yoga is a fantastic way to get many different health benefits.  It can help you to relieve sore muscles, especially your back muscle, by allowing you to stretch properly and keep the muscle stretched.  You can also greatly increase your flexibility by doing different yoga postures and stretching out your legs, torso, and other body parts.  Yoga is also fantastic for toning your body and building up some lean muscle mass that can help you to burn fat.

While all of these things are great, it can sometimes be hard for a person who is a beginner to yoga to be able to do the full stretches because their body isn't used to it.  They also have no developed the core balance that they need to be able to have to do some yoga postures.  There is a way for these beginners to get extra stability, and that is through the use of a yoga pillow.  A yoga bolster pillow is great to be able to help give extra stability to various body parts depending on the posture you are currently doing.

Types of Yoga Pillows

There are a few different types of yoga pillows available.  You can find round, circular ones as seen to the picture on the right, or you can get long cylinder pillows that are a few feet long.  You can also get a long rectangular or pillar shaped yoga pillows.

Each one definitely servers a different purpose.  The circular ones as depicted above are often used to sit on as a yoga meditation pillow.  They provide good support for your tailbone as well as your legs when they are crossed.  Because they aren't extremely firm, they still make you have a little bit of core balance by having to keep the correct posture while balancing on the pillow.  Building this core strength is really helpful when it comes to your balance and your shape around the midsection.

The cylinder shaped pillows will allow you to prop up various body parts in order to get more balance and stability when doing various poses.  Maybe your back needs some more stability, or your arms or legs in certain poses, just put the pillow right there.  it also works well as a yoga neck pillow.

The long rectangle shaped pillow allows you to get even more support than the rounded pillow.  This is definitely helpful for beginners.

Yoga Wedge Pillows

Another type of pillow is the yoga wedge pillow.  This is a small piece of foam covered in fabric that is shaped as a wedge.  It can help you to get proper support for your spin, and keep your head up off of the ground slightly.  You can also get almost flat pillows for yoga that can also give your spine extra support while you are laying on the ground.

Yoga Eye Pillow

Although this is a different kind of pillow than I have been talking about, it is still a great yoga accessory that you should know about. If you are having trouble being able to fully relax because maybe the lights are too bright in the gym or fitness center that you do yoga at, then I would definitely recommend getting a yoga eye pillow. It can help to make the room a lot darker so that when you are trying to focus on relaxation, you can truly relax, instead of being distracted by additional light. Although not necessary, it is definitely a great accessory that you may be interested in.

Check out a few of the yoga eye pillows available from Amazon at the right.


Each person's need is different when it comes to support and stability in yoga.  But, if you think you can benefit from extra support, extra padding, or extra stability, then I would definitely recommend that you look into getting yourself a yoga pillow.  There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, so you can definitely find one that matches your style and other yoga accessories.


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