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Yoga Bolster

Updated on November 17, 2010

If you have no had the chance to experience yoga, then you are definitely missing out.  It is a fantastic set of stretches and exercises that can help you to be able to increase flexibility throughout your body, it can allow you to build up strength and toning in your muscles, and it can also help you to be able to relax and focus better.  Yoga has its origins in ancient India, and can be a very spiritual exercise, but it definitely doesn't have to be spiritual.  Some yoga instructors will focus more on the spiritual side of things, and others will focus more on the exercise.  Find one that suits what you need.

For beginners, it can sometimes become difficult to do some yoga poses because their body is not used to doing it, or is not as flexible.  This is where certain yoga aids and accessories come in like a yoga bolster pillow that can help to prop you up, and allow you to do stretches and poses that you didn't think you'd be able to do.  I am going to tell you more about yoga bolsters, and you can determine if they will be right for you or not.

Yoga Bolster Pillows

Although most bolsters for yoga are rounded like in the picture to the right, they do come in various shapes and sizes, but most of them are either square or round. The are filled with cotton and can be quite comfortable. There are many different uses for these bolsters. it can be used to provide a cushion for multiple areas of your body. The most common positions to put bolster pillow is at your head, your neck, or right on your lower back area.

Yoga is usually done on a hardwood surface, and while a nice yoga mat can definitely provide some cushion, it may not be enough and yoga mats are often for more grip than they are for cushion. Yoga is not meant to be painful at all, so do not feel like a wimp if you need to use some of the bolster yoga pillows to alleviate pain or pressure from performing the exercise on the hard surfaces.

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Choosing the Best Yoga Bolster for You

When it comes to choosing the best yoga bolster, it's not so much of choosing the best brand, it's figuring out where to bolster your body and what will be most useful for you.  There is a way to determine that.  Choose the hard surface that you'll be doing yoga on, and lay down naturally and relax your body.  Make sure that you fully relax your body or this will not work for you.  Take note of what parts of your body are not fully touching the ground despite your full relaxation.  Now you know what parts of your body will benefit most from using yoga bolsters!

Only Get Cotton Filled Bolsters

Sometimes when you are shopping around for yoga bolsters, you will notice that there are often cheaper bolsters available.  Often times, these cheaper versions are filled with something other than cotton.  While I am all for shopping with the budget in mind, sometimes when you go for cheaper items, you sacrifice quality.  The same is with bolster pillows.  Since they will be bearing weight often, over time it will begin to lose shape and become pretty useless if it is made from anything other than real cotton.  So, while you may be saving money in the short term, you may end up having to buy a new bolster here in a year or two depending on how much you use the bolster pillow for yoga.

Yoga Bolsters for Beginners

Beginners starting out may need a little boost or some support when it comes to trying various yoga accessories.  The benefits of getting the full stretch definitely outweigh any embarrassment you may have about using a bolster pillow.  By using the yoga bolsters to get more of a stretch, you'll soon be increasing your flexibility and you may not need the bolster for that posture anymore.  But definitely hold onto the bolster pillow, because as you try more and more advanced postures, you may be going back to get the bolster in order to provide the support you need to get that full stretch.

Bolsters for Yoga Video


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