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Yoga for Kids DVD

Updated on March 12, 2010

Yoga is a great activity that is great for people of all ages.  Although it has it's roots in some spiritual practices, you can definitely find some great yoga resources that do not focus on the spiritual aspects of it.  Instead, they focus on the breathing, the focus, and relaxation, and the exercise.

With childhood obesity rates continuing to rise each and every year, adults definitely need to find stuff that kids can have fun doing, and also get their muscles working, and their bodies moving in different kinds of activities.  This isn't a body image thing, it's a health issue as obesity has been linked to many different heart issues, as well as other complications, as well as a shorter life span.

Yoga is a great activity to get kids involved in because they will be able to have fun, get a little bit of exercise, and just be generally more active.

Yoga for Kids DVD

A kids yoga DVD is a great way to be able to get your kids started with yoga. Bringing them to an adult class probably wouldn't be the best because they would easily lose focus and could become a distraction to you and others in the class. If you can find a kids yoga class in your area, then that may be a great alternative to a yoga for kids DVD, but if not, then a DVD is definitely the way that you should go.

Although each yoga DVD for kids is obviously different, they all can have some pretty common attributes:

  • They are fun. If the different yoga poses, and the transitions between the poses weren't fun, most kids wouldn't be able to keep their attention on it. Since kids aren't doing it for the stretching and other health benefits, they need something to keep them entertained and by making the videos fun and exciting, this keeps the kids entertained.
  • Beginner poses. There are many different yoga poses, but a lot of them are for advanced learners, and this is probably not your child. The DVDs teach your children some great beginner yoga poses that almost anyone can do! But, these stretches can still definitely provide a good workout and allow your body to become more flexible.
  • A theme. Many of the DVDs have a central theme. Having an animal theme is a pretty popular motif of these DVDs. By relating the different kids yoga poses to various animals, it gets the kids excited that they'll be acting like different animals. By adding in the noises too, it helps to keep the kids entertained and wanting to learn new and exciting animals to imitate.

Yoga for Kids DVDs for Sale

Here are some great DVDs that are highly rated and reviews from Amazon.  Just click on the DVD, and you'll be sent to Amazon where you can read more reviews from moms to make sure that the DVD will be a great fit for your child.

Making Yoga Fun for Kids

There are a lot of ways to make yoga fun for your kids.  Obviously, the DVD is a great way to get your children started, especially if you don't have any yoga experience yourself.  But, there are other fantastic ways to keep your kids involved with having fun times by doing yoga.

  • Get the whole family involved.  Yes, that means you too dad!  By getting mom and dad doing yoga too right along with your child, they will definitely want to do it more often.  It is a great family bonding time.  It can also be a great way for an older sibling to help teach a younger sibling how to do different things.  That creates bonding as well as self confidence for both children.
  • Get your child's friends involved.  If your child has a lot of friends over, this can be a great way to keep them all contained, having fun together, and doing some exercise too!  Just pop the DVD in, make some space on the floor, and let them go at it!  It can be a great way for them to have fun!
  • Get some kids yoga cards.  Yoga cards are a great way to mix up the yoga poses.  Whereas a kids yoga DVD does the same moves every single time, a deck of yoga cards can be a great way to mix it up but still keeping your children doing yoga.  They just deal out a few different cards and try to do the poses that they show on the cards.  They have a picture as well as a description of the different poses you can do!  A great alternative to the yoga kids DVD!


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