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Yoga Mat Cleaner

Updated on March 12, 2010

Practicing yoga has many various benefits when it comes to your health.  You will soon realize that you have a lot more flexibility after doing yoga for a while.  This can help you throughout the day to be able to be less likely to get muscle strains because your muscles are stretched properly and often.  You will also learn how to relax and focus with yoga, which can help you throughout the day.  There are many situations at home and at work that can can cause us to be stressed, and stress can have a very negative effective on our well being if it is constant.  You can even burn calories, lose some weight, and tone your muscles from doing yoga.

With all of these health benefits, it would be a shame to get germs because you are not taking care of yourself when practicing yoga.  Often times if you do yoga in a gym with other people, if someone walks by, they could possibly get their germs on your mat.  Even if not, your own germs and bacteria may be on there.  That is why a yoga mat cleaner is so important.  if you clean your yoga mat often and with the right cleansers, you'll be helping to keep your body healthy.

How are Yoga Mats Made?

Often times yoga mats are made with synthetic materials that do a good job of keeping the bacteria from seeping into the mat.  They are usually made from pore-free materials that have no where for the bacteria to go.  This definitely goes a long way to helping you out as far as keeping them clean and germ free goes, but you can also get germs and bacteria on the surface of your yoga mat, and so a yoga mat cleaner is definitely necessary to help to keep it a nice and clean environment for you to lay on and stand on.

Yoga Mat Cleaners

There are two different types of yoga mat cleaners.  The first comes as a spray, and the second comes in a form of wipes that allow you to just wipe down the mat.  obviously each one has its own benefits and negatives and which kind is best really determines on your personality and habits.  I am going to share a little bit more about each of the kinds, to help you to make the best decision for you.

Yoga Mat Wipes

Yoga mat cleaning wipes are great to help you to quickly be able to clean your yoga mat.  Since yoga is about being in tune with nature, people may cringe at the thought of wipes adding to the waste of disposable items already polluting our earth.  But, pretty much every single manufacturer of yoga mat wipes make eco-friendly, biodegradable wipes to help people not feel guilty for wanting to and using these wipes.

Some of them have a nice little scent to help your mats smell nice, but you can get unscented versions too.  They are usually made with natural oils and natural extracts that act as the cleaning agent.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

If the yoga mat cleaning wipes aren't your thing, then the yoga mat spray is your other option.  the spray allows you to just spray the cleanser on your yoga mat, and wait a minute or so for it to dry, and then it's all good.  The companies who make wipes also make the sprays, so they are made with the same natural oils and extracts that the wipes are made out of.

They do not use aerosol, so there isn't any harm to the environment from using these sprays to clean your mat.

Cleaning a Yoga Mat Video


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    • HC0303 profile image

      HC0303 7 years ago

      Taking care of your yoga mat is very important for yoga enthusiasts. Learning to clean them not only helps you save costs in replacing them too early, it 's good to know you are always doing your exercises on a clean mat.