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I Am Here Doing Exactly What I Want To: Where Are You?

Updated on April 6, 2014

The Male Perogative

I do what I do
I do what I do

Mode of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Define Priorities [A Grave Matter To Ponder]

The idea of 'looking forward' to something becomes irrelevant when one considers we are exactly where we should be for reasons we can't see.

We are always doing whatever we want to do! Nothing or no one prevents us from obtaining that which is destined for us to experience. Stop looking forward and start living here, NOW!

Where are you? Do you honestly have any idea? It matters not if you can tell me the town, state, country, or even the street address where you currently reside. I am talking about where you exist in in the cosmic scheme of things?

More than that, how conscious are you? Conscious enough, if your identity were stripped away, who would you be? Same person, you say? I don’t think so. Why? Because you are not the sum total of identification papers and personal history; did you honestly believe you were?

Who are you, really? Not the name people call you, or the labeled role you’ve assumed but the person you know yourself to be but not wholly expressed, yet. {No other person is even remotely acquainted with THAT person.} What’s on your mind?

The topic you spend the majority of your day thinking about? Are you physically involved in that particular endeavor or is it merely a neurotic daydream? When not engulfed in those reoccurring thoughts, what else do you think about? What’s important to you? What are you dong on Earth? Are you just bumbling through the day running into walls of people semiconsciously?

Or do you ever get a clear thought through? Clear enough to wake you up to your present state? How crowded is your mind with plans, hopes, and wishes for things to improve? What scale are you using to gauge improvement? How much of a need do you have to rescue people?

Does anything matter to you? Don’t be so quick to answer in defense or as a means of convincing offense. No need to try to prove anything to me. I don’t matter. What matters remains after the confrontation.

The emotional rope’s depth and twisted knotted fiber weaved through the entanglements of your involvements speak louder than any words of persuasion. You are the only one who really experiences When you find yourself trying to explain, defend or excuse actions or situations, {of yourself or others} it’s time to investigate motives.

Nothing happens by accident, and your reading these very words at this instant indicate, you have a need and desire to ‘turn the page’ in your life. And, “NO” it does not have to be something major for cause of concern or distress. In fact, it’s the little unsettling incidents that drive you absolutely berserk. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. [Same old, same old .]

How hard are you trying to make or wishing for things to change? “Forget about it,” as the Wise Guys say. Stop that senseless, useless action. Just be thoroughly immersed in the so-called mess. You must first be where you are before you can gravitate somewhere else. Why skip over the part that’s the most exciting?

That part whereby you are totally confused, not knowing what direction your life is taking or if this perplexing atmosphere is ever going to let up? Are you filled with doubt, fear, and uncertainty? Does it feel like time is running out? Great! Don’t push this segment of your life out of sight.

Unless you absorb reality’s rupture in your current state of affairs, you will in no wise gain freedom from the mind’s fabricated bondage.

You are so stuck in yesterday’s concepts. {In what you are so accustomed to working for you} You can’t count on yesterday’s events to work today. Today is a brand new day. You are a new adventure. Your life is but a moment to moment experience with the rules changing every second. You must unfold the layers with it.

Otherwise you will live {subsist} and die covered up by musty stinking cobwebs of cantankerous sores in regret, bitterness and putrid remorseful guilt. Life did not issue you a book of guaranteed outcomes. IF it did, what would be the point of you being here? It’s a capricious roller-coaster ride. Don’t hold onto your old ideas and concepts. I’m not talking about ideas and notions you had 5, 10, 15 years ago.

I’m talking about things you thought about yesterday, today, 5 minutes ago. If they don’t fit the situation; let them go. Embrace the moment. Talk to someone who is a perfect stranger. Purchase a movie or CD that you would not be caught dead buying. Watch or listen continuously until you hear the humorous personal message in it for your complicated situation.

Don’t try to be so enlightened. You are not so bright as to hang the stars, nor will you ever be? So what’s the big deal?

Appearing smart, funny, in the know, witty or ‘making it’ is a real bore! That’s so dog gone heavy. Just be natural. Respond ordinarily. Be a kid. Who are you trying to be so amorous for? Since you don’t have a clue anyway, why make such a fuss?

When are you ever going to let up on yourself (and the other) and have some zany fun? Follow your feet. They will never ever lead you wrong. Whenever, however, wherever they take you be exceedingly present IF you can remember to show up for your own party. If not, don't mention it. It was only a blur anyway.

Don't rant about not having what you want if you can't say where you are. Most especially in those times and circumstances you feel compelled to explain.

To hell with explanation, simply be involved in the bizarre event 100% physically, mentally and emotionally, but have no attachment or identification in the matter. You must never ever let yourself get so fixed and cemented that you can’t turn on a dime.

Right up to the last second remind yourself, you can change your mind. Nothing is cemented. Nothing! It’s whatever you feel like doing at the moment. If you like it a lot, do it more than 20 times. Don't explain, just do it again. Your feet are the barometers of your true feeling in any matter. If they say go, go; if they say stay, stay. Don’t argue with them.

They know things you don’t. Relax. Kick back; enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

You are where you are because of every glorious step that you have ever taken to bring you here. HERE. NOW, this instant. {With all of its problems and dilemmas} Every single element in every single event of your existence had something to do with it.

But, you are not those things. You are beyond the comprehension of the totality of those things. “…Before Abraham was; I am…’ You could not have done one thing differently. It all fits together in the cosmic scheme of things.

The path you are on will force you to wake up and celebrate the gift of life in all of its colored distorted ‘ugly’ manifestations. {Whether it be a good place or not, you can not discern.} For the bald truth is you can not participate in the experience and interpret it at the same time.

The best you can do is be where your body is positioned at the moment filled with unspeakable passion to see it through. All of it; every last parched remnant of the human experience. The funny ironic thing is: we’re all walking upon a precipice without ever having geared up. That’s when BARE feet tell the tale.

They KNOW the terrain without question or hesitation.

The Female Perogative

I am What I Am
I am What I Am


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