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Jupiter: King Daddy of the Astrological Ninth House

Updated on June 23, 2011

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Bet The Car!

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“…Is That All There Is My Friend, Then Let’s Keep On Dancing…” as sung by the incomparable Peggy Lee; the words spell out the insufferabe lack of concern fever in the 9th House. “Show me something worth looking at.” Sets the ‘hard to impress’ state of affairs.

Jupiter, the king daddy of disinterest supposedly rules the natural 9th house by default. Rightly so.

But let’s veer a little closer into the wizard's box of goodies. There, we just might find an interesting paradox. First of all, before we do, find the house where Sagittarius is selling tickets to the cosmic esoteric show.

Next, locate the Santa Claus Persona (Jupiter). Where is he hanging out? Just make a mental note of these two highly important integral parts to the puzzle. We’ll get back to them, later. Maybe…

Blessing, ah! What a beautiful word. So they say. But I say who determines the acidity of the blessing stew? Blessings; same word with an additional letter tacked on the end. [Such a different form of the same force; interesting, yes?]

It is said in astrological circles of merit and decree that Jupiter is in charge of dispersing the gifts in this magnification department.

At the same time, if you harbor any resentment, bitterness or unexpressed animosity toward another person, he will also magnify that. And, let us not even mention weight issues. (Whatever weighs heavy on the mind will undoubtedly weigh obtrusively heavy on the scales.)

Unless you have a divine passion for living, get out of the game is more on the tone of what he expresses. You’ll either carry your own baggage or you’ll miss the train bound for nowhere. OH! Did I say nowhere? I’m afraid I did.

That’s what Jupiter knows that you don’t. It’s a lot of hullabaloo for nothing. If you get in touch with the ancient art of Feng Shui, it'll bring much more benefit and satiety. You must learn to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Cease thinking there is some grand event that is coming in the future that is going to bring you ultimate joy. No such thing. The grand thing you seek is found within the depths of your very own blemish-less soul. It has no need or desire for the bright lights of the city.

The soul is gentle, kind, unassuming and without guile. So too, must you conduct yourself in this manner. 1, 2, 3, 4, and back again Is this right?

The major point understated in the 9th house is: you are the reflection of your soul’s thirst for pure raw unadulterated experience. Where is it found? {In the eyes of your so called enemy or the most unbearable event you ever lived through.}

"Be Where Your Feet Are" so dictates the ninth house, but Jupiter carries it one step further, and, declares openly at a full volume melodramatic ‘spit in your face’ voice, don’t count your blessings, either.

Why would the planet of benevolence say something so bizarre? Because by counting you are comparing! Not allowed.

Did anyone ever tell you that you are a god in the making, a master of divine essence? Well, you are. And, because you are there are certain perks that go along with sacred territory. This is an unprecedented honor bestowed on all mortals, worthy or not.

The ninth house declares you are invincible! But, the dark human side of that is, you don’t believe it.

You conduct your life in such a mousy/squirrelly fashion; no one would ever suspect your sacred omnificent heritage. Your ruthless soul (Jupiter disguised as a male braggart and female seductress) is forced to witness you in operation as you pretend to be helpless, hopeless, penniless, loveless, and scared of your own shadow.

Life's possibilities are staggering. We are continuously confronted with incomparable choices which by one bat of an eye lash, the course appears to change. However nothing ever changes except the seasons. "People don't change; seasons do." If we would but stop momentarily to reflect on the indisputable fact that the water is always returning to the source, we would surely recognize our exalted potential in motion.

Divine impregnation of creative ideas steadily flow without interruption. Be still and receive them...

What is the sign on your ninth house? How do you act out these convincing scenarios? What is the planet ruing the 9th house? Where is that planet located? So who do you use to secure your devious willfully crafted schemes? {The plot thickens}

She (He In disguise) has to see you connive to control people and situations, lie to accumulate more material possessions for yourself and family and seek to possess position, fame, fortune and power so that you raise yourself up a notch.

It’s truly a pitiful sight!

All of your subconscious fears, doubts, insecurities, suspicions, worries, ghosts, inhibitions, shadows, along with the ability to lie, cheat, steal, and kill don on your immobilized imposter face snugly plastered by a caring smile.

You even attend church to show publicly what a benevolent person you are! Until the severe lessons of personal superficiality are exposed and dealt with the buck stops here. Jupiter pulls the reigns by giving you more of what you think you want, but really don’t.

Jupiter has nothing whatsoever to with solidarity. Those, who, unjustly believe he has, are sorely mistaken. Jupiter is all about getting something for nothing, taking the easy way, using others for personal gain and benefit, going the fastest, having the shiniest, doing the most in the least amount of time and waving farewell to the do-gooders on his way to the local horse races.(Or foot ball game, etc.) If aint fun, he damn sure aint going to do it!

Anyplace he doesn’t have to toil by the sweat of his brow is where he’ll be kicked back under a shade tree or fishing. Redemption? From what? He’s a REAL player; no need to be redeemed.

He serves himself first, foremost and always. It’s everyman for himself. Cast him down, thwart, divert, lure and sabotage him and he will make a game out of it. As ironic as it may sound, it is this house alone is where the true treasures of the soul are discovered and used to uplift humanity. Not when you think you are doing it but in spite of you.

This is the house where all the mind games end. The demon you’ve been hiding in your basement rears up to bite you first before he is deported forever. If you are not killed (slain) by his aggressive unrelenting mocking, sarcasm, and injurious words of debasement, you will rise to ecstasy in victory. And, laugh like a mad man in the process.

Did I also mention Jupiter loves to laugh?

Always remember and never forget: You can not co-habituate with Jupiter. He spots a phony before you can open your mouth. He’ll flee quicker than a rabbit in hot pursuit if you try to force him to entertain you.

No longer can you sing that same old song to him about how you don’t think you are good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, savvy enough, rich enough or sexy enough. Lies. All lies.

The demon of your false personality (he’s sporting) is the author of lies/ deceit and as long as you harbor him like a fugitive he will destroy you with his incessant pleas of recognition and constant desire for more to try to satisfy him. It’s all a hoax. You can’t satisfy him. He (Jupiter) already has everything, silly!

You must beat him at his own game. Jacks are wild, double or nothing!


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One For The Money, Two For The Show Three To Get Ready Now, Blow Cat Blow!

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