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Treatment for Indigestion to Relief Painful Heartburn

Updated on March 31, 2016

Indigestion also functional dyspepsia or upset stomach that has symptom like pain at chest or upper abdomen. You are suffering with pain or uncomfortable in your stomach soon after meal. Acid in your stomach flare up and maybe there is stomach inflammation or irritation. It is resulted heartburn or flatulence (fart). You can do treatment for indigestion like eat regularly, consume the right food, stop drinking coffee, and more.

Indigestion and Heartburn
Indigestion and Heartburn | Source

Indigestion Cause

Indigestion problem begin from your Lifestyle. No breakfast in the morning but only coffee and smoking, lunch with junk food like burger and pizza, drink alcohol or soft drink, always late to eat, it all the most triggers of indigestion.

Here treatments for indigestion that help you have healthy life. You can do it at home and make it as your new lifestyle.

Food Treatment for Indigestion

Consume high sugar or fat food will invite indigestion into your life. Fat food will cause heartburn and other indigestion problem. High fiber foods are the best like wheat, vegetable, and fruit. High fiber food will avoid you from constipation, diarrhea, appendicitis, and other symptoms. Nutritionist advised to consume 30-40 gram fiber every day. It is equal to two wheat bread, a cup of cereal, one potato, or a portion of beans. Consuming organic food will make your slim and healthy and release you from indigestion and painful heartburn.

Avoid hot spice food if you have problem with indigestion. Chili, red paper, and paprika will trigger peptic ulcers in your bowel. Asia people loves hot and spicy and usually got problem of diarrhea or upset stomach. Alcohol is bed for stomach. Stop drinking and get health.

Eat Regularly

Many people have bad habit like delaying to eat. Late to breakfast and meal become one of top disease trigger. Indigestion treatment is eating regularly and on time plus no excuse. Do not forget to consume fruits and vegetables. Eat moderately and not fully belly. Do not greedy about food.

Fiber food is good for indigestion
Fiber food is good for indigestion

No Milk

Warning: milk can trigger acid in your stomach and diarrhea. Lactose intolerance (body did not capable to digest lactose in milk) also found among adult people.

No Drink

Lock the mini bar at your home and stop drinking. Many people who have drinking habit will suffer stomach irritation. Drinker is high risk of indigestion problem. Drink juice and water will prolong your life.

Stop Smoking and Coffee

Smoking is also increasing the production of acid in stomach. Stop smoking is best treatment for indigestion. People who stop smoking usually got better digestion. Smoker is usually coffee lover. Coffee also stimulates acid in stomach. Just drink one cup of coffee for your best health.

Exercise Treatment

You need to exercise your stomach and digestion system. Sit-up is best exercise and do it 2 up to 3 set a day (each set is 20 push up). Walking, swimming, aerobic will help your digest system. Exercise 30 minute and 3 times in a week. Have a nice treatment for indigestion.


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