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The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks

Updated on August 29, 2014

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks . Women are designed to give birth, it is scientific that a woman can give birth until they are 49 years old, which is the maximum age for reproduction. It is natural for women to give birth, it is a token, or some would say, they are the ones who can endure the pain of labor. Some women have what we call reproductive or pregnancy risks that they have to face. The objective of this hub is to give some of the most popular pregnancy risks that women face or some risks are inherent to pregnant women because they have special circumstances. The World HealthOrganization and the United Nations Populations Fund point to maternal mortality rate as the top killer of women of reproductive ages. Some developing nations have higher mortality rate due to pregnancy complications. Some women don't even see a trained health provider when they are pregnant until they give birth. Education and empowerment of women are deemed necessary to give emphasis on proper prenatal care for women who give birth. That being said, some of the examples here that I will give are pregnancy risks which when a woman is faced with, she should be taken care of by trained medical persons or birth attendants. All pregnant women should by the way avail of the services of a trained medical practitioner and it should be intensive for women with complications.

I hope this hub "The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks" helps you in a way and enjoy your pregnancy.

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risk 1 -- Too Many Children

  • This kind of reproductive risks specify that when a woman has many children already, she is robbed of personal time for herself. There is what we call maternal depletion of nutrients and health. Although women are destined to have as many children until they reach their maximum age of reproductive years, too many children can put a toll in their physical wellness and relaxation. How about time for their husbands and time to enjoy extra curricular activities for their personal well being?
  • When you have many children the uterine lining become very thin and there is the danger of miscarriage. Too much too soon at times also exacerbates the condition of the reproductive uterus and organs of the mother.
  • The facts is that children are gift to some extent but financially and the time allotted for each children so that they have the full enjoyment and care is directly proportional to the time of parents to take care of the needs of their children,
  • That is why it is very important for new parents to plan according to their reproductive health plan on the number of children to have.

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risk 2-- Too Soon -- Short Birth Intervals --

  • This is the same as too many children although if you give birth, year in and out, the body of the woman is depleted of the necessary nutrients to have another baby. The uterus should rest so that it will be healthy, same as when the mother has many children, she doesn't have time to take care of other things like personal well being, Happy relationship with the husbands is also commensurate to the time together, quality time. Sometimes a mother goes breastfeeding while carrying a baby and the nutrients she have is not enough for the demands of too many children.

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risk 3 -- Other medical complications like Diabetes, heart problems and High Blood pressure problems or other major illness like breast cancer etc.

  • This is obvious, once you have these critical conditions a medical prenatal check up which is intensive is needed or you decide whether you really like to have a baby at that point. This is too risky for both the mother and the baby.

CONTINUATION - The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks 4 -- Placenta previa

  • According to wikipedia is an "obstetric complication in which the placenta is attached to the uterine wall close to or covering the cervix. It can sometimes occur in the later part of the first trimester, but usually during the second or third. It is a leading cause of ante partum hemorrhage like vaginal bleeding and it affects approximately 0.5% of all labors".

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks 5 -- Ectopic pregnancy

  • A normal pregnancy begins with a fertilized egg and usually -- the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. In an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants somewhere else along the female reproductive areas.

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks 6 -- Uterine prolapse

  • Although this is a rare occurrences it is characterized by which the uterus is descended.What Is Uterus Prolapse? it is a condition in which "A uterus is prolapsed when it has shifted from its original position. It occurs when the connective tissue that keeps the uterus in the correct anatomical position loses its support and drops into the vagina".

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks 7 -- Age of the woman -- Too young or too old

What exactly is too young or too old, one may ask -- usually according to researches 40 and above is too old and too young is 18 and below.

  • Too young -- usually when the body is too young to carry a baby, the baby is born unhealthy or they weigh lesser. Also, the body of a young teen-ager for example is not yet ripe for pregnancy and usually, they are not ready to have a baby in their womb, an assistance from their parents on proper nutrition and prenatal care is needed
  • Too old -- 40 and above usually, the baby born to mother who are 40 and above have weight problems when they are born, and the risks of an abnormal fetus is higher as the egg in the first place are not that healthy anymore, but the cases are nil, but then, these case need extra attention and care during prenatal nutrition and check up is needed.

The Many Faces and Kinds of Pregnancy Risks 8 -- Experinced spontaneous abortion or miscarriages prior to getting pregnant again

  • When a woman has a history of miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, she should consult a health provider immediately upon knownign that she is pregnant



If a pregnancy has risks like the ones enumerated above, it is best to consult a well trained medical practitioner and a prenatal check up which is intensive is the best. Proper nutrition and caring for the pregnant mother is necessary.


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      Very good information. This will be very helpful for many who are in their child bearing years.

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      good information !