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Wild on Health - What is your Body Mass Index?

Updated on January 21, 2014
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CrisSp is your Emergency Specialist at 37 thousand feet. A writer without a niche. Wonderwoman consumed by wanderlust!

I'm fit! I'm hip! Nothing in life can defeat me. Let's go boxing!
I'm fit! I'm hip! Nothing in life can defeat me. Let's go boxing! | Source

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity"-JFK

If you were following my hub, you’d know that I just recently saw my eye-doctor for a quick check and was given a prescription for Presbyopia. And so, I am now a proud owner of a sleek pair of reading glasses. It was then followed by my annual physical check: Blood pressure, body temperature, weight, blood test for this and that, breathe -in, breathe-out, deep breathing, shallow breathing, say ahh, open your mouth big, stick out your tongue and so on and so forth. After a series of all these tests, I was finally cleared and was given a clean bill of health. I am greatly in a pink of health and that is a blessing. However, my doctor has advised me to exercise regularly to maintain my health.

Annual physical check up allow us and our doctors to review all the essential aspects of our health-our past and present medical history. It's also a good way to develop a good rapport with our doctors. I believed, we should be comfortable enough to discuss anything and everything with our personal doctors. It's always good to know things ahead of time. So, if you haven't done it yet. Go for it! It may save your life. Like a battery on my wall clock that needs checking and replacing when the season change, I go for my annual medical check up every spring time.

BMI Result
BMI Result | Source

So, determined to maintain my good health and strengthen my cardio and stamina, I went to the nearby Xplosion Fitness –right after the swim today to check their programs and boot camps for spring and summer. Let's exercise, I thought!

Here comes Mr. Muscle man brimming a wide welcoming smile, introduced himself to me and shook my hand so firmly with his broad palm that it felt like my carpus cracked. He proudly gave me a tour of the facilities and after quite a talk on the importance of maintaining a healthy life style; gave me a free assessment of my BMI (Body Mass Index). According to him: “For your information (FYI), your body mass index (BMI) is pretty darn important (PDI)”. –chuckles.

Now, what’s a BMI? In layman’s’ term, BMI is a calculation that uses your height and weight to estimate how much body fat you have. Too much body fat is a problem because it can lead to illnesses and other health problems. My goal is nothing aesthetics but simply to keep a healthy body, considering my age. Ahm, did I say age?

Okay, cut the long story short, I was asked for my age, weight, height and telephone number. Alright, not the telephone number (:- Kidding aside, BMI is calculated by getting the body weight divided by the square of an individual’s height. So, mine goes like this:

Age: Let’s skip this part. Shall we?

Weigh: 110 lbs

Height: 5’4

Gender: Female (Of course)

Average weight for my age and height should be: 128.8 lbs.

Obviously, I am underweight and the machine says- “Fat to gain: 9.6 lbs”

I guess there’s no need for me to enroll (for now). So, I thank Mr. Muscle man for his time and for showing me around and then I marathoned to the parking lot where my dirty TJ (my car’s name) was waiting for me. Happy to know that I can still afford desserts or at least a bar of my favorite snicker chocolate. It comforts the way my masterpeace does. Yes, the ultimate indulgence!

Money saved for not paying the Gym membership and enrollment fees: $180

A clean bill of health: Priceless!

On the Global fat scale, my result says: "I'm more likely to be someone from Ethiopia." See below and to find out where you stand on the Global Fat Scale, click here: Global Fat Scale Test

Current | Source

Guilty pleasure

My favorite Snicker bar chocolate-nothing beats it!
My favorite Snicker bar chocolate-nothing beats it! | Source

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© 2012 CrisSp


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