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    Autumn of Despair

    5 years ago

    This poem represents the authors’ dwelling of some vexatious urges in mind and the influence of nature that help change the mood to create, all while the beast is asleep.

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    5 years ago

    It's hard to be anything else when all your effort to love and be loved is misconstrued. Where do broken hearts go?

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    Nightmare in the Den (Wake Me up When It’s All Over)

    4 years ago

    Instinct is something you just know or sense. How would you interpret the writer’s nightmare?

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    In Love, Maybe?

    3 years ago

    We all fall in love sometimes…stay beautiful.

  • Anecdotes of a Drunken Buddy

    Anecdotes of a Drunken Buddy

    6 years ago

    Now that the holiday season is soon approaching, be mindful of your alcohol consumption. Be a responsible drinker. Most importantly, Don't Drink and Drive.

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    Tailored Scripts

    6 years ago

    Manipulation, exploitation and a struggle to cover up to keep a relationship. How far can you go or stay?

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    The Not-So Brief Hiatus

    18 months ago

    All troubles are temporary. They will all pass and the best is yet to come.

  • The Last Flight~

    The Last Flight~

    8 years ago

    For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.~Leonardo da Vinci

  • Today, I Am Your Poem

    Today, I Am Your Poem

    8 years ago

    You know my name but you don’t know me, my soul’s true north and my true colour. How far will you go to find out? Come a bit closer, I’ll let you in a little secret.

  • The allegory of a spiritual journey~

    The allegory of a spiritual journey~

    8 years ago

    Voyage, travel, changing direction and finding your inner world.

  • Waldorf Salad Recipe - Quick and Healthy

    Waldorf Salad Recipe - Quick and Healthy

    8 years ago

    With only three basic ingredients: apples, celery and mayonnaise. Waldorf salad is not only delicious, it is also a much healthier bet when you get bored of just plain apple.

  • The Zealous Eagle

    The Zealous Eagle

    7 years ago

    Why be afraid of staking out to the new frontier when we know the possibilities are unlimited? Why not spread our wings and fly like an eagle?

  • The Invisible War

    The Invisible War

    8 years ago

    On life and struggle…faith and fear. Is there a room to stay or a place to hide?

  • Simple Pleasures and Random Quirks~

    Simple Pleasures and Random Quirks~

    6 years ago

    Do you have some addictions or random quirks that you won't admit? I do and yes they are weird. Thus, I am.

  • Sleep Walk into Death

    Sleep Walk into Death

    8 years ago

    Things happen when you’re sleep deprived…

  • Small Town’s Hidden Gem-The Lavender Farm

    Small Town’s Hidden Gem-The Lavender Farm

    6 years ago

    Home, nature, adventure and finding a piece of paradise that smells so divine...

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    Home vs House: Welcome To My Crib!

    6 years ago

    "You don't need a big home. You need a good table to sit at, a good bed to sleep in, a view and a great bottle of wine. After all, it isn't the grand things in life that can keep us happy."~Pierce B.

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    Behind The Smiley Face

    8 years ago

    So I ask you, in a world so fragile... what assurance do we have that love will stay forever?

  • Practical Ways to Deal with Frustrations

    Practical Ways to Deal with Frustrations

    8 years ago

    Frustrations will teach you the art of letting go. Be patient but deal with it.~

  • Selfie and the Imperfect Me!

    Selfie and the Imperfect Me!

    8 years ago

    I yawn. I stretch. I paint. This is my kind of selfie. ~

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    A Sketch of Her Life

    8 years ago

    Life story in brief...

  • 41

    The Deadly Hypothermia

    9 years ago

    Hypothermia or the exposure to extreme cold can be fatal. However, it is a condition that can be prevented. Early detection is important. Know the signs and symptoms. Know your first aid.

  • It's her Birthday!

    It's her Birthday!

    7 years ago

    Birthdays...the rites of passage. How do you celebrate?

  • Baked Ravioli: 4 Easy Steps, 4 Basic Ingredients

    Baked Ravioli: 4 Easy Steps, 4 Basic Ingredients

    8 years ago

    With 4 easy to follow steps and 4 basic ingredients. This is a winner!

  • Homemade Biscuits - 6 Easy Steps

    Homemade Biscuits - 6 Easy Steps

    9 years ago

    Nothing beats homemade and this one is ready in 15 minutes! Great for breakfast and snacks!

  • By The Fireside~

    By The Fireside~

    8 years ago

    Here's to reviving hope and hope there is! Let's keep the faith.

  • Easy Chicken Stir Fry (with sesame seeds)

    Easy Chicken Stir Fry (with sesame seeds)

    8 years ago

    Fast. Easy. Nutritious. Delicious!

  • The Homecoming

    The Homecoming

    9 years ago

    Down the stream of life popped out an invitation to attend my Alma Mater’s Golden year. Exciting indeed and evoke some memories. Unfortunately, I am miles away from home and so, I’ll celebrate in spirit instead.

  • Brutal loneliness hit me today!

    Brutal loneliness hit me today!

    9 years ago

    Losing someone you love regardless of the nature and even in the most subtle way is heartbreaking and no matter how long has it been, there will always be a part of your heart that will forever hold the love and the pain that comes along with the experience. I hope this hub brings comfort to the...

  • French Toast in a Minute

    French Toast in a Minute

    9 years ago

    What better way to salvage your day old bread than to turn it into a yummy and nutritious breakfast – French Toast!

  • No Bake Blueberry Pie in 3 Easy Steps

    No Bake Blueberry Pie in 3 Easy Steps

    9 years ago

    “Have blueberries whenever you are low – destiny will change and you will be high” ~Adam Voichester

  • Tangled In a Crime of Passion~

    Tangled In a Crime of Passion~

    9 years ago

    Arranged marriage, where hopes, aspirations and affections are not that important than money and family tradition. And, what form of horrific revenge awaits the woman who rejects the offer?

  • Memento Mori

    Memento Mori

    8 years ago

    Life, live it now because no one knows what happens when we die. And death, the most inevitable thing we are all afraid to speak of, when it happens, accept it. Embrace it. Embrace the mystery of the unknown. You can take it slow but accept it. Memento Mori.

  • I fall for Niagara Falls

    I fall for Niagara Falls

    8 years ago

    The thundering beauty of Niagara Falls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States is a MUST experience! ~

  • Gluten-Free Brownies in 5 Easy Steps

    Gluten-Free Brownies in 5 Easy Steps

    9 years ago

    Rich, nutty, decadent!

  • 56

    Sugar Babies - What's Your Price Tag?

    4 years ago

    A new culture is trending everywhere. It may sound fun, helpful and playful but it’s simply prostitution disguised by another term, “sugar baby”.

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    Coffee Enema for Detox?

    9 years ago

    Many holistic physicians recommend coffee enema for internal cleansing purposes, particularly in the liver detoxification. Would you consider doing it?

  • Love In The Time Of Cholera~

    Love In The Time Of Cholera~

    9 years ago

    Love comes with sacrifices but at the end of it all, if one is willing to do so, love will return and will be returned and in the pursuit of winning that love awaits a new meaning in life.

  • In A Cocoon Of Idleness~

    In A Cocoon Of Idleness~

    8 years ago

    Spellbinding thoughts on life, which sometimes can be shady with many struggles and hardships. Don’t give up easily. Just move forward for HE ordained our fate. Let fate silence.

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    Reasons to love bald(ing) guys~

    9 years ago

    Baldness is not something very pleasant for everyone and much as I personally find it sexy not many men would want to be bald....

  • The Abyssal Zone~

    The Abyssal Zone~

    9 years ago

    Enjoy life. Employ life. It flits away and will not stay. ~

  • The restless voice~ A Poem

    The restless voice~ A Poem

    10 years ago

    A solitary craft of some sentimental lines in the middle of the night. Here's to the dewey-eyed night owls out there! Hello!

  • Quick Chicken Barbeque Recipe

    Quick Chicken Barbeque Recipe

    6 years ago

    Home grilling to perfection with this low budget creative chicken marinade that will surely rise to the top of your favorites. It’s delectable! You’ll love it. I promise!

  • Arctic Island Mist 1 - Book Review

    Arctic Island Mist 1 - Book Review

    8 years ago

    We all tumble and fall but what matter most is how we rise up back on our feet again and learn from our mistakes. This is a story of a man who once in his life had everything only to find himself completely broken because of the wrong choices he made in life.

  • Entwined In The Sea of Love~

    Entwined In The Sea of Love~

    10 years ago

    This is an American haiku capturing a pretty enticing mid-summer night dream expressed in a somnolent mood. Purely fictional hasty of imagination in a progressive poetic verse.

  • Dirty Things People Do On The Airplane~

    Dirty Things People Do On The Airplane~

    9 years ago

    Grooming, hygiene and the customary mode of acting in public. What's your take?

  • The White-Framed Door

    The White-Framed Door

    8 years ago

    After so much soul-searching, I realized quite simply that some things are not meant to be and some are better left unsaid. Here's to moving on because tomorrow will be better.~

  • The Gift of NOW~

    The Gift of NOW~

    9 years ago

    Turning 18 is considered major transition in life towards adulthood - where most major changes in life happens. Here's to celebrate a special 18th birthday and the gift of now.

  • Inspirational: Paying it Forward

    Inspirational: Paying it Forward

    9 years ago

    Paying it forward: Restore your faith to humanity by practicing kindness and little acts of beauty. You'll feel GOOD about it but what matter most is how other people will feel GREAT about it.~

  • Housekeeping 101: 5 Important Things You Need To Replace In Your House As Often As Necessary

    Housekeeping 101: 5 Important Things You Need To Replace In Your House As Often As Necessary

    8 years ago

    House clean. Heart clean! And, for a much healthier living, here are five important items in your house that you should consider replacing as often as necessary.

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    How to Remove an Insect From Your Ear

    20 months ago

    Is there something creepy, crawly, and buzzing in your ear? It might be an insect. This technique will help you safely remove an insect from your ear.

  • She Wept On Mother's Day~

    She Wept On Mother's Day~

    8 years ago

    A poem about a mother trying to cling for hope despite her hurting heart…

  • Why I don't eat pork?

    Why I don't eat pork?

    9 years ago

    Pork, apparently is the tastiest meat of all. It makes a good meal and can fill your belly. But is it healthy? Are you well informed about the harmful effects of eating pork?

  • Finding A Muse - A Starbucks Experience

    Finding A Muse - A Starbucks Experience

    4 years ago

    One of the most important parts of our creative process is finding a muse in our everyday lives. Today, I found mine at Starbucks (inside Chapters Bookstore). You? Where do you find your muse?

  • Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)~

    Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)~

    9 years ago

    Standing so vain and regal again. Say hello to Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) as they bloom again in the season of beginnings we call spring time. ~crisSp♥

  • My Love Affair With Spring~

    My Love Affair With Spring~

    8 years ago

    Like butterflies in Spring, poetry awakens the spirit, stirs the imagination and explores the possibilities with each stroke of its rhythmic wings. ~Jamie Lynn Morris

  • April Rain

    April Rain

    6 years ago

    April rain comes pouring with blessings for a new awakening. Enjoy it with a grateful heart.

  • 78

    The Healing Power of Dandelion Tea

    4 years ago

    Did you know that next to water, tea is the world’s second most commonly consumed beverage?

  • Poem: Time Alone

    Poem: Time Alone

    8 years ago

    Personal reflection: We all need some time to be alone...

  • 33

    Diversity-We Aspire to Inspire! (The Flight Attendants' Voice)

    9 years ago

    Diversity defined as the inclusion of different types of people of various races or cultures in a group or organization. This poem is dedicated to equality and to embracing diversity at work. Enjoy!

  • How to prevent choking in children – First Aid

    How to prevent choking in children – First Aid

    9 years ago

    Choking is a breathing emergency, which is usually a result of injury or illness. It is when our normal breathing function is constricted due to blocking of the airways to the lungs, as with food or other foreign objects. It can cause death. So, know what to do in case of emergency.

  • The Catfish~

    The Catfish~

    9 years ago

    A poem about a con artist- a person who swindles by means of deception. They exploit the confidence of their victim and like a catfish, they are ferocious and can become a major alien pest in the pond.

  • A Valentine Special: The Rose~

    A Valentine Special: The Rose~

    9 years ago

    The Rose-grown across the world and the most popular flower of love. It is a symbol of beauty and exists in various colors, sizes and fragrance with its universal attribute: thorny.

  • The Arrival Of Middle Age~

    The Arrival Of Middle Age~

    7 years ago

    Aging - the course of growing old is a natural process of life. Are you prepared to confront reality when old age arrives? Are you anxious or so ready to go with the flow in which the natural order becomes the reversed?

  • Destination: Roatan, Honduras

    Destination: Roatan, Honduras

    8 years ago

    Roatan is known for its pristine beaches mostly located in the lush landscape and tranquil setting and well-known divers paradise with over a hundred diving sites. Life in this island is relaxed, soothing and peaceful.

  • 2013 ~ The New Year

    2013 ~ The New Year

    10 years ago

    Here comes the passage of another twelve-months. On the stroke of midnight, cast your reformation. Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

  • Easy Cheesy Chicken Macaroni Salad

    Easy Cheesy Chicken Macaroni Salad

    10 years ago

    Chicken macaroni salad is a staple side dish for most Filipino households especially on Christmas and New Year. However, it is also perfect for picnics and family gatherings. It is also great with barbeque and other grilled foods.

  • How to support the children and the youth after a crisis event~

    How to support the children and the youth after a crisis event~

    9 years ago

    The shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut shocked and saddened us. Our thoughts and prayers for the families and for those who died. I can’t imagine the sorrow and pain those families will have to bear for the rest of their lives, specially that it happened ten...

  • The Christmas Show (Without You)

    The Christmas Show (Without You)

    9 years ago

    Christmas, indeed is the most wonderful time of the year but while we are all having fun and enjoying the season, we can not ignore the memories of the past with our loved ones who are no longer with us either demised or simply gone to a different direction in life. It can be painful and so to...

  • Aging Graciously~

    Aging Graciously~

    8 years ago

    Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90...time is a concept that humans created. One thing is for sure, I'm well past my legal age and I'm smiling.

  • HOW To Sing-A-Long

    HOW To Sing-A-Long

    8 years ago

    Does it really have to hurt to be human? This may be considered a very hypothetical question but to enlighten us a bit in a most gentle way, here’s a look at how some of our favorite music can affect us humans and how this artistic renditions of love towards humanity can change the life we live and...

  • To the Girl Who Made Her Cry~

    To the Girl Who Made Her Cry~

    6 years ago

    Who would understand the challenges of a mother and the choices that her daughter (or son) makes? This poem quite expressed in free verse is an expression of a mother's loving sentiments and of her tender heart's longing for some answers from questions she doesn't even remember now, simply because...

  • Life As A Flight Attendant

    Life As A Flight Attendant

    8 years ago

    A career as a Flight Attendant is very competitive and advancement takes more time. Well, this is because flight attendants mostly remain in their jobs for a longer period of time and simply because they love their job. So, what does it take to become a flight attendant?

  • I Am A Writer (Without A Niche)

    I Am A Writer (Without A Niche)

    8 years ago

    I am a writer. I play with words to express myself and sing my soul. I love the art of shaping words. I am a writer. I write to reach out what my hands cannot reach.~CrisSp

  • Quick Recipe: Left Over Turkey Soup

    Quick Recipe: Left Over Turkey Soup

    4 years ago

    For a warm and nourishing meal, here is a quick comforting soup using your left over turkey with some basic ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge and pantry. Enjoy!

  • 76

    Grace of November (A Poem)

    4 years ago

    The grace of November comes with gray skies and pouring rain, grief and discomfort and all that mess. But, this is simply a passage of time and all will be well in just a matter of time.

  • 88

    How to Make Homemade Perfume

    4 years ago

    Your favorite fragrance can tell a lot about your personality: romantic, adventurous, flirtatious, fashionable, sensual, woodsy, or mysterious. So why not try mixing your own signature fragrance?

  • Jukebox and Nostalgia: Pay-per-Tune of the Century

    Jukebox and Nostalgia: Pay-per-Tune of the Century

    10 years ago

    Do you remember that coin-operated music-playing device that plays a selection of songs from self-contained media? It’s called “Nickelodeon” or most commonly known as “Jukebox”.

  • Wounds of the Past, Heal now I say!

    Wounds of the Past, Heal now I say!

    9 years ago

    This hub is meant to enlighten and remind us to let go....let go of that excruciating pain, let go of those who have hurt us or whatever hurt us. It's time to bury their thoughts and live, just breathe...breathe at the moment. The past was dead, you're not. Bear in mind that, "if God brings you to...

  • 18

    Fall Activities for Teens

    8 years ago

    Mission: Teens-in-Action This Fall. This is no "hunger game" with shiny apples, bright pumpkins and craze maze! Get out and go! Have fun with your teens this fall! Take advantage of the crisp fall weather and appreciate the beauty of the vivid falling leaves and harvest time while teaching the...

  • How to Roast a Turkey - 10 Easy Steps

    How to Roast a Turkey - 10 Easy Steps

    9 years ago

    It's that time of the year again! Are you ready for your turkey? Here's a no sweat, very straight forward procedure on how to get that tender, juicy roasted turkey with no muss, no fuss and a lot less mess. This glorious, crispy brown succulent roasted turkey will definitely be the center of...

  • Happiness Redeemed  ~ Haiku Style

    Happiness Redeemed ~ Haiku Style

    9 years ago

    Fall is one of the four temperate seasons, when the arrival of the night becomes noticeably earlier and the wind gets colder. It signals transition from summer into winter. It is the most colorful season of the year, when we experience leaves from the trees transformed into a rainbow of colors...

  • 41

    There's a Story Behind Every Love Song~

    4 years ago

    Song lyrics especially love songs are usually drawn from real life with real details of life. It has the magical ability to influence us and vice-versa. It is a gift from God to be able to write a song. It comes from the writer’s feelings just like in any other forms of writing and behind every...

  • The Rhythm and Blues of House Cleaning~

    The Rhythm and Blues of House Cleaning~

    8 years ago

    Household chores, dust the surface, mop the floor, wash the dishes, dispose the rubbish for many is quite a burden but it’s a part of life one cannot escape. Keeping your home hygienic and presentable could sometimes feel like a daunting task. But don’t despair, you can make it less complicated...

  • Poem: Vanished...

    Poem: Vanished...

    9 years ago

    Here’s hoping to bring readers comfort while missing their pets and feeling as though they are still around. And, in honor of our cat Oreo, who left without goodbye but will stay in our hearts with cheerfulness. We hope you are still breathing and in good hands.

  • Haiku ~ First Attempt

    Haiku ~ First Attempt

    8 years ago

    While some of us go for a walk to find inspirations to write a poem, I found my inspiration at my own backyard on haiku style.

  • Those Passionate Eyes~

    Those Passionate Eyes~

    8 years ago

    Dramatic poetry comes in specific situation and involved emotions. This hub is passionately crafted with more than just that. It comes with lustiness and excitement that is not necessarily by the author. Despite the longing, "Those Passionate Eyes" depict a beautiful feeling in a relationship that...

  • Meaningful Life~

    Meaningful Life~

    8 years ago

    Thoughts to ponder: "Too many people buy things they don't need with money they don't have, trying to impress people they don't even like" ~ This is an inspirational hub dedicated to all the social climbers in the world. You were part of the inspiration to pen this poem and I wish you all enough,...

  • The Cape Cod Experience, Massachusetts

    The Cape Cod Experience, Massachusetts

    8 years ago

    Join me in my summer trip to Cape Cod and discover the beauty of this quaint American town in Massachusetts. Located in the eastern most portion of the state of Massachusetts in the region of the New England, USA, Cape Cod boast about its abundant marine life and pristine beaches. See the lobsters...

  • No-bake, Low-fat Strawberry Cheesecake

    No-bake, Low-fat Strawberry Cheesecake

    9 years ago

    Did you know? Strawberry lovers are noted to be health conscious, fun loving, intelligent and happy people, whereas, those who dislike strawberry are described as boring, weird, stuffy, picky, fussy eaters who avoid healthy foods. And, this recipe is pure divine. Oh, so heavenly!

  • Chalk Talk: 5 Great Uses of Chalks

    Chalk Talk: 5 Great Uses of Chalks

    8 years ago

    I always have a box of chalk kept underneath the kitchen sink and laundry room. When my daughter asked me why do I keep them and for what, the answers made me hub instead. So, here goes. Let the chalk talk! P.S. Infused with humor.

  • This Pretty Black Dress (Sorting Out Life, One Load at a Time)

    This Pretty Black Dress (Sorting Out Life, One Load at a Time)

    6 years ago

    An inspirational journal entry while sorting out life one load at a time, where the author takes you to her journey in the laundry room and leaving you to ponder and set your mood for a joyous task of doing your laundry. Pour your heart out, be cheerful. Strive to be happy!

  • When Darkness Reigns~

    When Darkness Reigns~

    8 years ago

    Dug from an old journal, this was written during one of the author's moments of longing and feeling of desolation. That moment has long been buried but the diary remains.

  • How To Remove Bloodstain on your Bedsheet

    How To Remove Bloodstain on your Bedsheet

    6 years ago

    What could be the most cost effective and environmentally safe solution to remove the bloodstain on your bed sheet? Your own saliva! Yes, you read it right. It's your own saliva. Read more...

  • Marriage: 25 Years and Still Juicy!

    Marriage: 25 Years and Still Juicy!

    4 years ago

    Written based on the author's personal account, may this article serve to contribute and prove that marriage can stay fresh over time.

  • Outer Space: Another Day of Flying High

    Outer Space: Another Day of Flying High

    9 years ago

    "Another Day of Flying High" - based on the author's true account as a Flight Attendant; twisted and expressed with boisterous merriment. Enjoy your flight!

  • Wackiest Dog Names

    Wackiest Dog Names

    6 years ago

    This hub was inspired and coarsely scribbled from a four hour ferry flight to Kingston, Jamaica, where fellow FA's were excitedly sharing stories about their pups and the story behind naming them. No matter what you name your beloved pet, there’s always a good story behind how you came out with the...

  • 30

    The Kingdom of Bahrain

    8 years ago

    Bahrain-a place of culture, tradition, history and of experience for a lifetime!

  • 93

    How To Recycle Orange Peels

    5 years ago

    Orange peels–don’t just toss them in the garbage or compost bin. Recycle them! Here are some ideas that are proven helpful and environmentally friendly.

  • Cat Poop Coffee - the most expensive in the world

    Cat Poop Coffee - the most expensive in the world

    7 years ago

    Did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world cost around $30 per cup and is made from animal poop?

  • Fashion Faux Pas on Low-Waist Jeans

    Fashion Faux Pas on Low-Waist Jeans

    8 years ago

    Did you know that low-waist jeans originated as a signal of being Homosexual? Prisoners in the US wore low-waist, now famously called low-rise jeans to signal their willingness for sex.

  • 35

    Love: A Mother-Daughter Legacy

    9 years ago

    A mother and daughter relationship may be complex at times yet a special one. Here's a legacy from my mom that I am now passing on to my own daughters. Don't miss the video at the bottom of the hub.

  • 18

    Korean Dish: Japchae

    9 years ago

    Oh, for the love of noodles, this Korean sweet potato noodle is a must taste! Japchae is made with sweet potato noodles mixed with a variety of colorful vegetables. Sometimes served with beef, flavoured with soy sauce and sweetened with sugar.It is usually served garnished with sesame seeds and may...

  • HubPages: Dreaming and Awakening

    HubPages: Dreaming and Awakening

    9 years ago

    Inspired by the author's actual experience. Is it astral though or some lucid dreams?

  • My closet, My life~

    My closet, My life~

    10 years ago

    Our closets reflect our personalities-the kind of person we are. My closet is packed with colorful, sassy pieces. I believed, what's in our closet defines our personalities. You? What's in your closet?

  • Reflection~


    8 years ago

    Reflection this lent is seeing the life that I have envisioned, abundant, full of joy and promises, surrounded by family and friends.

  • Sky Service: Random Act of Kindness and The Unexpected Recognition

    Sky Service: Random Act of Kindness and The Unexpected Recognition

    10 years ago

    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius. I am a Flight Attendant and I love my job!

  • How to save money on gas~

    How to save money on gas~

    9 years ago

    Are you an aggressive or moderate driver? EFFECTIVE DRIVING HABITS - SAVE MONEY, SAVE GAS, SAVE LIFE. Quick tips on saving gas money and staying on the budget.

  • 25

    Royal Dessert - Spotted Dick Anyone?

    10 years ago

    Spotted Dick is a famous British dessert made of eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla, flour, milk and currant or raisins. Rich in calories. Made in heaven. It's perfect with any kind of tea.

  • Cafe' Talk: Family Matters

    Cafe' Talk: Family Matters

    6 years ago

    Are we really living in a donkey’s year now that family matter doesn’t really matter anymore? As grown ups, how important is your family to you? More specifically, are your aging parents included in your plan? How close or distant are you with your own family?

  • Sociopath - Disguised As An Angel

    Sociopath - Disguised As An Angel

    9 years ago

    Quick facts about sociopaths: They are characterized by superficial charm, lying, manipulative, lack of remorse/guilt, being emotionally shallow, and lack of empathy, failure to accept responsibility for own actions.

  • Debit Card Fraud-How To Protect Yourself

    Debit Card Fraud-How To Protect Yourself

    8 years ago

    You avoid the internet scams but what about the hands-on scam? Debit and credit card fraud is now becoming rampant and epidemic. Know your consumer protection rights if you become a victim. Debit card fraud is globally on the rise. Protect yourself!

  • Wild on Health - What is your Body Mass Index?

    Wild on Health - What is your Body Mass Index?

    10 years ago

    Annual physical check up allow us and our doctor to review all the essential aspects of our health-our past and present medical history. It's also a good way to develop a good rapport with our doctor. You should be comfortable enough to discuss anything and everything with your personal doctor. I...

  • Toronto: The Subway Experience

    Toronto: The Subway Experience

    9 years ago

    Commuting via public transit is a fun way to explore and enjoy the citys' best. It also promotes healthy living! So, come join me experience Toronto's best - The Subway!

  • Vision Perfection - Early signs of Presbyopia

    Vision Perfection - Early signs of Presbyopia

    7 years ago

    As the old cliche' "prevention is always better than cure". Eye problems, if not detected early could be a signal of a more serious eye concerns or impairment. Don't delay, see your eye doctor immediately!

  • Tail of winter

    Tail of winter

    8 years ago

    Toronto is Canada's largest city and the capital of Ontario, located northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Winter in the city, which starts from December and usually ends by early March is cold and often snowy. Daytime temperatures in December, January and February are normally at or below 0C, while...

  • Weekend without my iphone~

    Weekend without my iphone~

    8 years ago

    To stay focused, I created a vision board for myself. I try to stay positive each day by looking at my vision board, placed on the wall by the foot of my bed. This vision board is the first thing I see in the morning. At night, before I sleep, I look at my vision board and then I pray. It's a...

  • Happiness from Masterpiece to Masterpeace

    Happiness from Masterpiece to Masterpeace

    9 years ago

    This unique masterpiece was created to pave away sadness and emptiness due to life's tremendous drama. Finished on a canvas, this work of art gives me great pleasure in that joyful face and glorious silent voice that says, life is short. Enjoy it. Appreciate the joy of living!


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