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Anxiety and Bipolar

Updated on May 7, 2011

Anxiety and Bipolar

Feeling anxious? Shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, claustrophobia, and blurred vision are all common symptoms associated with anxiety however what causes anxiety? Research shows that there could be a link between anxiety and bipolar disorder. If you suffer from bipolar disorder as well as feelings of anxiety, this could be your cause. If you’ve ever had an anxiety attack and calmed down enough to try and trace it back to cause, you may have been shocked to learn that it came of stress, stress that you didn’t know you had. Stress can come from work, a relationship, money problems, health issues and all of these can cause depression. Depression cause you to think more on sorrowful things than normal which causes you to blow things up or over exaggerate an impending outcome that necessary which as we all know, causes anxiety. Now every anxiety attack is not caused by bipolar disorder, we know that but bipolar can indeed cause an anxiety attack. Depression has been described as turning inward especially as it relates to your thought. You begin to internalize your thoughts and feelings and emotions. While I am not a medical doctor and these statements have not been validated by a medical professional. I have suffered a panic or anxiety attack or two in my day. And the truth of the matter is when I went through those things I was involved in relationships or activity that I felt I couldn’t share with anyone else. Those thoughts and feelings of guilt would compound internally and eventually the shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and general feelings of fear would set in. In my high school Psych class our teacher described an anxiety attack as usually being triggered by a moral conflict within us. I don’t know how true that statement is across the board but it definitely played out that way with me. Everyone should however consult a doctor or physician to learn whether or not they are bipolar and if their anxiety attacks are stemming from that condition. If so, then you’d need to research the condition as much as you possibly can. Research the treatment options. Know what you’re dealing with. As you’re researching bipolar symptoms and causes, pay close attention to the recorded cases that included anxiety attacks. When you talk to the doctor explain your symptoms in great detail. Don’t think any one symptom is too small or insignificant to mention. If you feel rushed at the appointment or as if you cannot explain yourself to the doctor reschedule with another professional. You want a correct diagnosis. So many times people allow their symptoms to get out of control for fear of finding out what’s wrong or feeling to embarrassed to talk about it or in some cases feeling intimidated during an office visit.

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photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Anxiety and Bipolar

After you've explained your symptons in detail, researched in great detail…take care of yourself. Give yourself the advantage, eat well, form good relationships, find an outlet like sports, a hobby even prayer as a way getting things out that you would normally keep in. Take deep breaths and don’t overthink an issue or assume an outcome of a situation. Keep cool, stay calm and follow your doctor’s orders. Anxiety and bipolar disorder are nothing to play with or take lightly so get the help that you need in order to feel better.


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    • praveen000 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Good Old USA

      I have not done any research on this particular topic, but I would like to learn more myself. I know that diet can change so many things. I'm willing to post whatever I find on this hub...thanks for your comment, Bill.

    • profile image

      Bill Irvine 

      8 years ago from Wilmington, NC

      As a "healthnut",I am inerested in the possible treatment of bi-polar conditions through natural supplements and herbs. Any ideas or comments?


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