How many pounds have you lost on Weight Watchers?

  1. MomsTreasureChest profile image91
    MomsTreasureChestposted 5 years ago

    Total or list individually the amount of pounds you've lost each time you have followed the program.

    1. Denise Handlon profile image89
      Denise Handlonposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      "Each time you have followed the program..."  Wow, that kind of indicates that there is a yo-yo effect.   I lost 25 pounds back in 2003, which is what I needed to lose.  I'm now overweight once again and have had no success in wt loss from just one year ago.  It is complicated, due to multiple medical problems right now, however, I'm still hopeful.   My g.f. was just talking with me about the WW program today.  She swears by it, (so did I-great support at the meetings), and wants me to join the online version, since there is no local group meeting.                  Another program that was good was     I lost quite a bit on that one as well.    Unfortunately, I am an emotional eater and have not gotten a handle on that during times of stress yet.   sad         Good question.