Disease and illness

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    kiera305posted 5 years ago

    When I was in high school, history was part of the core curriculum.
    I never passed anything in history. It was boring.
    I know that learning about biological, nuclear and chemical weapons nor the reality of the destruction of each war and it's lingering effects today was not part of the curriculum. I would've been interested in the class had this been the case.
    My grandfather and father and I believe my great grandfathers on both sides fought for their countries believing that was the right thing to do.
    I say thank you to every government that forced these men to fight war, or in my fathers case programmed to believe that's the patriotic thing to do.
    You destroyed my life before I was even born. You killed my brother. You've given me a disease that's mutated more virulent now to my children that no one will believe.
    You gave everyone illness and disease that has now spread across every inch of the globe and if not reached you yet, don't worry, it's not too far away.
    Governments are building more prisons, psychiatric wards. Why? You know we are all going crazy. You poisoned the water that we drink. Might as well be drinking magic mushroom soup. You used us as experiments.
    I'm over being treated and looked at as crazy, my central nervous system is on fire. My brain doesn't feel right, never has but now something is going on that doesn't feel normal more than ever before.
    Something popped on my back in January. Felt a big as a cereal bowl. Now my fingers and toes tingle non stop and so does my face. I'm losing sensation in my legs. I feel like I can't hold the top half of my body up.  I feel like there's  a hundred babies kicking and moving all over my stomach.
    No one believes me.  My feet have been burning, now my elbows are burning now too.
    You've paid the minority to cover every single one of your lies. So we wont find the truth.
    I've been pushed into isolation and no one will prove me wrong just tell me I'm crazy. They won't even prove that.
    Mental illness does not exist. Spina bifida occulta, good reason for mental illness too.
    Targeted individuals they're not conspiracy, they are real. I am one. I have witnesses to me being followed, honestly writing notes.
    Why do people allow themselves to be commanded, controlled? You can't have my soul.
    We've been fighting an unknown war since the mid 1980's.
    Unless people stop living in fear and unite, we as people are now losing the war, and we're losing it fast.