Mind Power

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    donnabella30posted 4 years ago

    The secret to life? Cognition. How any one person's individual mind perceives any object, person or obstacle is the ultimate deciding factor as to the next steps. No one is without challenge but how it's handled mentally makes a ton of difference. Even in the midst of pain and tragedy or if the wrong decision is made, attempting to feed the 'upper' thinking oppose to the 'downer' is much more sustainable.
    I know, easier said. It is a daily mental process. One has to teach the mind. If there is a true desire and will, it can be done. People daily worry so much about things that can't be undone. That only takes away from what can actually be done. Correct what is attainable now,  make plans to change things later, learn from it all.
    You've heard it before, negativity spreads quicker than positivity but spreads just the same. Thoughts can and do manifest into real things.
    This is my thinking. What is yours?

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      Dave36posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I think this is the best thing iv'e read on here, & can't believe it hasn't got a 1000 comments....I think it's maybe because you put it so well, or most people don't know what your on about....I know exactly what your saying as iv'e been trying to train my mind, & rid my mind of my ego over the last year or so....Iv'e done this through mindful meditation & emotions/feelings control, which i learn't off the internet & lots & lots of practice.....When i keep this up good things start happening, however i still keep slipping back to old ways/habits.....I see it as a battle of my will power vs my ego, so if i resist i build will power, & if i don't resist temptation i lose some will power....I know i'm the cause of all my problems in life, so i need to use my will power to rid those problems....The only problem is other people not being aware of their own ego's, that's what keeps bringing me down even though i know the answers.....I think we have to keep trying like you say, & we have to be learning as we try....People should realize they manifest their own feelings, they don't come from an outside source....I was wondering if you still have bad days weeks, even though you know the answers?....If you do do you accept them & just write them off, that's the only thing iv'e found to do.