what dose it mean when you dream about crow's?

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    JocyB87posted 3 years ago

    I just had a dream that I was in this old house really late at night but seemed more like I was in class when the teacher started talking about her husband passing away but one of the students kept interrupting her and preaching that her husband’s w god. The teacher was getting irritated and yelled out to her husband if your here show us a sign.well the student still preached about god. Heavy winds blew threw the windows and I got to irritated w the student still preaching I put my hands over my face and heard a bunch of crows flying in and yelling they were not attacking just very angry. When all of a sudden it’s silent I lift my head up and there’s no one in the class but me and some crows left when I rush trying to set them free out the window and i escape out the house as i felt i did something wrong.  That’s when I wake up. Can anyone tell me what this means?

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      Yousif Mohammedposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      A crow in a dream means adultery, narrow-mindedness or concealing one's evil actions or intentions. In a dream, a crow also represents a stingy, proud, ostentatious and an arguing person

      Source: http://www.myislamicdream.com/meaning_b … ow_in.html

      What I think the dream means, based on no merit, so it can definitely be wrong:

      The kid who is interrupting the teacher is correct in this dream. Someone had passed away, and the teacher talked about the person as if they were dead. No kid basically said no he is not dead, he is with God. So the husband's body may be 6 feet under, but his soul is with his lord.

      The teacher wanted a sign if the kid is telling the truth to have the husband show up or give a sign. The kid insisted the husband is with his lord. He is no longer among us on earth, and he is with his creator.

      Heavy winds in my opinion is not a good thing, but everyone there is safe because they are in a shelter. Many civilizations and people were destroyed in the past for not believing in God after God has given them signs and messengers. So there are two people in the building not believing in God when there is a messenger right in front of them (the kid).

      You putting your hands over your face was trying to no longer take information given to you. The crows had come in to wake you up and give a final warning that you must take the message and follow it.


      It sounds to me your going through a spiritual crisis or slumber and you need to acknowledge your lord exists and will be accountable for your actions in this life for the hereafter. You need to reflect and ponder on your dreams, I think it is beautiful you received such a dream like this.

      As for the kid in the dream, perhaps it represents yourself when you were a kid. And as you are an adult, your not even taking advice your younger self would have taken.