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Liquid Diet

  1. MRS Great Caruso profile image56
    MRS Great Carusoposted 8 years ago

    Liquid Diet

  2. queen cleopatra profile image90
    queen cleopatraposted 8 years ago

    Undergoing liquid diets are the popular way to lose weight these days, especially with celebrities who wanted to land a coveted role in movies. But how healthy are these liquid diets? Are there risks involved? Liquid diets are also nicknamed as 'detox diets' or the 'lemonade diet.' In fact, several diet programs are developed thru use of liquids and fluids. One program is well known for its efficiency. Some of its users claim that they lost about 20 pounds in just 10 days! read more

  3. newlyborn profile image58
    newlybornposted 8 years ago

    Can I ask you why you want to follow a liquid diet?

    There aren't any benefits of it over following any healthy lifestyle programme...so why would you torture yourself like that?))))

    Moreover,if you are diabetic or have hypoglycemia,this can be dangerous to your health and in general such a diet is not conducive to good health for a long time.

    It is OK to be on natural juices for a couple of days if you really want to clean your system but otherwise there are no other reasons to do that.

    Eating regularly and healthily will provide you with all the nutrients and energy in addition to the weight loss because your body will still get everything needed but less energy,in general.

    It is only the matter of how to plan the content and times of your meals throughout the day.

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  4. karen78 profile image51
    karen78posted 8 years ago

    Going on a liquid diet is serious stuff... just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it's the way to go.

    Some questions you have to ask yourself
    1. Why are you going on a liquid diet?
    2. Aren't there other options?

    Most people go on liquid diets to reduce their waistlines... I think liquid diets are counter productive. It's just another way of "starving" yourself.

    What I recommend is eating less but eating more frequently. And eating food that have little sugar and fat.

    And also drink lots of water.

    You can also try natural ways to go thinner, like drinking kefir or wheatgrass as these have natural weight-loss properties.