How to diet

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  1. HubPages profile imageSTAFF
    HubPagesposted 14 years ago

    How to diet

  2. prabhjotbedi profile image71
    prabhjotbediposted 14 years ago

    Breakfast like a king
    Lunch like a prince
    Dinner like a pauper!

    1. John Wolfgang profile image74
      John Wolfgangposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      And that is the fastest track to an unsuccessful and unmaintainable diet. This results in short term weight loss that is usually followed by binge eating to counteract the bodies caloric deficit.

  3. Helen Cater profile image61
    Helen Caterposted 14 years ago

    I have written a few hubs on this very subject which some of you may be interseted to read. I think the best way to diet is to get yourself  in the correct mindset. We often start dieting when we are at a low ebb and feeling sorry for the way we look. Also we always try to start a new diet around the holiday seasons adding extra preasure to an already tough time. Diets do not always suit everyone and I find if I am feeling strong and good about life I can cut back on portion sizes. Write a list of all the foods that you love, but know are not good for you, and try your hardest to not eat any of them for a week. By the side of each item of food you have listed, replace it with a healty option and you will see by the end of your first week you will have weened yourself off the bad foods. On the second week start to cut down your portion sizes and listen to your body when it tells you that you have had enough. Always remeber do not eat for the sake of it. We all do this and need to have something we can do when we get the urge. Take a bath with some nice scented candles, and you will find a bowl of fruit on the side of the bath will stop you from gorging on the fatty bad foods. Drink lots of water during the day and stay hydrated as this can sometimes lead to you feeling hungry when in fact you are actually thirsty.

  4. profile image64
    AnnieMaryposted 14 years ago

    Dieting is so easy when you know how and doesn't need any gimmicky food or tablets - just common sense and organisation … -encounter


  5. desaipankaj53 profile image55
    desaipankaj53posted 14 years ago

    dieting means: that your breakfast should be the one like a king, the lunch should be like a prince and dinner should be like a pauper.....

    the best way is to go vegetarian....

  6. Nail Technician profile image61
    Nail Technicianposted 14 years ago

    Eat 5 to 6 medium sized meals a day.  only drink water or tea.  stay away from anything that comes out of a box whenever possible.  only eat sugar with protein after an exercise session.  Eat as naturally as possible and never stuff yourself. 

    The more you cook, the better you look!

  7. Emma Grimes profile image57
    Emma Grimesposted 14 years ago

    It is not about dieting as there is no possible way to keep a low calorie diet up for too long and it just becomes boring! Overall loosing weight is about a lifestyle change! Just changing small things you do in every day life will make a big difference over time if you would like to know more about loosing weight the right way read my hub -->

  8. MikeNV profile image67
    MikeNVposted 14 years ago

    Diets don't work.  You need to learn about nutrition and create a healthy eating plan for life.

  9. pjankowiak profile image60
    pjankowiakposted 14 years ago

    You don't have to do to much to lose weight. Of course the most important thing to do is to eat moderately and exercise for 20 minutes every other day. What you simply can do to lose weight is either drink ice water or eat ice. The reasoning behind doing these is that before the water or ice is used the body does have to heat it up. This heating up of the water and melting the ice uses calories. It takes calories just to melt the ice into water to be used. Drinking plenty of water, cold water, everyday helps to metabolize the fat in the body. Therefore, weightloss made simple.

  10. DatingDragons profile image59
    DatingDragonsposted 14 years ago

    losing weight is about changing lifestyle choices.  eating healthy, exercising and enjoying the feeling of being healthy.

    dieters never maintain their weight because the methods they choose to lose weight are unsustainable.

    weight loss must first occur between your ears.

  11. ParadiseForever profile image59
    ParadiseForeverposted 14 years ago

    How to diet? A big question indeed. Then, what to diet and when to diet? These are all subsidiary questions.  First of all why diet?  If you start taking healthy food and avoid junk food it will be your right diet.  If you are really dieting to make your body slim or some other reason, my answer will not really help you.  I have, in fact, written several articles here in hub. But, specifically this article will help you … -good-life answering your question, i believe.

  12. Hussains profile image60
    Hussainsposted 14 years ago

    Being overweight or obese can really harm the entire bodily functions. Every one needs to monitor their weight and keep it within the healthy limits.As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat". So if you are eating high calorie diet-donuts, sweets, too much soda and beer, and too much red meat-beef and pork, you are accumulating it all in fat deposits all over your body. You need to burn those extra calories.
    The best alternative is to eat a diet with balanced calories, which has more of fruits and vegetables, less of carbohydrates and fats.
    Drink sufficient amount of fresh water, avoid soda and burn extra calories by exercise. Portion size is important-avoid large portions. Avoid junk food, fast food,and  french fries. Add some fresh orange juice and lime to your diet...
    Try it for 4 weeks and see the difference...

  13. floating mind profile image69
    floating mindposted 14 years ago

    Is it that time of the year already?
    Maybe it is the Christmas season, or time for your annual family
    gathering, or school reunion; whatever the event, there will always
    be some type of food on hand.  And since many of us rationalize that
    we must... read more

  14. LowCarb Lowdown profile image58
    LowCarb Lowdownposted 14 years ago

    Hello, I am a successful "dieter" who has kept the weight off for many years! I have written a few hubs(you can go to my "profile" to check them out) on dieting and have a website all about Low Carb Diets - (which is just one approach to dieting!)

    There are only two things that you need to know to lose, gain or maintain weight.

    1. Calories IN versus calories OUT. It's that simple! If you eat more calories than you burn - you gain weight. Eat less than you burn - you lose weight!

    2. You must find the RIGHT "eating lifestyle" that works for you. Whether you go Low Carb, a "Weight Watchers" type plan or some other method - you will be successful if you do what fits YOU! If you have a passion for playing the piano and you take guitar lessons then you probably will not be happy or very successful with the guitar. The same is true with "dieting".

    Find an eating lifestyle (not diet) that fits you and take in less calories than you burn -  the result will be the body weight that you desire!

    Of course you should get proper rest, drink plenty of water, exercise. etc. and life a healthy overall lifestyle. These 2 things are just the pure basics to weight control.

  15. profile image51
    milewilliamposted 14 years ago

    It is not that by starting diet you will lose weight if you wanna. Dieting is not the active solution on weight losing.
    Many people are facing weight problems these days, and i found that the more people that are trying to lose weight, the easier they want it to become. It is fairly simple  but you don't have to buy dozen's of CD's, books and online program to shed the pounds. This include a simple 3 steps
    Apart from this i m having a site URL

    You can take a reference from this on your weight problem.
    Hope it would help you.

  16. hassam profile image74
    hassamposted 14 years ago

    These days, people of almost
    every age group are looking for a perfect diet plan. Not because they are keen
    to have a healthy lifestyle, but, actually they want to look great with smart
    physique. Absolutely it is the basic right of a person to look... read more

  17. profile image0
    shazwellynposted 13 years ago

    Want to lose weight the natural way?  Control your hunger pains and pangs by using only the best methods to cheat your body into feeling satisfied without the pain! Learn how to diet naturally without starving yourself! Includes calorie intake calculator. read more

  18. Mockazoom profile image60
    Mockazoomposted 13 years ago

    Eating nothing in a diet is not very healthy, you need to eat 5 meals a day but in smaller portions and pick your food that have more nutritional value, go to my hub titled "How to Loss weight" for 5 Quick steps that can help you design a eating plan

  19. profile image0
    iamqweenbeeposted 13 years ago

    Well, I don;t diet because all one has to do is show me a slice of chocolate cake and its all over

  20. lotuslove19 profile image68
    lotuslove19posted 13 years ago

    Do we really need to diet its just that we do everything on our own ,exercise everyday and eat small meals which are sugar free and fried free ,just have a balanced diet and you will see yourself glowing and gradually reducing which will last for ever ,rather that reducing with leaps and jumps and after sometime you are back to the place you started from .

  21. cathylynn99 profile image75
    cathylynn99posted 13 years ago

    see my hub - Sure Fire Weight Loss. It tells you how to count calories and guarantee yourself losing a pound per week.


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