does it mean anything if you keep on dreaming about a person you have not spoken

  1. angelfeet03 profile image57
    angelfeet03posted 8 years ago

    does it mean anything if you keep on dreaming about a person you have not spoken with for along time

  2. selahangel profile image60
    selahangelposted 8 years ago

    Your subconscious is trying to resolve something.  Either you have unresolved issues with that person or you feel that person has unresolved issues with you.  You are working it out in your dream.  Best to go talk to that person if you can.  Resolve the issue.

  3. Jennitasia profile image56
    Jennitasiaposted 8 years ago

    Dreaming about a person just signifies that an area of your brain is being stimulated while you sleep. This area happens to be centered around the person (memories) you are dreaming about. You can assume that there is a problem, but really in reality your dreams are just a chemical production that affects the neurons in which case will stimulate what you dream about. Have you started a new job, a new medication, or anything new that could cause a chemical to react within your brain to change the images in your subconscious mind? There are many factors to consider when dreaming. It is actually an unproven theory. Dreams have a very essential history relating all the way back to the Bible. Could you be missing or subconsciously needing to speak with this person; maybe. Maybe you should answer your question with an action, and if that doesn't work then try and not  pay so much attention to what you dream. Dreams are a mystery that are simply held without a factual answer. There are studies, but these are all just simply theories. Go; speak with this person. If you still dream about this person, then this question may not have an answer; to be honest.