Due to my depression and medications, I seem to have lost my sexual desire. How

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  1. Sateay profile image58
    Sateayposted 12 years ago

    Due to my depression and medications, I seem to have lost my sexual desire.  How do I bring it back?

    I have had depression for the past 8 years.  Now I am on depression and anti-psychotic medicine.  I think it completely destroyed my sex drive.  How do I bring it back?  Is there any medicine that will jack up my sex drive?

  2. DAlfor profile image60
    DAlforposted 12 years ago

    Don't self medicate if your depressed. Have you tried seeing a therapist?

  3. John foster profile image36
    John fosterposted 11 years ago

    The medications that are mostly prescribed to counteract depression are generally known to lower your libido. Check the side effects listed for tyhe particular medication that you are on.
    Unfortunately you can not simply stop the medication and even if you stop, the side effects will be there for awhile as these medications have a fairly long cycle.
    The use of medications for libido enhancement will definitely make a difference. My suggestion would be something like VigRx Plus, which will get you up and going again. VigRx is herbal so there should be no problem using it at the same time as your current medication.

  4. wearing well profile image75
    wearing wellposted 11 years ago

    Hi Sully,

    You may wish to consider alternative ways to treat your depression.
    Always consult your doctor first when deciding to change medication or when considering coming off it altogether.

    In my experience having treated people suffering from depression they have found anti depressant drugs to be ineffective in a solution for long term recovery and complain over the side effects to their medication.

    I recommend trying pure essential oils to relax in the bath prior to going to bed and also using an aromatherapy massage blend of ylang ylang(natural aphrodisiac),sandlewood and bergamot.Herbal supplement of ginseng.
    You could also use the oil for sensual massage prior to sex.

    I wish you well with your future goals.

  5. MikeRowedick profile image58
    MikeRowedickposted 11 years ago

    I have been on over 50 different types of antidepressant and antipsychotic medications over a 16 year period and some totally eradicated my libido while others had no effect. I would definitely have your doctor do a blood test and check your testosterone levels. If they are low, this can be a cause of depression. Testosterone supplements to get you in the high range of normal may help with your depression aswell as your libido. If not, I would consider swapping to another antidepressant. Good luck.

  6. Julie2 profile image60
    Julie2posted 10 years ago

    That does happen with many meds, especially anti-depressants. When my sister was given these types of meds the same thing happened to her. She was told to do some type of light aerobics which of course being depressed she did not want to bother doing. The Doc said in doing so your brain releases endorphins which are supposed to kick into gear, make you feel more energized and also helps with arousal. I finally convinced her to try to do something while the kids were out of the house. The best thing was doing something that wasn't going to appear to be like work.

    When her kids went to school she began to use their WII system and began to do yoga and other aerobics as well. I know it may not sound like something you may want to do, believe me she didn't want to do it either but with my encouragement we made it into a competition between ourselves. Since it is a game you are playing, we made it fun and goofed with each other on our progress when it came to the points we would get. It helped. Took alittle while but it did help.

    She is still taking her meds (the dosage was lowered) and is drinking lots of water, something she doesn't like. That is a big thing water. You need to flush the meds out through your system for the next days dose and so on. If you dont drink water all of those meds accumilate in your body and can make you feel sicker.

    Do not give up. Stay strong. Remember that you are not alone. This also happens to women. I really hope this was useful in some way.


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