signs of breast cancer

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  1. profile image48
    Cathy shumilaposted 14 years ago

    signs of breast cancer

    does early dectatement  help?

  2. LeStar profile image59
    LeStarposted 14 years ago

    As I heard from talks of adult women, breast cancer starts from a pinching sensation around the nipple. Also, when there develops a mass of tissue or a "lump". While great percentage of breast cancer do happen to women, men are also spared but is uncommon. Well, it is better to detect it at early stage and the victim of that kind of disease could immediately see a physician. The medical remedies could be treated way below the first stage of development.

  3. profile image0
    sweetdominiqueposted 14 years ago

    The first signs of breast cancer is a detectable lump in your breast, however not all lumps are malignant, i.e. cancerous.
    You should learn how to examine your breasts and perform the self-examination every month a few days after your menstruation ended. Here is a link to a website that may give you an idea how to perform your self-exam: … /bp145.cfm

    If you find a lump you must immediately contact your gynecologist as only a health practitioner can determine whether your lump is malignant. Further tests, like mammography have to be performed.

    When you examine your breasts, look for lumps or areas that look like a thickening of a tissue; any changes in the shape or size of your breasts; dimples in the skin; changes in the shape and look of your nipples (they may "sink" or shrink and become irregular); you may observe a dark and bloody discharge from your nipples; rushes on a nipple or on the skin surrounding it; you may detect a lump in your armpit. The tumors are detectable when they are the size of black peppercorn.

    Pain in your breast does not usually mean cancer. The hormones fluctuate during menstrual cycle and many women experience pain and swelling of their breasts.
    Breast pain is normally not caused by cancer, but there is a breast cancer type - the so called inflammatory breast cancer, that may cause severe pain. If you have any doubt or are uncertain, see you medical care provider.
    Remember to see you gynecologist at least once a year for a thorough examination and try to live as healthy life as you possibly can.

    In radiant health

    I just published an article on breast cancer prevention. You may want to read it:

  4. profile image0
    Dominique Tengposted 14 years ago

    The answer that I have given you as sweetdominique still stands. (I changed my account and all my hubs disappeared) If you still want to read the article that I published yesterday here is the link. I republished it under the same name … e-for-Life
    I hope that my advice was useful in some way and that it took the fear away. Dominique, formerly sweetdominique

  5. profile image0
    callmesplash7posted 14 years ago

    Please read my hubs as I am going through this now, it may help a bit. Julie

  6. izahan profile image61
    izahanposted 14 years ago

    There are common signs or symptoms of breast cancer :

    1. The most obvious sign of this ailment is a lump in the breast or armpit. A self-examination test, once a month, or a visit to the doctor can expose any lump in this area.

    2. Change in the size of the breast & shape. If you notice any unusual changes in its shape or size, do not ignore it.

    3. There is nipple inversion & spontaneous single nipple discharge. If you observe that your nipples are turning inwards, this may be an indication that everything is not working as well.

    4. Pain in the breast is not a reliable symptom but can also be indicative of other breast problems.

    Get more information about cancer here,

  7. Nadeeshan301 profile image67
    Nadeeshan301posted 12 years ago

    Features of breast cancer include, any change in size, shape or consistency of the breasts; lump in the breast or axillae, alterations of the skin overlying the breast (inversion, dimpling, ulceration, change in colour). In addition there may be features due to the spread to distant organs (e.g. - lungs, spine, liver, brain).
    An account on features and risks of breast cancer are published in the hub: … d-features


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