How to overcome stress? How to overcome stress due to frequent failures? .

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    sree1987posted 8 years ago

    How to overcome stress?
    How to overcome stress due to frequent failures?

    How to overcome stress due to nuisances that can't be avoided?
    How to win one self?

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    ms.truly lovelyposted 8 years ago

    Hi my name is ms truly lovely (aka monica laniece) I am a black girl born of the USA . My life has been pretty unfair ,but I've been blessed at the same time, my parents didn't raise me i was passed around to diffrent people my whole life until I was an adult , one thing you must understand is that there are 2 forces good and evil , evil will consume your whole mind ,body ,and ,spirit  . if you let it backfire on it ,aviod it , ignore it . now day especially ther is so much negitive evil around us bringing us down . WHO ARE YOU LIVING YOUR LIFE FOR ? " society , so called friends , mom and dad , if you are living your life for for everybody and never doing things that you like to do or want to do you may as well be a slave for the world . Don't turn into a mad man evil power is dead power it kills everyone including ones own self it's a sickness . mabey whatever you are failing at is not for you . WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY ? WELL than go after it , and if it benefit another person you will have a double portion of happiness . remember you are just as important on this earth as the next person . AND YOU DESERVE GOOD THING, AND A GOOD LIFE.

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    Goodpalposted 7 years ago

    I share a lot of things common in your question. From my personal experience I can tell you the following:

    1. Train to maintain a positive attitude -- no matter what.
    2. Failures are common to all. You failed but YOU are not a failure.
    3. Analyze what is causing blocks (what you say as failure) on your way. Trying to achieve things beyond your capacity, lack skills, people backstabbing you, don't have enough energy to sustain your efforts.
    4. Regardless of what is going on, work to enhance your energy level - both physically and mentally. Read my hub: … in-Healthy

    When your energy level is high, it helps to sustain efforts and succeed. It also helps to fight depression and low self esteem.