different between living in damp places from dry places

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    ferhadposted 8 years ago

    different between living in damp places from dry places

    Hello dear coolmon2009
      In the health we have immune system that medicines believe that some illness are related to immune system such as asthma, ms, psoriasis,allergy,eczema, arthritis, and another . I have a friend that who have traveled to canada country ,he told me this country  all area there are covered by grass- plot (grassy ) every thing have grass smell even foods specially meat have taste of grass . your home town  this country my question is   how is different between in canada weather and texas weather and living in grassy places can effect 's to appearance emmune system diseases

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    meow48posted 7 years ago

    if i get the drift of your question, where you live is as important as how you live.  I live in a state where histoplasmosis is rampant.  Bird droppings, proximity to the soil as children are when they play, and moisture sets us up for this.  As long as the immune system is healthy, ususally the infection is walled off like tb.  but add an autoimmune disease, like sarcoidosis, or aids and well, it can take off.  Dry has always been better for asthmatics, hence the traditional migration to Arizona... but with the smog changing the air quality, it is now a fifty fitty proposition.  there is one more thing, if one lives in a cold weather climate, the cold actually slows down bacteria, spores, and molds.  So the longer it stays cold, the better... and if summer is mild and short, those pesky exposures can be lessened.  don't know about texas though.  hope this helps.