How To Live With Hypo-Thyroid Disease

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  1. frogdropping profile image83
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    How To Live With Hypo-Thyroid Disease

  2. billysu profile image59
    billysuposted 8 years ago

    After a random stranger incident, I had to have a lot of immunisations. My system could not cope and some time later, following routine bloods, I was declared as someone with hypothyroidism. I hate isms. I was then given free prescriptions and put on regular thyroxine.

    I guess everyone is different. I find that taking anything regularly messes up my head - and since my hypo diagnosis, my head is even more messed up than it used to be.

    Sometimes I wonder of it is indeed my poor thyroid function that is the cause of some of my idiosyncrasies. Or is it just me? Odd little me. Perhaps it is a bit of both.

    I rely on someone else to remind/ensure/confirm that I have taken my daily dose of thyroxine. My memory is rubbish now. I used to take my pills at night but would easily sleep until midday, so changed to taking it in the morning. Not sure if there is a better option, but I'm coping with it now.

    I get so cold at times I think I'm going to die slowly. Then I get extremely hot. And then both at the same time. Especially while out driving in the car. I am impossible to keep at the right temperature.

    My sleep pattern is wrecked. I used to sleep sweetly and went to bed late but not this late. I regularly get to bed at around 3am, often later. I will need a will of iron to change this around.

    Still, for the moment I keep taking my little white pills. More another day, perhaps, but not today. I am beginning to sound rather depressed! Thanks for asking anyway :-)

  3. Frank Menchise profile image25
    Frank Menchiseposted 8 years ago

    I have had Hypo-Thyroid Disease too for years, so , I know and understand what you are saying to a point. It seems to me that you do not take your Roxine regularly and this may cause those hot and cold feelings. Let me describe to you my own feelings when I started on Roxine; Soon after I took my first medicine I started feeling hot and I new that it was the medicine and it was a good feeling since it brought me back to normal.
    Ask your doctor to show you what is the level of your thyroid hormone, then you may understand why you feel the way you feel. And why you need to take those white little pills.
    Any other disturbing feelings may be due to other causes, think about it?

  4. She-rah profile image84
    She-rahposted 8 years ago

    I am considered autoimmune in many different ways. Not just one condition but several.  I'm not sure about living with hypothyroid disease but through my research, I've read alot about natural treatments for it. One of the biggest ones that I remember is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (organic) and people that have been on thyroxine have been able to stop taking it after starting the coconut oil. I do believe another one is Lugol's iodine or Sea Kelp but this one may be for hyperthyroid. You would have to look into it further but there is a ton of great info on natural treatments and cures for this condition. By the way, I am now autoimmune because of prescription drugs and regular immunizations causing severe genetic weaknesses to surface. The doctors and health clinics don't warn anyone about these kinds of things! A good website with unbiased testimonies is:

  5. shellyblossom profile image64
    shellyblossomposted 8 years ago

    It's not so bad! As long as your thyroid levels are good, you will be good. If you allow stress to be in your life, this too, will mess with your levels, trust me, I have been going through my share of stuff,I have allowed stress in my life. My levels have been off of kilter for a year now, plus the natural thyroid (made from pigs thyroid)I was taking for the past 10 years, got discontinued. Once we got the level right the company discountued my strength. It's up, it's down, blood work every three months.
    I can always tell when mine isn't right. Insomnia, freezing, over heating, irritable!
    I had thyroid cancer when I was 7, I am 47 now! I have been on thyroid all my life. My mom used to put my thyroid pill in my toast so I would take it.
    Always take your thyroid medicine, it's tiny, it's one of the cheepest medications you may have to buy. When you don't take your pill regularly, it will throw your whole system off. It's easier to just take it. Once it's under control, you go to the doctor once a year and you get blood work done, then you are good to go.
    I forgot, dry skin and dry hair is another symptom of having hypo thyroidism.
    Good luck, it's not so bad!


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