I'm trying to quit smoking and i need major advice!

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  1. profile image49
    ajsodeeposted 8 years ago

    I'm trying to quit smoking and i need major advice!

    I've been smoking for about 6 years. Started out casual and now I'm up to about 1 1/2 packs a day. I CANT afford it anymore and I dont feel healthy anymore, and i'm young! I'm 23 and feel like i'm about 50 because i cant keep up sometimes. I need help because everyone around me always puts me down "you cant stop smoking, who are you kidding?" and quite frankly, it make me want one! i need support and the best advice out there! please, im begging you!

  2. James Morgan profile image61
    James Morganposted 8 years ago

    Hi ajsodee, up until 3 years ago, I smoked for 22 years, a pack a day. I tried about 3 times until I kicked the habit for good! I went to my doctors and they give me tablets called CHAMPIX. You take these tablets whilst still smoking and slowly you cut down until about 3-4 weeks in you stop altogether! You have to take the tablets for 12 weeks but believe me, it's definetely worth it. The tablets did make me feel a bit sick but that is a small price to pay to quit smoking for good. I have to be honest, they work so well that I can't stand the smell of smoke and never feel like a cigarette, not even with a drink!
    Hope this information helps you. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Wayne Brown profile image85
    Wayne Brownposted 8 years ago

    The difficulty associated with quitting is both physical and mental. Individuals struggle with each one differently and some are more addicted either one way or the other.  Most folks understand the "physical" addiction but are not as quick to see the "mental" addiction and that is usually why the fail.  When you decide to quit smoking, drinking, whatever, you must have the mental resolve to quit, that is the first and foremost part of it. Mentally you must be ready.  If you are in that mindset, dealing with the physical aspects will be much easier. Also remember that from a mental perspective you have formed particular habits with the times you smoke, the use of the hands, the suppress of nervousness, etc...these things are the mental addictions that are more or less subconscious and not as apparent as the physical dependence to nicotine. If you are not mentally prepared to quit, you will not, you will give in to the physical desires.  This is a mind game, approach it as such. WB

  4. sofs profile image88
    sofsposted 8 years ago

    Kicking your habit is not very difficult, I have just written a hub on kicking habits, a lot of information is given there check it out. You need more help feel free to ask

  5. Michael Adams1959 profile image72
    Michael Adams1959posted 8 years ago

    My self I just threw them out and quit. Yes it was hard . Nicotine is out of your system in 24-48 hours. The hardest part is the habit. Keep your mind off of it and get support from people who can lovingly support not naggingly. Good luck, It has been 20 years for me.

  6. fucsia profile image59
    fucsiaposted 8 years ago

    Search within you your true motivation and take care of it!  Remember it always , take it with you everywhere. I think that is your motivation to make you strong!

  7. profile image0
    nomadicasianposted 8 years ago

    Definitely it's easy to stop smoking only that you need the urge to do it, no ifs no buts. It's in the mind that control our urge to go into vices especially cigarettes and don't be held hostage by your own mind to puff cigarette, you can control your mind by thinking that cigarette kills.
    Better still, why not visit the cancer building in your nearest hospital and go straight into the cobalt section and see for your self those pitiful patients suffering from throat, mouth and larynx cancer (caused by cigarette smoking) undergoing cobalt session.
    You will be oblige to stop from smoking cigarette once you see those suffering individuals with their necks punctured for them to breath and worse their mouths really smells bad, very bad indeed.
    Their mortality rate is very high.

  8. gmann46 profile image61
    gmann46posted 8 years ago

    Once you finaly make the decision to quit for you, not anyone else, you will find a way. The physical part is the easiest because there are several products on the market to help/ The mental will be the toughest, good luck! If I can do it after 49 years of smoking, you can too!!!!

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Commit-4-mg-Loz … it-smoking

  9. profile image47
    michellebushposted 8 years ago

    try the electric cigarette at www.ElumaCigs.com

    First set your mind that you really do want to quit. Order this cigarette online with cartridges with no nicotine.
    Use this electric cigarette as  choice to smoke when you are really caving in and desperate to smoke. As days pass and you begin to get smells etc back. pay close attention to how cigarettes really smell on people around you.
    Use electric cigarette as needed until you are well on your way.
    smile Good Luck!
    It worked for me! I was a smoker (chain smoker) for 20 years!!!!

  10. lindatymensky profile image80
    lindatymenskyposted 8 years ago

    Try reading my hub "Quit Smoking with Saint Faustina"  Whatever you do, the best of luck and God Bless.

  11. freefogging profile image74
    freefoggingposted 8 years ago

    You CAN do it. First, you have to really want to. I am going to quit the 21 of Feb., with a group. You need a good support group. Try the nicotine patches. The really do help take the craving away. Ask your doctor about a medication called Clonidine and Chantix, they both help with the craving, and have a good success rate. Both meds can be taken as you slowly wean yourself off cigarettes. You might want to also try hypnosis and accupuncture along with everything else. The more you can throw at your habit, the easier it is to break. Just remember, don't beat yourself up if you backslide. Just start over again, if you keep trying, you will succeed!!!!

  12. gamonbebeh profile image60
    gamonbebehposted 7 years ago

    Its not the habit buts a hobbies right.Or you just jealous watching your friend smoking in front of you.Try to avoid that things first


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