To those who smoke, have you tried quitting? What are the ways that you use to q

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  1. kelvinlls profile image61
    kelvinllsposted 14 years ago

    To those who smoke, have you tried quitting? What are the ways that you use to quit smoking?

    I'm trying to understand how smokers have been trying to quit their habit of smoking. I used to smoke myself, but I simply went cold turkey and have tried a technique to change my mindset about smoking. This has worked very well for me, as it has with so many people. Now I'm wondering what other techniques people out there actually use to try to quit smoking.

  2. kclancyk profile image58
    kclancykposted 14 years ago

    Read Allen Carr's "How to stop smoking". Very useful and informative. He also emphasizes the mindset aspect.

  3. yoshi97 profile image58
    yoshi97posted 14 years ago

    I know how difficult it is to quit. I smoked regular cigarettes for 25 years and then moved onto the electronic version, which I believe to be healthier, but still not the same as quitting completely.

    For anyone finding it impossible to quit using traditional methods, they might want to look at a hub I wrote discussing a new substitute that is a healthier alternative.

    Again, it is far better just to quit, but some of us can't seem to find the willpower to walk away completely - that's why I wrote this hub - in hopes that it might at least offer some extension of life to these individuals. Here's the link: … op-smoking

  4. profile image53
    DaleLandingposted 14 years ago

    I have tried quitting cold turkey. Doesn't work for me. The initial cravings for nicotine are really strong. I am having very good results using a product from the nutritional supplement company Relive called Glucaffect. The cravings are much easier to deal with when I am taking this product. After two weeks I am just now starting to deal with the mindset aspect of this addiction.

  5. ecigs4u profile image59
    ecigs4uposted 14 years ago

    I have tried almost every method for quitting smoking there is and the only one that has been not only successful but simple is smoking cessation with e-cigs.  Find more about ecigs at

  6. profile image0
    Linda Myshrallposted 14 years ago

    It took me 17 years to quit, and it was, without question, the hardest thing I ever did.  After trying everything, I finally came up with a haphazzard conglomeration of things that finally worked.  It was definitely messy, but I finally got it done.  Here's how: … hat-worked

  7. James Starcevic profile image59
    James Starcevicposted 14 years ago

    Regarding: "Now I'm wondering what other techniques people out there actually use to try to quit smoking."

    Because of the addictive nicotine content found in most cigarettes, smokers have a hard time trying to kick their habit.

    If you are a smoker and really serious in the challenge of giving up your cigarettes, here in this article are a variety of ten techniques people actually are using to try to quit smoking... … it-Quickly

  8. profile image0
    Miss Nomiposted 14 years ago

    I quit by first making a conscious effort to cut back...from a pack/day to 1/2 a pack, then down to 4-6 a day.  After that - once I made up my mind and by taking Chantix - it was easy.   But I think I was just REALLY read to quit, and that made all the difference.

    I had only made one other true attempt to quit and that was using the patch.  I was constantly jittery and thinking about smoking.  It just wasn't the right time or way for me to quit.

  9. Urbansmoke profile image61
    Urbansmokeposted 14 years ago

    I quit smoking cigarettes six months ago by the help of electronics cigarettes. I still get nicotine but without all the down falls of cigarettes. Check out I have provided plenty of information.

  10. gamergirl profile image86
    gamergirlposted 14 years ago

    Like many others, I have tried to quit smoking.  I enjoy smoking, but my husband does not.  So, as a compromise, I smoke blu electronic cigarettes.

  11. Crystal Concepts profile image76
    Crystal Conceptsposted 14 years ago

    Hello there. I used the quit smoking pill called champix. I also wrote a hub about the programs available for smokers who wish to stop.

  12. profile image52
    bschwackposted 14 years ago

    I bought champix at a really big savings at, it worked and I saved a fortune and am saving even more now not buying cigarettes.

  13. BrianLeanza profile image61
    BrianLeanzaposted 14 years ago

    The only thing that ever worked for me was counter-brainwashing: being addicted to cigarettes is - in my belief - only marginally related to a physical addiction, but a state of mind. Even before people start smoking there are a thousand instances where they are 'told' that smoking is a precious thing, once they start smoking they brainwash themselves, making it their belief they cannot live without cigarettes.
    Somebody that wants to quit smoking needs to apply the same method in the opposite direction.

  14. Katina R profile image63
    Katina Rposted 14 years ago

    When I smoked .... many moons ago ... I decided to pick a date and stop at that time.  The date picked was a new year's eve.  I smoked a cigarette one hour after midnight and never smoked another since.  My mindset at that time was I would never beat myself up if I 'stumbled' in my attempt to quit.  I kept a pack of cigarettes in my purse "just in case".  I thought if I should break down and smoke it would be okay, I would just start over again not smoking.  Well, long story short I never smoked another cigarette and it has been over thirty years.  It was the cold turkey method for me and I was successful.  But some people need a little help.  It's not that they are not strong willed but something just seems to be in the way.  One of the reasons my clients [I am a hypnotherapist] were very successful in quitting when they came to see me is I understood where they were coming from and also spoke with them about whether or not they really wanted to quit.  Explaining to them they had to really be invested in what they wanted.  Probably about ninety percent of my clients were successful in their effort to quit.  It was their success and not mine.  I just helped them along the path.

  15. DatingDragons profile image57
    DatingDragonsposted 14 years ago

    smoking is one of the most addictive behaviours.

    the reason for this is because there is the physiological dependance and psychological addiction at play.

    nicotine is addictive so your body craves the drug in its absence.

    most people start smoking at an early age.  it usually occurs at social gatherings so psychologically smokers are trained to associate smoking with fun and social activity.  similarly, a person who is trying to quit will find it difficult to stop due to their friendship circle- other smokers.

    methods to quit smoking include:
    - cold turkey
    - hypnosis
    - nicotine gum which is not to be chewed but placed against the gums
    - nicotine patches
    - antidepressants
    - a newish drug called varenicline is also available with good results to those who are committed

  16. crickette_w profile image61
    crickette_wposted 14 years ago

    Yes, I just recently quit smoking.  I have a hub on it. Ir did work. It didn't cost any extra money, no drugs, no patches.  This is a mind over matter deal.  Go to my hub pages and look at it, try it, if it works for you please let me know, it is still working for me.  It is my own made up plan so if you add something during your venture, comment please so someone else might use it. Thanks for asking this question, maybe it will help someone out here to read others ideas.

  17. ratnaveera profile image62
    ratnaveeraposted 14 years ago

    To quit smoking there are some Homeopathy medicines as they control our temptations. I hope this way would be very effective and successful in quitting your smoking.

  18. asipple profile image61
    asippleposted 14 years ago

    For me, nothing worked. I had to write down what I wanted to accomplish, and just did it. If you want something bad enough, you can do it.
    P.S. Hardest thing I ever did.

  19. snoringtips profile image58
    snoringtipsposted 13 years ago

    hai i am ex smoker.I quit smoking end of 2009..quit smoking hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking..

  20. Springboard profile image81
    Springboardposted 13 years ago

    I smoked for 13 years, and was a very heavy smoker. Well over a pack a day, and probably better than two. I never kept track. What did it for me was simply wanting to do it. I think that's they key to really succeeding at quitting. You have to want to. You wake up one day and decide, "I'm done."

    Granted, a lot went into it. I was 13 when I started, and at 26 when I finally quit, part of it was because I didn't really feel all that good. Again, I was a very heavy smoker. I started when my lungs were probably still developing; but when the time came I wanted it.

    That said, I've been a non-smoker now for going on 11 years and I will tell you that the urges never quite go away. They're not every day. They're not as strong. But there is that occassional moment when you want a cigarette. I even screwed up once about a year and a half after I quit, was sitting watching a movie, saw the actor on it light up, it looked good, I said "That looks good. I can just have one."

    I actually got up and went to the store, bought a pack, and it took me 6 months to quit the second time.

    Long and short is that no method will ever work; not hynosis, not medication, not the patch or gum, unless you want it to. So that's the key I'm trying to stress here. If you want to quit, you will.

  21. izahan profile image60
    izahanposted 13 years ago

    The following tips to reduce from smoking will help you succeed.

    1 . Exercise. It will take your mind off smoking, make you feel better, and keep you healthy.

    2 . Buy lots of carrots, celery and other healthy foods so you can munch instead of smoke.

    3 . Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol will likely lower your willpower and increase your chances of having a cigarette.

    Get more tips to quit smoking here :

  22. agrasty2002 profile image60
    agrasty2002posted 13 years ago

    I had to finally hav ea good enough reason not to smoke and I started engaging in physical exercise.  Here's a link to my hub.

  23. Yoshi Ninja profile image61
    Yoshi Ninjaposted 13 years ago

    copy and paste that into your browser.

    you'll see....


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