Are there skin reactions related to house hold mold caused from water damage. T

  1. profile image50
    Rita stricklandposted 10 years ago

    Are there skin reactions related to house hold mold  caused from water damage. Thank you so much.

    My boyfriend has lesions he thought was insct bite. He went to a dermatologist. he was told it was fungal, he was given and antibiotic along w/ a steroid cream. When they did not imeprove he went back and was told he had yeast. He was given diflucan. ( yeast is a fungal infection). Dermatology told him they thought he may suffer from depression and that it may be dermatopsychosis. I'm a nurse and tried to expalin it to him, he got upset. He has had an ongoing leak with his washer. Six months later he finds it is still leaking after having it repaired. He is having his home checked for mold.

  2. wychic profile image85
    wychicposted 10 years ago

    I'm sure that it's possible...has he had any kind of allergic reaction to the mold that you know of? I know that I'm very allergic to mildew, and when I lived in a house that had a lot of it I would regularly get patches of red skin, especially on the underside of my arms, and on my face and chest if I accidentally touched those areas after cleaning or doing other work in the mildewed area. I've had to throw away contacts before thanks to accidentally touching my eyes after handling items that had come into contact with mildew, which caused my eyes to burn, turn red, and what looked like a blister to form on one eye (I was unable to completely close the eye for two days, the eye doctor gave steroid drops that finally got rid of it without causing permanent damage). Also, during my first pregnancy I had horrible morning sickness, but every night I spent out of the house resulted in only mild nausea and the OB suspected that my mildew allergy could have had a bearing on that as well. In other words...especially if it's in a closed area (i.e. a laundry room or bathroom) that he spends a lot of time in and/or works in, it wouldn't surprise me if the mold is the culprit.

  3. SEOWizKid profile image59
    SEOWizKidposted 10 years ago

    Hi Rita, yes that is possible, mold is a pretty big bacteria spreader and can get into your cuts, wounds, etc. Make sure you call and get that cleaned up, if you allow mold to build up for too long than you can start breathing in some seriously harmful bacteria. Check out … epaper.pdf for some help to do what it safest for your home, and more importantly... your family.


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