How to deal with cancer

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    retellectposted 7 years ago

    How to deal with cancer

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    502jenngoodinposted 7 years ago

    How to deal with cancer... I think the answer is as unique as each person who is given the diagnosis.  For me, the first thing I had to do was tell those who were close to me:  my husband and children, my parents, my siblings, my grandmother.  Telling them I had cancer was the hardest part of all.  I then decided I was going to research and get all the information possible on my kind of cancer, I made a list of questions to ask the oncologist, I researched treatment options.  Knowledge became power and I wanted to be powerful. 

    Finally, I never ever allowed cancer to think it was going to beat me.  Nope, I had cancer but it didn't have me -- it was coming OUT, it was going away and I was staying and that was that.  Keeping a positive attitude through it all helped my family and friends deal with it too. 

    On a side note, I do believe that the cancer expperience strengthened my marriage.  I learned that my husband was capable and good at taking charge of the kids and their activities as well as taking care of me.  He was a tender and no nonsense nurse.  I remember apologizing to him for having cancer, he got kind of mad and said, "Hey, remember when I promised that 'through better or worse in sickness and in health' stuff?  Well, I meant it!  Now, don't apologize again!"  It was just what I needed.

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    attomosposted 7 years ago

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