I was wondering does it only work with opiate's?

  1. velvetrose420 profile image61
    velvetrose420posted 8 years ago

    I was wondering does it only work with opiate's?

    do you know if they are working on something like suboxone for meth addict's?


  2. Brummlin profile image52
    Brummlinposted 8 years ago

    Suboxone is itself an opiate.  So in and of itself, it would only work for opiate addiction.  But the general concept could be applied, although I know of none that are approved for amphetamine addiction.

    The idea is to hit the same receptors as the addicted drug does, but with a lower euphoria, and then step down the dose.  I see no reason why an amphetamine couldn't be developed and used in the same fashion.  But specifically, I don't know of one in development or testing for this end.

  3. FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image78
    FrankiesGirl6Yrposted 8 years ago

    Meth is a fairly new drug, unlike Heroin and Cocaine that have been around forever. Research efforts are at a relatively early stage of development.  Currently there are no medications sad,  The best proven from of treatment is the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy.      As far as medication, it was not until meth hit “middle America” that the drug became a concern, until then, there were few experienced pharmacotherapy research groups. Due to the increased used “in area’s worth noticing”  the (NIDA) has established the "Methamphetamine Clinical Trials Group", a network designed to provide new clinical research teams and sites in geographic areas where meth use is a major public health problem. This network consists of  9 sites and a coordinating center at UCLA. 
    In 2005 UCLA's Semel Institute suggests the antidepressant bupropion may help treat meth addiction. The study found bupropion blunts the methamphetamine "high" and reduces cravings prompted by visual cues such as ambient drug use.
    They believes bupropion reduces the effects of meth by preventing the drug from entering brain cells, where meth can produce release of neurotransmitters that cause feelings of euphoria. The study was the FIRST to examine the effectiveness of bupropion for treating meth addiction in humans. Twenty of 26 participants enrolled in the project completed the study. Participants were active methamphetamine users between ages 18 and 45. Researchers randomly assigned each participant to receive treatment either with a placebo (sugar pill) or bupropion.
    Using a variety of scales and questionnaires, participants reported on the subjective effects of the meth use at baseline and again after treatment with placebo or bupropion. Subjects who took the medication reported a lesser high after treatment.       Each set of research subjects reported similarly on cravings. After watching a video with actors portraying meth use. Subjects who took bupropion reported less intense craving.

    Besides bupropion there have been studies on Dexamphetamine, which works by creating a cross-tolerant effect similar to methadone or suboxone. When users try to take other illicit stimulants, the cross reaction with the Dexa will cancel out the desired results or "high" feeling that the user would normally get.     So they are trying, but it is tasking presenting an effective drug to treat substance abuse. Hang in there.


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