There's a lot of talk about what is the best drinking water. Is bottled water b

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  1. Victress In All profile image72
    Victress In Allposted 12 years ago

    There's a lot of talk about what is the best drinking water.  Is bottled water better than...

    filtered water, ionized, distilled? Please only serious answers, no sarcasm. I know what the water bottling companies would tell me smile

  2. GmaGoldie profile image77
    GmaGoldieposted 12 years ago

    Layered ozonated water. 

    Layered ozonated water is both filtered water and sanitized with Mother Nature's own method of sanitizing - with ozone.

    The water smells like a thunderstorm, keeps plaque off my teeth and simply is pure.

    The ultimate in green technology is using ozone to kill bacteria.  VeriPure developed low level ozone technology that delivers high dosages safely.

    Take a look at the photo - the green line is the source water from Reverse Osmosis, the clear is the sanitized line from the VeriPure Water system.

  3. Thesource profile image69
    Thesourceposted 12 years ago

    Under normal conditions tap water is the best for drinking. They already contain minerals such as calcium and others. Tap water is not supposed to have bacteria. Corporations who are selling water filters or other related products have unfairly given tap water a bad reputation, so they can market their products.  Tap water is the cheapest and they easiest to get. Just turn on the faucet.

    Distilled and ionized water is not harmful to drink, however, it lacks minerals. This water is good for car batteries and water based HVAC systems, because they have problems with mineral deposits. It are not superior to tap water when it come to drinking.

    Filtered water may remove minerals that your body needs. They improve the taste of water because they also remove the good minerals that usually don't taste good. Tap water is already filtered for particles.

    Unless there is a boil water order, or something unusual with tap water line, tap water is the best choice for drinking.

  4. vietnamvet68 profile image60
    vietnamvet68posted 12 years ago

    If you install a filter on your faucet, It is just as good quality as buying bottled water without the cost. Bottled water is nothing special no matter what these companies tell you. It is the same water that comes from your tap.

  5. saddlerider1 profile image59
    saddlerider1posted 12 years ago

    I would not drink tap water no matter what type of filter system they invent. However that's just my decision. Instead I have tried both distilled and spring waters and I stick to spring bottled water now. There is however fears of run offs from farms that might contaminate spring water, you have to be vigilant on what source and spring your drinking from. Distilled does leech out the minerals from our bodies to an extent, however there are supplements available on the market to help replace them. I query distilled sources however. There were a couple of stores on the news,they were filling the bottles with tap water. I have a reliable Spring water source that I rely on and they are checked regularly. If at all stay away from tap water, yet we know many thousands if not millions have no choice but to draw from the tap.

  6. Craan profile image75
    Craanposted 12 years ago

    I think the best drinking water is filtered water that goes through a reverse osmosis process. Some people may say this water is acidic and recommend ionized water that contains a high 9.5 Ph level. I  think it is best to get your  minerals from fresh food and not ionized water. With ionized water there many be a few trace minerals in the water that is not so healthy.

  7. Victress In All profile image72
    Victress In Allposted 12 years ago

    Thanks to all for answering.  The reason I asked is to see how people make their choices - whether taste is the deciding factor, or knowledge derived from personal research, or marketing has influenced the decision.  Personally, I am still in the stages of research...So, any authoritative and unbiased source of information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to GmaGoldie for VeriPure Water system info.

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