Do you think it's to early to get positives as I would have conceived around the

  1. profile image47
    Mckenzie27posted 7 years ago

    Do you think it's to early to get positives as I would have conceived around the 17th-19th of Oct.

    It is now the 17th of Nov. I had the strangest thing happen today , I was bending over and had a slight backache, above my hips, below the middle though, and I ignored it, it got worse to the point where I couldnt stand almost like burning, kind of like I needed to poop...{sorry} I laid down and it went away after 10 min, did this happen to you with your baby? Ugh can't wait to get insurance!!!

  2. nighthag profile image83
    nighthagposted 7 years ago

    The hormones in our bodies change pretty quickly once we are pregnant, so a good early detection test should be fairly accurate for you and you very close to a month now, so it should be fairly easy to get a good reading.

    every pregnancy is different but with one of mine I had some light cramping, a bit of pain around my pelvis, which bed rest was ordered for a week by my doctor
    but  any recurring pain like what your experiencing is a little concerning.
    any severe pain in your lower or mid abdominal area is worrying, and shouldn't be ignored as it may be a warning sign that something is not right, my advice would be to bite the bullet and make a doctors appointment, as during the first three months this could be a sign of a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy (egg gets caught in the tubes) It is better to be cautious then overly confident when it comes to you and your baby during this time.

    the first three months of your pregnancy are the most important and sensitive for both you and your baby and anything that doesn't feel right to you, should be checked out as you know your body better than anyone else.

    other things that should always be checked out are
    severe headaches that last for more than two hours
    Any bleeding, light or otherwise
    faintness and dizzy spells
    any vision problems, like blurring sight, dimming, flashing etc
    a fever of 37 with no flu symptoms should always be checked that day.

    I by all means do not wish to scare you, it could just be a touch of indigestion, but I am a firm believer in always erring on the safe side and having any concerns dealt with straight away.

    Good luck with all of this, i know how confusing it can be and wish you nothing but the best for you all ((hugs))

    P.s one of the best books on pregnancy is 'what to expect when your expecting' This book was my bible for all four of my pregnancies and i cannot recommend it enough smile
    hope some of this helps smile


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